How to stretch the burning woolen things after washing: how to restore the size and correct the trouble, what to do to do not fit?

Foto13333-1.Unsuccessful washing woolen things can lead to what it will decrease in size.

The sock of the Sex Sweater or Dresses will not bring pleasure. In such clothes, a person will feel uncomfortable.

About how to stretch the burning woolen things after washing and how to prevent their re-shrinkage, read in the article.

Why does wool sits down?

Wool is a natural raw material that is used for sewing warm things. Such products are well warmed during the cold season, do not impenetrate and do not wear out. However, there is one lack of woolen things - it is difficult to care. With the slightest violation of the washing technology, the fabric gives shrinkage.

Causes that can provoke a decrease in wool products in size:

  1. Foto13333-2Washed in hot water. If its temperature exceeds 30 degrees, avoid shrinkage will not succeed.
  2. Wrong selection of detergents. Wool is erased only by liquid concentrates or gels.

    The usual powder contains an alkali that destroys gentle fabric. Her fibers are nusted, griste and deformed.

  3. Washing in the typewriter in normal mode. Most modern devices are equipped with a "delicate wash" or "wool". Only them can be used to care for wool products.
  4. Wrong drying. It is unacceptable to lay woolen products on the battery or in the sun. Under the influence of high temperatures, wool sits down.

If it was assumed to be labeled when washing or drying your favorite dress or sweaters, you need to instantly begin the "resuscitation" of things.

How to restore the size?

It is possible to restore the normal size of woolen things with the help of remedies. Conventional water comes to the rescue, hydrogen peroxide and even milk. Use them correctly, according to the instructions.

The final result depends on the degree of shrinkage of the tissue, its composition (wool with or without impurities) and the aggressiveness of the substance that is used for processing.


Wool has high hygroscopicity, that is, the ability to absorb moisture. After swelling, the fibers become soft and elastic, so it is possible to stretch the thing with the help of ordinary water.

Instructions for use:

  • Foto13333-3.Soak product in cool water, without adding detergents;
  • Leave for 15 minutes;
  • slightly squeeze the fabric;
  • disseminate the product on a flat surface, on a terry towel;
  • In the process of drying, the fabric is neatly stretched with hands in the right direction;
  • As the towels are wetted, it needs to be changed, and the woolen itself turns over.

In this way, it is possible to stretch clothes for 1-1.5 sizes. It is important to dry the thing independently, without the use of heating devices.


Certain Iron helps to cope with the problem.


  1. Remove the thing on the wrong side.
  2. Distribute sweater or dress on an ironing board.
  3. Moisten gauze, cover it a woolen thing.
  4. Turn on the iron to minimal power.
  5. Carefully try the product, stretching it with a free hand and giving the right shape.

In this way, it is possible to increase the thing to 1 size. Only too much pressing the iron to the fabric is impossible not to spoil it.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an inexpensive pharmacy antiseptic, which makes fiber wool more appropriate stretching. With it, the fabric can be increased by 1-2 sizes.


  • Foto13333-4Prepare a solution at the rate of 2 tbsp. l. peroxide on 10 liters of water;
  • Soak in it things for 2 hours;
  • Periodically, it is necessary to approach the pelvis and gently with the hands of stretching the product;
  • squeeze the fabric, disseminate it on a flat surface;
  • During drying, you need to pull the product in width and length.

So that the fibers are not compressed when evaporation of moisture, you can fill the thing from the inside towels or another suitable cloth.

You need to handle the peroxide. This substance has a property whitening the fabric, so it is not used for stretching dark things.


To increase woolen things in size, you can resort to the help of the steam generator. Use it as follows:

  1. Hang the thing on her shoulders or lay out on a flat surface.
  2. Include the steam generator and evenly worry them the product. The tube is held at a distance of 10-15 cm. Special attention is paid to the seams.
  3. A free hand is pulled fabric in the right direction.
  4. After processing the thing you can immediately wear, without waiting for its complete drying.

In this way, you can increase the product to 1 size.


Frost is an effective assistant in the fight against the root things. To achieve a stretch of 1.5-2 sizes, act as follows:

  • Foto13333-5In cool water, 1 cap of the liquid detergent dissolve, well, if it is intended for washing the wool;
  • soaked the product for 30 minutes, after which they are rinsed under the shower;
  • Gently press the fabric so that the water cease to flush with streams;
  • Place the thing in the package and is cleaned into the freezing chamber;
  • After a day, the product from the freezer is removed, they defrost and dried.

With frozen cloth you need to handle carefully. In such a state, the wool is extremely vulnerable. She can break because of any careless bend or a chance.


Milk contributes to the fact that natural fibers become more elastic, and therefore it is easier to stretch.


  1. Pour into the appropriate capacity cool milk. You need to take a drink with a small fatness percentage (up to 2.5).
  2. Soak it in it for 30 minutes.
  3. Rinse the cloth and squeeze it slightly.
  4. Descript clothes on a flat surface and stretch it in the right direction by hand.

After washing from the thing, the smell of dairy products may occur. To get rid of him, she is hanging on the balcony for a day.


foto13333-6It is possible to stretch the thing in soda solution. Rules for its preparation and use:

  • Dilute in 2 liters of water 2 tbsp. l. food soda;
  • Put in the solution of sewn wool clothes, leave for the night;
  • In the morning, wipe the fabric as usual.

After pressing clothes, it is laid out on a flat surface to dry. From time to time it pulls her hands in the right direction.

Air conditioning

Hair air conditioner makes woolen fibers with elastic, soft and pivot stretching.

Use it as follows:

  1. Dissolve in 1 l of water 1 tbsp. l. air conditioner.
  2. Machine in the pelvis sewing clothes.
  3. After 10 minutes, the thing is removed, rinsed under the crane and sprinkle slightly.

The product is dried on a flat surface, periodically pulling the fabric in the right side by hand.

Thanks to this processing, the thing can be stretched by 1 size. The bonus is a pleasant smell.

On how to stretch the woolen sweater to stretch after washing, this article will tell. About the ways of returning the size of the sizesh woolen blouse here.

Will it help to correct the situation in dry cleaning?

Foto13333-7Sexing thing can be stretched in dry cleaning. Professionals are in service with specialized compounds that are treated wool To make it softer.

Drying is carried out on steam mannequins, which evenly increase clothing to the desired size.

The cost of works depends on its complexity. Stretch the cap can be for 150-200 rubles, and a dress for 400-800 rubles. Check the price is needed in place.

What to do to prevent shrinkage?

To prevent the shrinkage of woolen things, it is necessary to eliminate all risk factors. Erase the product only in cool water, up to 30 degrees . Under the ban hit aggressive detergents and intensive wash.

You can not dry woolen clothing on the battery, near heat sources or under the right sunlight. Compliance with these uncomplicated rules of care will allow the initial size of the thing.

Useful advice

To stretch the woolen thing and not harm her You can take advantage of the following recommendations:

  1. Examine the information specified on the product label and not violate it.
  2. When working with caustic detergents, use gloves.
  3. To stretch woolen caps, it is convenient to use the jar of suitable size.
  4. Do not use aggressive compositions for processing wool.

Baby woolen things stretch not only because of the shrinkage. If the coat, dress or sweater became a child, you can increase them for 1-2 size and wearing another season.

