Instructions for use of nimes in powder

Instructions for use of nimes in powder

The drug remedy lowers the temperature, suppresses inflammatory processes, anesthetics. The granular composition is used to make a solution for oral administration, each sachet contains 100 mg of nimesulide.


Application of nimesil powder: testimony and contraindications

The medicine is used to suppress painful sensations, inflammation, accompanying symptomatic manifestations. In the application instructions, the manufacturer recommends the reception of nimes at the following indicators:

  • with pain accompanying osteoarthritis;

  • painful sensations arising in injuries, inflammation in the articular bag and tendons;

  • Algodismenorye.

The list of contraindications to the use of nimes is presented:

  • bronchospasm, rhinitis, symptomatics of the nettical fever arising in response to the reception of NVPS or aspirin;

  • conducted by aorticoronary artery shunting, therapy with hepatotoxic medicines;

  • inflammatory pathologies of the intestinal department;

  • elevated temperature in inflammatory infectious pathologies;

  • transition to the acute phase of ulcers spontaneous hemorrhages in the gastrointestinal department;

  • a combination of allergies on NVPS, nasal polyps and chronic inflammation of the respiratory tract;

  • local hemorrhages;

  • decompensated shortness of the kidneys or heart;

  • violations of blood coagulation speed;

  • potassium deficiency, liver pathologies;

  • alcoholism, drug addict;

  • a period of tooling or breastfeeding;

  • Children under the twelve-year-old age.

Special caution when taking is necessary to patients:

  • with a severe form of insulin dependent diabetes;

  • hypertension or ischemia;

  • OSN, dyslipidemia;

  • lesions of the arteries of peripheral value;

  • ulcers, somatic diseases in the period of decompensation.

The medication requires the observation of the doctor with long use of NVPS, oral gluchucleicosteroids, antiagregants. Problems with therapy can provoke smoking and simultaneous treatment with means that slow down blood coagulation rate.

Possible adverse reactions to nimesil and overdose

Non-standard effects in the treatment are manifested:

  • Allergies - with increased sweating, rash, itching, erythema, urticaria, dermatitis, Lyleella Syndrome and Stevens Johnson, Edema of Queenka;

  • problems with the blood formation system - anemic states, insufficient platelet content, leukocytes, erythrocytes, hemorrhagic syndrome, a thrombocytopenic purple, an increased number of eosinophils;

  • with visual and nervous disorders - panic attacks, vestibular dysfunction, cephang, poor sleep with nightmares, non-inflammatory lesion of the brain, unreasonable concern, drowsiness, decrease in visual acute indicators;

  • circulatory system dysfunction - accelerated heartbeat, arterial hypertension, hot tides, pressure drops;

  • pathologies of the digestive department - dyspeptic disorders, gastritis, enhanced gas formation, painful sensations in the field of epigastria, ulcer and vessels for the gastrointestinal tract, hepatitis, jaundice skin staining, increasing the number of liver enzymes.

In the formation of adverse reactions of the respiratory department, shortness of breath is observed. In other cases there is a decrease in body temperature, hematuria, urination problems, asthenic syndrome.

The symptoms of an overdose of nimes is manifested by vomiting, apathetic state, nausea and drowsiness. In difficult cases, spontaneous bleeding is developing in the gastrointestinal tract, sometimes there is an increase in blood pressure, acute kidney dysfunction, breathing problems, anaphylaxis, comatose state.

To relocate clinical manifestations of overdose, symptomatic treatment is used, with stomach washing, receiving activated carbon (1 tablet by 10 kg of weight), osmotic laxative preparation. Be sure to control the functionality of the liver and kidneys.

Methods and dosages in the application instructions for nimes

The granular remedy is divorced in half a glass of water, the finished substance should be immediately used. The drug is taken orally, 1 sachet after meals, twice a day. Therapeutic manipulations should not exceed 2 weeks. To prevent the development of adverse reactions, the medication is prescribed in minimal efficient dosages.

In the instructions for use of nimesleil there are no special guidelines for the treatment of children - in the period from 12 to 18 years of age, therapy takes place on adult dosages. If the patient is present in the history of the kidney disease, the standard amount and the frequency of the use of the solution remains unchanged.

In old age, the characteristics of the body are taken into account, all changes in the recommended manufacturer of therapy take place on the recommendation of the doctor. The specialist is based on the combination of the drug with other drugs.

Doctors do not advise the use of non-demil with minor headaches or without the appointment of a precinct therapist. The drug is not suitable for constant use, it may cause the development of serious adverse reactions, up to an anaphylactic shock and insertion to whom. The emergence of unusual clinical signs requires an immediate appeal to the precinct therapist.

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