Maximum useful information about washing clothes and various fabric items will find here.

Video on the topic

How to restore Sex after washing a woolen thing, video tips:


It is possible to stretch the burning woolen things, but for this you will need to make some efforts. Head facilities come to the rescue:

  • cold water,
  • soda,
  • hair conditioner.

If it is not possible to achieve the desired result, turn to professionals.

Wool is very popular, but has one obvious disadvantage. After improper wash, the product is capable of decreasing. Stretch the sex woolen thing and return the former size to your favorite sweater at home is possible. Initially, it is worth trying mechanical ways - clothing stretch or put on a mannequin in a moistened form. To quickly restore the sewn sweater, it is worth trying proven business recipes based on breeding agents.

Most often, problems with woolen things arise as a result of violations of washing conditions in a washing machine, experienced hostesses recommend such things to erase and rinse manually.

Why are things from wools have a decrease property?

Such a feature is non-natural fabrics, synthetic clothing always keeps size. Capable to reducing the product from cotton and wool, especially for the first wash. This is the reaction of natural fibers on moisture and temperature, therefore, if not adhere to the rules, the favorite sweater after washing will be 1-2 size. Such a problem is caused by a number of reasons:

  • Excess temperature above 30 degrees.
  • Use standard powder with a large number of chemical components.
  • Incorrect mode selection. Washing products made of wool involves the use of a special function with delicate work.
  • Vertical drying on a linen rope.
  • Exceeding the norms of pressing more than 300 revolutions per minute.
  • Drying on artificial heat sources: Battery, radiator.
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Is it possible to do something?

To avoid deformation of things, it is necessary to adhere to the basic rules of wool washing.

First of all, it is worth understanding that it is not always possible to correct the situation. If the product from wool has passed the heat treatment and decreased by 3 sizes, to return the former size will be difficult. If you got a shirt after washing, only methods that will not damage its color are used. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully deal with abrasive means and always test test.

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How to fix?

If the wool thing village, you can try to save it. When choosing a method, it is worth considering a number of key factors to finally do not spoil the clothes:

  • Initially, you can re-wash, only by manual method.
  • Use only cool water.
  • So that the fabric becomes softer, use in the process of rinse the air conditioner, it is better to choose special for wool.
  • With horizontal drying, the sleeves stretch at the same time, to watch them to be the same.
  • To squeeze, terry towels are applied.

The larger the wicc and cotton sweaters, the more likely to restore the size of the product.

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Table vinegar

User use - one of the popular methods is the return of the previous product parameters.

Stretch the knitted thing and products made of dense material. In this case, it is advisable to use a table vinegar. With it, you can increase the length and width of the sweaters, while without damaging its coloring. Vinegar can fix a woolen and cotton thing. The procedure takes place according to such a scheme:

  1. Soak knitted thing in cool water.
  2. Slide squeeze and shift into an empty container.
  3. Dispatch and pour from above the air conditioners for hair.
  4. Wait a minute and then start stretching.
  5. Rinse and shift in a pelvis with vinegar.
  6. Once again, try to stretch the moistened sponge along the pile.
  7. Fit in the usual way.
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Hydrogen peroxide

The substance is better to use for bright wool products so as not to spoil the color. If the white thing sat down after washing, the pharmacy agent can save it, namely the hydrogen peroxide. To stretch the left woolen pullover, act as follows:

  1. Prepare solution: on 8 liters of cold water - 4 large spoons of peroxide. Use 3% substance.
  2. Lower the product so that it is completely covered with water.
  3. Leave one and a half hours.
  4. Remove the clothes, slightly squeeze, should not rinse.
  5. Stretch on the horizontal surface, after every 15 minutes the right places correct.
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Skipidar and Vasharyar

For pre-soaking, it is necessary to make a solution with ammonia alcohol and turbidar.

If a large mating sweater sat down, it is possible to return to him. Skipidar and ammonia alcohol are used, components can be purchased in the economic department and pharmacy. So that the wool thing stretched out, it needs to be soaked. For a solution, water room temperature is necessary in two pelvices. Stretching procedure passes as follows:

  1. In one basin (5-6 liters) dilute turbid and ammonia. In this case, the first substance is 3 times less. In general, active ingredients should be 200 ml.
  2. Soak in the solution thing and leave half an hour.
  3. Transfer the product to another pelvis. It is important that the water temperature in it is the same.
  4. Describe dried horizontally.

After turpidar, the wool becomes soft and it is easy to give the desired size.

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Outparting with iron

Iron with a sweeping function will help to quickly solve the problem.

If after the machine washing the village of the dress and it is necessary to return its former parameters as soon as possible, it is worth trying a method that does not provide for washing. To do this, the iron with a steam function is suitable. To stretch woolen fibers to act as a scheme:

  1. Remove the product on the wrong side, decompose on a special board.
  2. Carefully straighten the sleeves, make sure that there are no folds.
  3. Moisten a large piece of gauze and impose on top.
  4. Include the minimum temperature and steam function and slowly walk through things, after a brace of iron to make suspenders.
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Cold water

A popular and safe method that can stretch sex clothes and does not damage the fiber and color of the product. It is necessary to use it precisely cold water, even ice. Pour it in the pelvis and omit the spoiled woolen thing. Distribute in water as long as possible, constantly the cannastsed product and sipping for problem areas. Then remove and wind with a towel. Dry in a horizontal position, but so that the edges hung. This method is suitable for large products, for example, the size of the cap will not be fixed so.

Bed with wool products can happen by following all the recommendations indicated on the label. Stretch the sex after washing a woolen sweater without dry cleaning can be, knowing effective methods.

wool sweater

Is it possible to restore a woolen thing after unsuccessful washing

Wool - natural material requiring a special relationship. The safety of clothing is depends on the temperature of the water specified during machine washing. Under the influence of low or high degrees, a thing can be cut or stretch into several sizes, sometimes to the children.

In addition to the temperature regime, the result affects the spin. Most of these products do not tolerate twisting at maximum turns, losing their shape. Incorrectly selected tool for washing, containing aggressive components, spoils the structure of the tissue, as a result we have a sever thing. You need to choose liquid powders. They gently act, carefully clean the fabric from contaminants. If clothing hangs on the dryer in a vertical position, this leads to deformation and stretching. Regardless of what material is made of clothing (wool, cotton or silk), you can return the former kind of beloved sweater, scarf and dress, having available components.

Woolen Relations Ways

Odsezh, sitting after the wrong wash, is subject to recovery, although manufacturers reject such an opportunity. The people have many ways to correct the trouble with wool products. Regardless of the degree of launch, you need to try to try several options or use one that gives a good result.

Factors influence the performance of washing:

  1. Fabric structure. If the product consists of wool with impurities or substitute (viscose) - the cloth is able to restore. For clothes without synthetic additives, recovery is almost impossible.
  2. Degree of shrinkage. If the jacket decreased by several sizes, it is really possible to return to the previous state, and if it sat down to child size - it is impossible.
  3. Stretching method. Try all the options since less aggressive, gradually increasing the impact. It is impossible to predict what method will work.

Using techniques, consider the composition and specifics of the sealing things, pants and cap are stretched in different ways. There are two methods:

  1. Physical impact is a manual stretching method using an iron or other items.
  2. Chemical impact - a thing is soaked with the addition of special means that helps stretch the fabric to the desired size.

Effective method - combination. Reanimate clothing after washing machine, provided that the decrease occurred in several sizes, in such ways:

Dry clean

If after washing there was shrinkage expensive things for you, you are afraid to spoil with independent actions, the best option is to give in dry cleaning, where professionals will correct a deplorable state. You can give natural wool products without impurities, otherwise the result is difficult to predict. The method is costly, but effective.

Outparting with iron


It is possible to stretch the stretching sweater from wool using the iron used in the evaporation mode. The block for ironing is shielded clean sheets, spread the sweater, cover the gauze and start disappearing. Sleeves and bottom pulling out free hand. Actions will help to give the desired shape, the length of the product.

Put on yourself

If the machine-machine after washing pulled the favorite sweater into several sizes, you can use in a simple way - to wear a wet thing and give it to dry on the body. The method is not the most pleasant, but helps to give clothes the desired form. As you dry, try to stretch the sleeves and bottom, giving the desired length.

Another way to restore the seven woolen sweater is to pull the wet product on the mannequin, give a completely dry.

You can put on the back of the chair or chairs.

Soak in hydrogen peroxide

Stretch the woolen thing after the machine washing is real, sooty in hydrogen peroxide, giving elasticity. For the preparation of fluid, fill the basic with five liters of water room temperature, add 1 tbsp. l Pelisi, break, put a wet product into a liquid. Leave half an hour, after rinse, spit slightly, leave to dry in the horizontal position on the table or dryer, preferably outdoors.

Be sure to follow proportions, the high concentration of peroxide will lead to the spurry of the structure of woolen threads.

Do not use the method for stretching products stained in dark colors, there is a risk of flames.

Hair conditioner

You can contribute to the gentle restoration of the thing after washing with the help of a hair conditioner. The action is aimed at weakening woolen threads and pull them to a normal state. To stretch the left cardigan, you will have to prepare a liquid. Type five liters of water temperature in a basin, add 1 tbsp. L air conditioner for hair, soak clothes. Like half an hour. Not strip, squeeze the water slightly, wrap a towel. Leave dry in a horizontal position.

soaking in hydrogen peroxide


If you have been filled with a hat in hot water and its form has changed, you can stretch with the help of a simple way - put on an inverted bottle or head, give dry yourself. Before pulling, be sure to place the cap for several minutes in cold water. To give wool softness and elasticity, you can divide air conditioning in water or hair balm. Do not press, put on the seasheave cap on the bottle, wait for complete drying.

Another simple way to stretch dear cashmere things - soaking in milk. For the procedure you will need three liters of milk, it is possible and more. Fill in a basin, soak the sex sweater for half an hour. After rinse in a large number of clean water, dry it properly. The jacket will return to the desired size, will become soft and fluffy. The method is allowed to use with light products, stains remain on black.

With the help of vinegar and boiling, you can return the postgraded, seal woolen clothing for the same size.

The procedure consists of actions:

  1. Mix the water and vinegar to the 2: 1 ratio. Water must completely cover the thing. It is better to use a saucepan or bucket, you will have to boil.
  2. Immerse in solution, leave clumsy overnight.
  3. Place the container on the stove, stirring, boil about half an hour on slow fire.
  4. Wait for cooling, hover a thing.
  5. Put on the towel, cover the gauze, join the iron in the silence mode. During ironing free hand pull up to the desired size.

The method seems dangerous, but thanks to vinegar and high temperatures when boiling, woolen threads become elastic, able to stretch, return to the same size. Vinegar gives brightness, color saturation. The method is effective, but time-consuming and long-term, you will have to weathered the sharp smell in the open air.

What means will spoil the thing

Erasing Sorted Woolen Products, do not forget to use the right means cleansing and do not cause disorders in the fabric structure. Recommendations will help:

  • It is forbidden to erase with powders, which contains alkali. By choosing a means, carefully study the label, especially the composition;
  • Choose liquid powders with the addition of air conditioner. It will help to give elasticity and softness to threads during washing, it is easy to float. If it is not possible to choose a liquid agent, use the bulk, but necessarily select marked for wool products;
  • If we erase in a washing machine, use a delicate mode. If there is no such function - set the temperature by 30 degrees and spin to low speed;
  • Manual washing is the best option in which the process is fully controlled. You can add air conditioners to the water or take advantage of the economic soap;

Adhering to simple rules and recommendations during washing, the risk of shrinkage of the sealing woolen things is minimized. Otherwise, there are effective ways to stretch your favorite thing.

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The problem of shrinkage of woolen things is easy to solve, applying special means physical impact.
The problem of shrinkage of woolen things is easy to solve, applying special means and physical impact.

With incorrect care, the wool product may be deformed. If the wool thing sat down when washing, it still remains a chance to fix everything. What ways you can take advantage to return her shape and stretch until the same size, I will tell.

How to return the form of things?

There are two methods How to stretch the burning woolen things:

  • Physical - that is, pulling the wet product with their own hands, or wet - with an ironing iron;
  • Chemical - with the use of special means.

The best result will be when combining these methods .

Having found that the thing was sat down immediately, without waiting for it to dry.
Having found that the thing was sat down immediately, without waiting for it to dry.

So, what to do if you got a product from the washing machine and noticed - it gave shrink.

  • First action - stretch it, still wet, hands . Do not dry.
Carefully and slowly pull the product first across, then along.
Carefully and slowly pull the product first across, then along.
  • Next - soaking in the means of elasticity (About them more below).
Wet weave will soften from the air conditioner and acquire the initial form.
Wet weave will soften from the air conditioner and acquire the initial form.
  • Next step - re-stretching wet art.
  • Last Stage - Drying .
Dry the thing in collected form
Dry the thing in collected form

3 special means

Solve the problem and return the former size of woolen things with the help of funds that are at home:

Picture Instruction
Table_Pic_att14928063055Means 1. Hydrogen peroxide

Press the elasticity of woolen threads. Instruction is simple:

  • Pour in the pelvis 5 liters of indoor temperature.
  • Add 1 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide and mix the solution with the same spoon.
  • Place the wet sebage thing into the solution and wait half an hour.
  • Rinse the product.

The desired result is achieved by observing the proportion in the solution, since the high concentration will ruin woolen threads. Price funds - from 30 rubles.

Dark things will be brushed from such chemical treatment, so the method is acceptable only for bright articles.

Table_Pic_att14928063076.Means 2. Air conditioning for woolen fabrics

Applying after unsuccessful washing designed for wool air conditioning (in the photo), you will return the former size of clothes. Fibers will become soft and puffy:

  • Divide the concentrate according to the instructions.
  • Soak for a few minutes.
  • Do not float, squeeze.
  • Pull in different directions.
  • Hang to dry, consolidating for the base. So it is drawn under its own weight.
Table_Pic_att14928063127Means 3. Hair conditioner

The use of air conditioner for hair is quite efficient when solving the problem, how to restore the woolen thing.

Its main components are similar to the composition of air conditioners that give the softness of wool. This contributes to lightly stretching.

The task of the shampoo is cleansing, balsam - nutrition of hair bulbs, and the air conditioner "works" with a hair rod. Therefore, use it if the wool thing sat down.

Your actions:

  • Divide in warm water (5l) tablespoon of air conditioner.
  • Soak your wool clothes for half an hour.
  • Not rinse, slightly press or wrap in a towel.

Physical impact

Pulling out your hands and keeping the result achieved when drying, you will return the product for the same size.
Pulling out your hands and keeping the result achieved when drying, you will return the product for the same size.

In the process of stretching, make sure that the clothes do not lose symmetry. How to stretch the sex woolen thing after processing with special means?

Method 1: Use a towel instead of spin

The towel will behave moisture, without squeezing the fibers and weaving, as it happens when annealing in a washing machine.
The towel will behave moisture, without squeezing the fibers and weaving, as it happens when annealing in a washing machine.

This method will help lengthen clothes. :

  • Take a terry towel and spread it on the table.
  • Pull clothes and put on the towel.
  • Roll and wait 10 minutes - so the terry canvas will absorb moisture.
  • Replace the towel and pull out clothes again.
  • Post the woolen thing to the rope, fixing the rockets the base. So the striking, it stretches under its weight.

Method 2: Find the Iron

Extract and smoothing pull the thing to the desired size.
Extract and smoothing pull the thing to the desired size.

This method is valid if the product gave a minor shrinkage and dried . So you can pull out the synthetic thing:

  • Scatter clothes on the ironing board.
  • Cover with a wet cotton towel.
  • Ironing, simultaneously stretching.
  • The function of the Iron "Couple" will strengthen the effect.

Method 3: Put on yourself

The wool sweater stretches evenly if you put it on yourself more wet.
The wool sweater stretches evenly if you put it on yourself more wet.

Excellent method - give to dry the product, keeping when drying his form . There are several ways to do it:

  • Wear on yourself, walk to dry. Pull the sleeves and bottom to avoid shrinkage.
  • Build a design on which the thing stretched with the pins stretched hands. For example, on the cork board.
  • Stay on the mannequin, the back of the chair or chairs.

Method 4: for cap

Kitchenware will help keep the shape of the caps when drying.
Kitchenware will help keep the shape of the caps when drying.

To stretch the hat , Severing after washing, use the common method - dry it, putting on the kitchen dishes or the ball.

  • Find the appropriate amount of the jar, saucepan, ball.
  • Water with a cap in cold water with air conditioning.
  • After 10 minutes, press a slightly.
  • Tension to the appropriate item and leave dry.

In this way, you can return the form even the highly sever head leaving. The cap will correspond to the size of the item on which it was dried.

So that wool products do not stretch and do not sit down, you need to carefully care for them.
So that wool products do not stretch and do not sit down, you need to carefully care for them.


Now, knowing how to stretch the thing after washing, you can easily solve this problem. All listed methods are easily accessible and effective. Check out the video in this article containing visual recommendations. If you have a question, or you know a new way, how to return the size of the sorting thing - write in the comments.

Products made of natural wool occupy an honorable place in the wardrobe of any person. Soft and surprisingly warm pants and skirts, sweaters and sweaters do not impenetrate, are not much polluted and, with proper care, they are able to "faithfully" to listen to more than ten years. Therefore, it becomes very annoying when the new woolen thing after washing sharply decreases in size. You can restore the deformed product with the help of ammonia, air conditioner for hair, hydrogen peroxide or mechanical stretching.

Causes of Wool Product Deformation

After the wrong washing, the size of the beloved thing can decrease by 2-3 orders.

Woolen fibers have a natural origin. Consisting of multiple cells, outside they are covered with the smallest scales. Fibers themselves are quite wide and closely come into contact with each other, so warm clothes in woolen clothing. If the jumper is simply immersed in hot water, then nothing special will happen to the wool. However, when the fibers begin to rub on each other, as it happens when machined washing, the scales are "fluffy" and firmly join each other. As a result, the space between the fibers is reduced, which leads to the deformation of the product. Often the size of the beloved thing can decrease by 2-3 orders.

Manufacturers of modern washing machines successfully solved this problem, providing for the special mode of washing products from wool, when the drum does not rotate, but only slightly shakes clothes, preventing the fibers gluing.

There are several reasons for the deformation of the woolen canvas:

  • too high water temperature;
  • Wrong selection of detergent;
  • The mode installed in the washing machine is not suitable for the processing of woolen products.

It is not always possible to completely return the original appearance and size of the severchair. The success of the operation depends on the composition of the material, as it is much easier to restore the wool with the addition of synthetics than a real-wing thing. No less important is the duration of staying clothes in the spinning drum and water temperature.

How to restore the sebage wool

The woolen thing can be restored after washing, with the help of ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, as well as by mechanical stretching and repeated exposure to high temperatures.


With minor deformations, the ammonia alcohol will help to cope with the problem. To restore the elasticity of woolen fibers, it is necessary 2-3 st. l. Summer is combined with 5 liters of cool water and immerse the thing in the resulting solution for 1 hour. Then the product should rinse and dry, laying out on a flat surface.

For greater processing efficiency, it is possible to add 1 tbsp into a mixture of water and ammonia alcohol. l. Turkidar and cologne.

Hydrogen peroxide

An indispensable assistant in the restoration of the shape and size of a woolen product, which served after washing is the peroxide (peroxide) of hydrogen. It is necessary to act as follows:

  • In the capacity with 10 liters of cool water, pour 30 ml of peroxide and mix thoroughly;
  • immerse the victim in the cooked solution and rinse, gently stretching with his hands;
  • half an hour leave the product in water;
  • Remove the clothes from the solution, to coat the terry towel and decompose on the horizontal surface for drying.

Until the product dry finally, it is necessary to stretch it from time to time in length and width.

Air conditioning for wool

The soaking of the deformed product in cool water with the addition of the air conditioner contributes to the restoration of its normal appearance.

Return the primordial look of woolen clothing, which was welcomed during the wrong wash, will help special air conditioner for wool or hair balsam. 25-30 ml of the selected agent is added to the cool water, stirred and immerse the thing in the soap solution. And hair balsam, and air conditioning improves the elasticity of woolen fibers, make them smooth and prevent the shrinkage. Following a quarter of an hour, the product can be removed, slightly squeeze and send to dry.

Mechanical and thermal restoration method

It is possible to restore sebage clothes using mechanical stretching with hands or consolidating suitable size on a mannequin.

  1. You need to start work with soaking a deformed product in warm water for 15-20 minutes.
  2. After this time, the woolen thing is removed from the tank and lay on the grille located above the bathroom or pelvis.
  3. When the excess liquid stalks, the product is slightly dried, wrapped in a terry towel, and then tensioned on a cooked mannequin.
  4. While the sweater will dry, it is necessary to periodically approach and pull the sleeves and shelves down.

To stretch the woolen cap, it is enough to wet it in warm water, adding a little shampoo or air conditioner, and pull onto the 3-liter jar. The product will dry and acquire the necessary dimensions.

Sometimes it is possible to cope with the problem with the help of evaporation with an iron. Ironing board stood wet gauze. It is laid onto a wool product, cover another layer of wet fabric and move the iron. When heating a wet matter, a powerful steam stream is formed, which passes through the wool, slightly lifting the fibers.

How to erase and dry woolen clothes

When going to wash any thing from wool, you need to familiarize yourself with care requirements.

Any thing made of 100% wool, with washing gives a small shrinkage. This must be taken into account when buying clothes and choose models to size more. There is another solution to the solution of the problem - the choice of product with the addition of synthetic fibers. To preserve all the properties of a real-wool product and at the same time reduce the shrinkage, 10-15% polyester or acrylic are added to the material.

When washing woolen clothes, follow the following recommendations:

  1. Carefully examine the manufacturer information about the composition and rules of departure, which is located on the label inside the product or on the packaging of yarn.
  2. Before washing clothes with buttons, the loop is better to take. In this case, they will not stretch, and no corrections will be required.
  3. The Wool mode is chosen on the washing machine, which provides for water temperature not more than 30 ° C and turns off the rotation of the drum. If this mode is missing, you can wool a woolen thing in a "delicate" mode, after turning off the spin.
  4. Wool does not withstand an alkaline environment. If you wash clothes from this material with an economic soap, it will become tough and lose appearance. For washing woolen products, special gels and powders should be applied.
  5. Things from wool can not be twisted, since this action you can destroy the structure of the fibers. It is better to decompose the sweater on the grid and wait until the water spontaneously steps. Liquid residues can be removed using a terry towel.
  6. Dry woolen things, laying out on a flat horizontal surface. In order for the product when drying, it is reduced in size, the edges of the pins can be attached. Neither the shoulders nor the radiators for drying are worth using.

White woolen things from time acquire a yellowish tint. To return the material to the pristine whiteness, it is necessary to lower the lemon to the pelvis with water and over 2 hours to pump the product.

How to iron clothes from wool

Woolen things related to their own hands are usually ironing. And it is also not recommended to stroke products with a large convex pattern, since under the influence of high temperature and pressure exerted by the sole of the iron on yarn, the drawing will vary and will lose volume.

However, sometimes it is not possible to do without ironing. In such cases, it is necessary to remember that wool products only stroke and through an additional fabric. The iron should be set on the "wool" mode.

You can spoil your favorite woolen thing in a few minutes, and for its recovery it will be necessary not one hour. Therefore, going to wash the sweater from wool, it is better to study the composition of the material in advance and familiarize yourself with the requirements for care.

Despite the fact that we are all regularly engaged in washing, even with an experienced hostess sometimes in the darkness or chance can be involved in confusion. If it is often painted in an unexpected color, it is often possible to return the original appearance, then it is much more difficult about the situation with a served cashmere or woolen sweater.

If this happened, do not hurry to get upset and throw away the spoiled thing - you can still try to fix it.

Cashmere or woolen sweater sat down when washing? It does not matter a simple trick will return to him former size, photo number 1

The most correct thing is to check before loading the washing machine with the recommendations of the clothing manufacturer, which are necessarily applied to the label. Find out what the most common of them means here.

Cashmere or woolen sweater sat down when washing? Do not matter a simple trick will return to him former size, photo № 2

It will not be superfluous to remind how to care for clothes from wool and cashmere.

  1. Thin products need to be washed after each socks, more dense is recommended to wear 2-3 times.
  2. Follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the mode selection and temperature (as a rule, cold water is used).
  3. Use the mesh bags - it will help to prevent the premature fiber thinning.
  4. Give preference to powders or gels for washing delicate linen.
  5. It is necessary to dry clothes from wool and cashmere, it is desirable not to hang it on drying, but gently lay out on the horizontal surface.

Cashmere or woolen sweater sat down when washing? It does not matter a simple trick will return to him former size, photo number 3

Cashmere or woolen sweater sat down when washing? It does not matter a simple trick will return to him former size, photo number 4

We will remind, earlier, we also told how to choose down down jackets and sneakers.

What to do if the trouble has already happened, and the beloved sweater sat down?

  1. Type in the sink washbasin of warm water, dissolve in it 50-70 g of air conditioner for hair. Soak in the resulting solution "spoiled" thing and leave about 10 minutes. The more denser material, the more the air conditioner may be required.
  2. Drain the water and carefully press the sweater.
  3. Estate a clean towel on the horizontal surface. Place the right piece of clothing on him.
  4. Cover the sweater is another towel so that the fabric absorb as much water as possible. As a result, the thing should be wet, but not wet.
  5. Gently stretch it up to the desired size and leave to dry on the horizontal surface. That's the whole secret!

If any thing from cashmere is soft and pleasant to the touch, then some wool wardrobe items are noticeable "bite", but it can be fixed!

  1. Soak clothes in cold water with the addition of several spoons of white table vinegar for 15 minutes.
  2. Drain the water, carefully press the thing, trying not to stretch it.
  3. Take a small amount of air conditioner for hair and gently "stuff" it into the cloth, distributing evenly.
  4. Leave the thing for 30 minutes, after which you carefully rinse in cold water.
  5. Gently squeeze the fabric and wait for complete drying.

There is nothing more comfortable than a warm and pleasant sweater or a plaid, which can be returned to the original view with the help of these ordinary tips.

Woolen care should be careful, as they can easily lose their former softness and heat, as well as decrease in size. So how to stretch the woolen thing if she sat down after washing, it may be difficult to choose the right chemistry and processing temperature. If the problem arose, ordinary folk remedies can help. Woolen item village after washing

Why woolen things sit down after washing

A woolen sweater can sit due to improper washing machine program, also inappropriate powders or too hot water negatively affect the fibers.

Attention! It is necessary to carefully read the information on the product label, as it is prescribed a suitable temperature and washing machine.

To make a thing, you should remember several rules:

  1. Before washing, it is necessary to separately process the labor-based spots. For this you can use folk remedies or special chemistry.
  2. Hot water is contraindicated for washing woolen products - it should not exceed the mark of 30-40 ° C.
  3. It is recommended to wash clothes with your hands or exhibit a special mode for wool.
  4. Attention should be paid to the drying of things: they cannot be squeezed and unscrewed. It is necessary to decompose them on the horizontal surface, but away from heat sources. You can also dry woolen clothing on batteries, under the sun or with a hair dryer.
  5. Special liquid chemistry is used for wash wool.

If the thing is quite expensive, it is recommended to give it to dry cleaning. Professionals will help remove individual pollution on the product and will not allow its shrinkage.

Incorrectly chosen chemistry

Conventional washing powderWoolen things do not tolerate the use of conventional powder, as it contains an alkali that destroys the fibers, and because of this, the product is deformed and loses the former softness.

During washing, it is necessary to exhibit cold water, so it is recommended to use special chemistry for delicate tissues. The usual powder cannot effectively operate at low temperatures, in addition, it is not washed out of the fibers.

Council. On the shelves of housekeeping stores you need to look for a gel for washing the wool. Before the procedure, you need to carefully read the instructions for use and follow these recommendations.

Sharp change temperature

Wool refers to delicate tissues, so it is necessary to monitor the water temperature during the washing machine. Ideally, it should not exceed 30 ° C, as hot water increases the risk of shrinkage.

Council. In order not to think about the temperature about the temperature, and how to stretch the woolen sweater, which sat down after the wrong wash, it is recommended to choose a special program on the washing machine panel. It provides a careful spin and cool water.

How to return woolen things for the same kind

The deformed wool can be saved in several ways, but you need to be careful when stretching the fabric, otherwise it can be broken.


To return the woolen things after washing after washing, as if she did not sit down, you can use the simple method: Soak product and put on yourself. The method works only with a slight deformation. For stretching sweaters, you can tie small weights to the sleeves so that they pull the material down.


To reanimate the thing iron, you need to put the product on the ironing board and put the towel. The wet marl is put on top, also as ironing it is periodically wetted from the sprayer. The product is stroked the iron and cracks up.

Attention! It is necessary to put "for wool" mode, otherwise too hot temperatures will only harm things. In addition, you need to turn on the evaporation mode.

Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia alcohol

Hydrogen peroxide is a universal means that is suitable for removing stains of various origins and stretching woolen things. 1 tbsp. l. Peroxy by 5 liters of clean water, then the product is erased in solution. At the same time, it is necessary to slightly stretch clothes, paying special attention to the seams.

After an hour, it must be carefully squeezed and put it on the table or floor, laying the terry towel. As it dry, the thing should be stretched so that it takes the previous form.

It is possible to restore the sex after washing a woolen thing as peroxide and ammonia alcohol. Moreover, these ingredients are often used in combination with each other to achieve a better effect. Instead of ammonia, cologne and turpentine are also used, but these methods have a noticeable drawback - the smell. Hydrogen peroxide

For the preparation of the solution in the basin poured 3 liters of water, a pair of droplets of the gel was added to wash and pinch powder. Components are mixed, then 2 liters are added to them. Summer alcohol and 1 tsp. Medical. The thing needs to be put in a bow at 12 o'clock, after which it is to rinse in clean water and stretch. The product is put on the terry towel for drying.

The ammonia and hydrogen peroxide flashes the fibers, due to which the wool becomes soft and gentle. Deformation also disappears - the sweater or cardigan acquires former forms.

Stretching ferry

This procedure is similar to a ironing product, but the main impact falls on steam. Special attention should be paid to the seams, since it is necessary to stretch the thing evenly to avoid the appearance of overcasts.

Stretching the ferry is suitable for increasing the product for one size. Basically, the method is used for mixed materials - synthetics and wool.

In dry cleaning, professional steamers are used, having a greater power. If you got a wool sweater after washing, how to return the previous size will tell the sales assistant in the household chemical department. He will tell what means to choose, and to whom to contact this problem. Swarm

Stretching cold

If the wool product village after washing, you need to prepare a soap solution: a measuring cap of the wool gel is taken to the water basin. The thing is soaked for half an hour, then rinsed and neatly pressed so that the excess moisture flowed. Next, clothes must be put in the package and put in the freezer for a day. After that, the product is extracted and dried.


The served white sweater is soaked in milk for half an hour, then rushes in clean water. In this case, the temperature should not be above 30 ° C.

Soda and wine acid

On 2 liters of cool water you need to take 20 g of soda, stir the ingredient and put into a solution of clothing for 12 hours. After time, the product should be wrapped using gel for woolen fabrics.

Wine acidThe second stage of the reduction of dimensions is to prepare a solution of 2 liters of water and 10 small spoons of wicked acid. It is soaked in it for 2 hours, then rinsed and dried. So that it is not again deformed, you need to properly dry the product at the end of processing.

Hair conditioner

Shampoos and air conditioners for strengthening hair make wool soft and gentle, help to fluff up and smooth the threads. Due to this, they can be used to restore the shape of woolen products.

First, the thing needs to rinse in cool water, then put in a basin and apply air conditioning for hair on a sweater. After 5 minutes, it is necessary to pull out the product with hands horizontally, then rinse in clean water and dry. The advantage of the method is that after processing, the thing acquires a pleasant fragrance and becomes pleasant to the touch.

Shrinking woolen things means lack of proper care. Due to the unsuitable washing mode, household chemicals and high water temperature, the product loses its former softness, becomes tough, and also decreases in size. To this not happen, you need to read the information on the label of things.

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Has a woolen thing? There is an action algorithm for its resuscitation

What to do if a wool thing sat down, not every person knows. Not secret that in the wardrobe of each person there are beloved things, and not very. With the latter, we will easily part - we give someone or shifted in the bags and send it to the mezzanine. But if a trouble happened to his beloved task, for example, she sat down, then we often come to despair. And completely in vain. It is worth fighting for her life. If you do everything right, it will still last for us for a long time faith.

Seall woolen thing
Seall woolen thing

Why it happened to her

As they write in melodrama - nothing foreshadowed trouble. And, suddenly, the favorite blouse after washing bored and lay on the body with difficulty.

How to stretch the sex woolen thing after washing? There are several ways to restore the pristine size of knitted dressing, but before proceeding to active actions, it is worth understanding why it happened to it:

  • First of all, you need to know what to wash woolen knitted products in a washing machine, even putting the "delicate wash" mode, not worth it. Inevitably happens to the effect of felting wool. To do this, ideal conditions have been created in the washing machine - the temperature difference and the pulling of the thing on the walls of the drum;
  • Even with manual washing it is unacceptable that the water temperature is above 30 ° C. And the washing powder would be good to have a special - not deforming knitted canvas;
Hand wash woolen things
Hand wash woolen things
  • Dry the best, wrapped the product in the terry towel. Moreover, if you carefully decompose and straighten all folds before folding, then you do not need to stroke. A towel will absorb all moisture, and the thing will be covered, then in the air;
  • No need to clamp the knitted product with clothespins, it is better to hang on the shoulders to preserve the correct form, and it does not stretch on the sides;
  • It is possible to iron in exceptional cases. Earbing through the moistened gauze with the appropriate temperature regime on the iron is permissible, but not desirable;
  • Do not dry knitted products on heating devices.
It is better not to wash a woolen thing in a washing machine.
It is better not to wash a woolen thing in a washing machine.

If you comply with all these rules, then you do not have to mess with the resuscitation of a spoiled thing.

How to restore the sebage wool

Suppose everything has already happened - the sweater or sweatshirt sat down. What should be taken to return them to normal. Start from the simplest, you do not need to immediately resort to radical measures. Next, we list 3 methods of restoring the initial sizes of the sealing woolen things in a certain sequence - from simple to complex. Of course, you should begin with the simplest.

Method number 1.

The algorithm of action is as follows:

  • Soak the injured product in a cool solution of ordinary table 9% vinegar in water. Dosage is the following - 2 tbsp. Spoons of vinegar on 5 liters of water.
  • Let it lie in the solution a couple of hours.
  • Then gently push it and, stretching, lay out one end of a large terry towel, straighten the maximum wet product. Cover the second end of the terry towel and carefully roll it all into the roll.
  • Let him lie so a couple of hours, then get a thing and stretch for drying to the rope.
Locking woolen thing in a solution of cutle 9% vinegar and water
Locking woolen thing in a solution of cutle 9% vinegar and water

Sometimes this method is enough for the product to gain the former size. In general, with a manual washing of knitted products from wool, it is good to rinse them in acidic water. It can be lemon juice or vinegar.

Method number 2.

How to save a bright sever wool thing - will tell the second way of resuscitation:

  • On 10 liters of water 25-30 ° C Add 2 tablespoons with 3% hydrogen peroxide. Soak in this solution, the sealing product and try to stretch the fibers in the water to maximum sizes.
  • Leave a thing in a solution of at least 2-3 hours.
  • Then again it is pretty pulled out the fibers in different directions and gently squeeze.
  • Sit down a sweater or sweater on the shoulders and again to pull it in different directions.
  • Let them dry.
Locking woolen thing in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water
Locking woolen thing in a solution of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water

After rinsing in hydrogen peroxide, the product does not require ironing.

Method number 3.

If the two previous methods did not bring the desired result, you can go to radical measures:

  • Prepare a "miracle solution": on 5 liters of water 3 tbsp. Spoons of ammonia, 2 tbsp. Skipidar spoons, 1 tbsp. spoon of cologne;
  • Soak in this solution a deformed product for 2 hours;
  • Then press it and rinse in pure cool water;
  • You can hang it on her shoulders or wrap in a terry towel;
  • Let him dry in vivo, away from the heating devices.
For drying, wrap a thing in a terry towel
For drying, wrap a thing in a terry towel

These measures will be enough to cope with the problem at home. There is another radical way - to hand over a dry cleaning thing. But here you need to think well - perhaps the new thing will cost you cheaper than this service. Therefore, a home method is preferable.

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Has a woolen thing? There is an action algorithm for its resuscitation

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Do not hurry to put a cross on the seeding things - it can be restored

Do not hurry to put a cross on the seeding things - it can be restored

Woolen products - Favorite things in the cold season. The material is soft, dense and perfectly warms even into the tall frosts. However, one minus has one minus - it is demanding in care and can greatly decrease in size, if it is wrong to wash it. You can save the severity, the main thing is to listen to the advice of Novate.ru.

Why wool sits down

With incorrect care, clothes from natural materials sits after the first washing / photo: Pravilauborki.ru

With incorrect care, clothes from natural materials sits after the first washing / photo: Pravilauborki.ru

Shrinkage after washing is characteristic of all natural materials, including wool. Most often, this happens after the first cleansing procedure under the influence of heat and moisture. In the future, the problem disappears on its own.

Main reasons

1. Wash at temperatures above 30 degrees. Hot water is the enemy of natural fabrics.

2. Use of a conventional powder with an abundance of chemical components instead of liquid gels for woolen things.

3. Incorrect washing program. For the material only delicate mode. In some machines there is even a special program "Wool".

4. Drying the product in a vertical position, and not in horizontal.

5. During spin, the number of revolutions should not exceed 300 per minute.

6. Drying on heating devices or near radiators, batteries.

How to return the clothes for the old look

1. Re-wash
Re-wash in cool water will help to return the clothes for the old view / photo: Freelancehack.ru

Re-wash in cool water will help to return the clothes for the old view / photo: Freelancehack.ru

The first thing you can do is wash the thing again, but manually. Soak the product in cold water for 15 minutes, periodically stretching problem areas. To make softness, you can add a little air conditioner to the pelvis. As soon as the thing becomes the original size, get it out and squeeze, wrapped in a terry towel. Do not twisted and do not try the product. For drying, spread clothes on a flat horizontal surface, so that the edges do not hide. Leave a thing to dry naturally. The larger the cotton or viscose products, the higher the chances of recovery. Another option of drying is to wear clothes for yourself and walk in it until he dry. However, the method is quite risky, since you can catch a cold.

2. Peroxide
The peroxide is best used only for light things because it has bleaching properties / photo: oonkologii.ru

The peroxide is best used only for light things because it has bleaching properties / photo: oonkologii.ru

A good option for bright products. It is necessary to prepare a solution of 8 liters of cold water and 4 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide 3%. Pulk the severity in the resulting composition and leave for 1.5 hours. After the allotted time, get the clothes and press gently. Do not rinse. Spread the thing on the horizontal surface and leave to dry naturally.

3. Skipidar and ammonia
The turpentine-amazing solution is better to use for products with a large mate / photo: oonkologii.ru

The turpentine-amazing solution is better to use for products with a large mate / photo: oonkologii.ru

Skipidar is an effective remedy that will give wool clothes soft and return the original size. Best is suitable for products with a large viscous. Pour 6 liters of cool water in the pelvis, add 60 ml of turpentine, 140 ml of ammonic alcohol and stir carefully. Lower clothing into liquid and stand 30 minutes. After that, rinse the product in cool water, peel into the towel and dried on a flat surface.

4. Vinegar
Vinegar helps stretch clothes without affecting the color of the product / Photo: PolSov.com

Vinegar helps stretch clothes without affecting the color of the product / Photo: PolSov.com

Acetic acid has a beneficial effect on colored things and dense wool products. First, soak clothes in cool water for 15 minutes. Then gently press the product and put in an empty pelvis. Apply the air conditioner for linen or hair tool. Wait 1 minute, and then start stretching the material. After richerring a thing in cool water and immerse in acetic solution. For its preparation it is necessary to mix water with vinegar in a 1: 2 ratio. Soak the thing for 30 minutes, parallel to stretching clothes by hand or a wet sponge. In conclusion, post the usual way. In pure vinegar it is impossible to use, because it can harm fabrics. During operation, be sure to wear gloves and open the windows.

5. Alcohol
Alcohol-containing substances effectively stretch wool fibers

Alcohol-containing substances effectively stretch wool fibers

For the restoration of woolen trousers, a lifehak is suitable with vodka and ammonia alcohol. Pour 5 liters of water in the pelvis and add 2 tbsp. each of the components. Soak the thing for an hour, then rinse and dry.

6. Hair conditioner
Air conditioning softens not only hair, but also natural fibers / photo: afrodita.guru

Air conditioning softens not only hair, but also natural fibers / photo: afrodita.guru

The air conditioner helps gradually and delicately smooth out woolen threads. Fill the pelvis with cool water and hold a little product in it. Next, add an air conditioner cap to the liquid and leave the clothes for half an hour. At the same time, we gradually stretch the edges of the thing. After riding clothes in clean water and dried at room temperature.

7. Par
Early the product through the wet marla at the minimum temperature / Photo: Golifehack.RU

Early the product through the wet marla at the minimum temperature / Photo: Golifehack.RU

You can use the steamer or the usual iron. Remove the dry product inside out and put on a flat surface. Carefully straighten all the folds to avoid the chances. Take a piece of gauze in the size of the product, moisten it in the water and put on top of the clothes. Turn on the iron, set the minimum temperature and start to iron the thing, the publishing steam and slightly pulling the edges. After completing the procedure, spread clothes on the horizontal surface so that it cooled and dry.

Recommendations for washing woolen products

With proper care, woolen things will delight for a very long / photo: s.yimg.com

With proper care, woolen things will delight for a very long / photo: s.yimg.com

1. It is best to erase clothes manually in cool water. In the machine, choose a delicate mode and expose the minimum number of revolutions.

2. Use liquid washing products, air conditioners and powders marked for wool or for natural materials. So you save not only the shape of the product, but also a shade. Alkaline powders destroy delicate fibers, so clothing is moving and deformed.

3. Press the products only with a terry towel. Dry a natural way at room temperature on a horizontal surface. From time to time, straighten the thing with your hands.

Press woolen things only wrapping them in a towel / Photo: Platform-Club.ru

Press woolen things only wrapping them in a towel / Photo: Platform-Club.ru

Following the simple rules for caring for woolen things, you can avoid damage. If the confusion occurred, do not rush to put a cross on the product - use one of the proposed methods. In the extreme case, take a thing in a dry cleaning, and in the future do not repeat old errors. We also recommend reading

What rules in the care of the sweater must be followed so that it is like a new one.

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Woolen sweater or hat - practical, comfortable and durable winter things. But a frequent problem is that after washing, they can sit on one or more sizes. Return the products of the former parameters are not as easy as I would like. Stretch the sex woolen thing after washing will help funds from home arsenal.

Causes of shrinkage

Woolen thread is similar in structure with human hair and requires a careful relationship.

Little sweater

The reason that the wool thing stretched out, there can be the following errors in care:

  1. Wrong means. The components of powders and detergents destroy the organic structure of the threads make them hard. Erase things from wool needed with special gels, separately from other clothes.
  2. Invalid temperature regime. Hot water also badly affects wool fibers. It is necessary to wash at a temperature of no more than 30 ° C. If the machine has a separate wool mode, the automation itself will select the desired temperature.
  3. Bad quality yarn. The greatest probability is that the sweater from cheap yarn stretches and lose the form faster than the better thing. But the cost of the product will not save him from the deformation, even expensive products are sitting in improper care.

If this happened, you need to correct the position. Welcome to this "grandmothers" methods.

How to restore a woolen thing

To stretch the seed wool clothes, solutions and mixtures of pharmaceutical agents are widely used. Helps spaling, wetting with water and stretching with their hands.

Repeated wash

To launch a thing again - the simplest thing you can do when you want to stretch your favorite woolen sweater. Obviously, in wet water, the fibers are stretched, expand and become more appropriate.

Washing Salted Sweaters

The way will help if you accidentally dropped a sweater with other things into the drum and did not choose the desired washing mode. In this case:

  • Load the sweater again;
  • Fill a special means for wool or delicate fabrics;
  • Choose "Wool" mode or any other delicate washing;
  • Make sure that the spin is turned off.

After washing, we visually estimate the state of the sweater. If he is still small - gently pull it with his hands in different directions. Just do not overdo it, the probability of stretching it to gigantic sizes is great.

Attention! Wool products need to be dried in the fresh air or at ordinary room temperature. It is impossible to leave them on the battery or heater.


Woolen things perfectly absorb moisture. If you wet them with water, the fibers soften, and they will easily stretch them. For this:

  • Soak the product for 30 minutes in water water up to 30 ° C;
  • Remove and press it, but do not twist;
  • Put on the table and stretch to the sides.
Testing sweaters

Woolen things are dried for a long time, so manual stretch will take a day. In the process of drying, periodically change the wet towel, subplated under the thing, dry and keep pulling out. So you can stretch the sex woolen cap or sweater.

Important! It is forbidden to heating things from wool by any ways.

It is also possible to stretch the cap, if you pull it out after moistening on the glass jar of suitable sizes.


If there is no time to mess around with the sending sweater, you can take this:

  • Soak it for half an hour in water with T to 30 ° C;
  • Slightly press your hands, but do not twist;
  • Put on yourself and wait for a completely dry.

The method is not too pleasant, but effective. Fibers are hygroscopic and under the action of moisture are able to expand. The wet sweater will accurately stretch on the body, and during drying, at the same time and stretches in size.

Tip! Do not use hanger for such purposes. In wet form, the wool product will dyate down and will become a shapeless bag.


Using an iron-steam generator or steamer, a sex wool sweater can also be stretched.

Earbing a sweater


  • Water the thing with water and let moisture drain;
  • Spread it on the table or ironing board;
  • Over put x / b fabric or gauze;
  • Ironing the product until it fails.

Attention! Effectiveness is effective only for semi-wool things. 100% wool does not stretch.

Treatment of solutions

Stretching the woolen thing can be using solutions. The components of the mixture are well softened by fibers, they are easier to stretch in the right direction.

Hydrogen peroxide

To stretch the left sweater, a 3% solution of peroxide and water capacity with T to 30 ° C will be required. Instruction:

  • Mix the solution from the calculation of 2 tbsp. l. peroxide on 10 liters of water;
  • Place a woolen thing in it for 1 hour;
  • pull out the water and squeeze;
  • Put on the table and stretch to the sides.
Hydrogen peroxide

It is not necessary to rinse the sweater again, hydrogen peroxide is harmless when tactile contact.

Important! This method is not applicable to dark things. The peroxide is often used as a bleach. The black sweater can live and stay with stains.

Skipidar + vodka + ammonia alcohol

The express way to stretch the sex sweater - to soak it for an hour in the solution of the ammonia, alcohol and vodka (if there is no alcohol, the cologne is suitable). The proportions of the mixture on 10 liters of water in parts:

  • 100 ml of ammonia;
  • 30 ml of turpentine;
  • 30 ml of vodka.

Pour everything into the water and mix. Soak the thing in the solution and leave for an hour. After a while, get it out of the solution, rinse with water and press manually, avoiding hard twisting. Dry a woolen thing on a flat surface natural way. During drying, the product can be stretched in the right places with your hands.

Important! This method can be used for the seed sweater immediately after washing, as soon as they got out of the machine.


So that woolen fibers are easier to stretch after washing, you can treat them with a weak solution of acetic (or wine) acid. To do this, mix it with water in non-metallic dishes in a 2: 1 ratio (for example, 1 l of water, 500 ml of acid). Soak the sweater in the solution for half an hour and stretch manually as soon as the fibers become elastic.


Important! It is forbidden to use vinegar in pure form. The undiluted acid will spoil the thing.

Vinegar and Iron

The mixture of water and vinegar is also used during sweeping. To do this, mix the water with an acid in a 2: 1 ratio and pour the mixture into the sprayer. Sweater Put on the table, cover the gauze or x / b to the cloth. Gradually splash the jacket and stroke the iron.

Important! Ironing clothes from wool iron without gauze or x / b fabric is prohibited!

Hair conditioner

For stretching, air-conditioned sweaters have two ways:

  1. Moisten the product with water, put in deep dishes, fill it with air conditioning and wait 10 minutes. When the time passes, the fibers will soften, you can stretch them.
  2. In a pelvis with 10 liters of cool water, add 100 ml of acetic acid and air conditioner. Mix liquids and soak the sweater for 10-15 minutes. Rinse it with water and stretch your hands.
Balm air conditioning

The better air conditioner is used for the procedure, the more wool will soften, and it will be easier to stretch it.

Dry clean

If you are afraid to spoil the expensive sweater at home, take it into a dry cleaning. They work with professional steamers and dryers, as a result of which it will turn out to stretch the sweater and return it to him.

Important! In a dry cleaning, they may refuse to take the product if it has been done in the view of employees poorly, or there are inserts from stones, beads and other stripes. In the process of work on appliqué devices, simply will be twisted.

How to warn shrink woolen things

As mentioned above, prevent the shrinkage of things from natural wool will help competent care from the very first day of purchase:

  1. Pay attention to the label. The product care information is indicated.
  2. Woolen clothes are dried exclusively horizontally. In the vertical position, they are pulled out, lose the form.
  3. You can not dry things from natural wool on heating devices or contribute to this hair dryer. Only natural drying.
  4. You need to clean the sweater on the hanger in a dry state.
  5. If, when washing at hand, there was no powder or gel for wool, use the hair shampoo as a detergent.
  6. They smooth woolen things only under gauze or x / b to the cloth. If the sweater is normal in size and stretch it is not necessary, then it is already dry.
  7. Store things in the closet, on the shelves, protecting them from moths.

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