Damage: how to find out who did on the egg?

Read the article to understand how to determine the damage.

In the life of each person there may come the moments when the work falls out of the hands, there are different troubles with a hare, relationships in the family deteriorate. Often we assume that this ordinary bad luck or our unworthy people surround us, but what could be really the cause of such a turn of turmoil?

  • An ordinary person will not be able to give an explanation for the emergence of his constant troubles, but an experienced magician or psychic will assume or even argue that this is the result of damage.
  • A negative program will be able to visit a person even a beginner practitioner at home. He is enough to know several rituals and conspiracies.
  • Every person who reads this information and suspects that he has a damage or evil eye, the question will arise: how to determine or how to understand that you have a damn?

How to understand that you or man smoothed, or caused damage?

How to understand that you or man smoothed, or caused damage?
How to understand that you or man smoothed, or caused damage?

It is possible to determine the presence of damage in a person using special rites. But there are indirect signs that make it clear that the impact of a negative program is.

How to understand that you or man smoothed, or caused damage? Symptoms:

  • Physical fatigue .
  • Irritation from staying in crowded and cultural places (Museums, theaters, cinemas).
  • Creative decay of power - This applies to people of creative professions (no inspiration, muse).
  • Restless Son. - The nightmares, persecution, threats towards him or loved ones are constantly being shot.
  • Full apathy, depression, loss of interest in life - Man even attend thoughts about suicide.
  • Deterioration of health - Chronic diseases are exacerbated, new and not one, and somewhat immediately appear.
  • Problems at work - Relations with colleagues and bosses are exacerbated or even the loss of the workplace.
  • Deterioration of financial condition - Loss of a large amount of money, theft, sharp decrease in income.
  • The appearance of thrust to alcohol, narcotic substance and gambling .

Of course, any of these signs can be written off on banal fatigue or temporary bad luck. But, if troubles are tormented for a long time, it is worth thinking about that it is damage.

How to find out who brought damage?

How to find out who brought damage?
How to find out who brought damage?

If you have become a victim of a negative program on you, then you need to know who provided such an impact. This is no less important than eliminating the impact of the witchcraft rite. First of all, it is necessary in order to protect yourself from contact with a bad person.

How to find out who brought damage? Here are some ways:

1. Phenomenon of the sorcerer in a dream . It is necessary to properly tune in to obtain such information:

  • Get ready for sleep, relax and do not think about.
  • You do not need to try to guess the image of a detractor, it will betray from the right path.
  • When you still managed to relax, say quietly and slow words.
How to find out who did the damage?
How to find out who did the damage?

After pronouncing these words, go to bed. At night, you will dream of a sorcerer, which brought damage on you.

2. Help the highest strength. It is important to correctly and correct to spirits. Thanks to this, the ill-wisher will give himself or higher strength to it. Make the following:

  • In the evening, put a saucepan with water on gas and boil the water.
  • Lower 7 rusty keys in this capacity with the words: Whoever Slave God (Name) wants harm to bring to his house to bring. It will not be an evil man of peace, it will damn him from home. Amen.
  • In the morning, the exhausted misfortune will stand under the door to explain.

3. Ritals using magical accessories. Make the following:

  • Prepare a wax candle and water container.
  • Melt the wax and recover it into the water container - neatly.
  • At the same time, repeat the words: Wax in water pouring, the name of the enemy is taking.

Then see what happened: drawn by wax Moon or flowers - Pulling the woman brought, and if it turned out Painted animals, different geometric shapes - Man. Even letters can be considered - these are initials of the enemy or numbers - when a negative ritual was conducted.

4. Ritual using the sample of the power of the sorcerer. When he picks up, then still leaves for you some kind of material or a trail. This can be used to search. This method is usually used by experienced practitioners, as it is difficult to see the energy material or biofield.

But do not be discouraged if you are not familiar with the energy channels. After all, there are many other methods for determining damage, which can take advantage of every person.

Damage: how to find out who did on the egg?

Damage: how to find out who did on the egg?
Damage: how to find out who did on the egg?

In this way, our grandmothers also used. So, if you suspect that you or your close person damage, how to find out who did on the egg?

one. Take the fertilized fresh egg (It's not suitable from the store, only homemade from the village) to the right hand and say:

Damage: how to find out who did on the egg? Words that need to be sought
Damage: how to find out who did on the egg? Words that need to be sought

2. Then ride an egg on the body of a person , Start your head and ending with your feet.

3. After completing the ritual, break the egg in the saucer . If the yolk is a whole, surrounded by protein, it means that there are no damages. If the contents of the eggs are dark, blood particles are observed, and the yolks are growing - there is a damage.

How to determine the damage on the laurel sheet?

How to determine the damage on the laurel sheet?
How to determine the damage on the laurel sheet?
  • The bay leaf has long been used as an effective weapon from magical impact. If his twig hang over the entrance door or in the kitchen, she will save the house from evil people, troubles and diseases.
  • If you put a whole tree near the house, it will protect all the genus.

How to determine the damage on the laurel sheet?

  • In general, the bay leaf is used to get rid of the negative energy. It is set on fire and emphasize all the corners of the apartment or at home.
  • Light smoke will clean the room from bunches of poor energy.

But, and if the sheet burns badly or, on the contrary, heavily smokes, then you should think about the fact that in the room there may be damage.

How to check damage, is it matches?

How to check damage, is it matches?
How to check damage, is it matches?

The easiest way to determine damage at home with matches. It will take a fated glass with water, 9 matches and boxes from them. How to check damage, is it matches? Perform the following:

  • At dawn, type the glass (not faceted) clean water and sit at the window . Glass put on the windowsill.
  • Mentally say the question About damage or evil eye and burn first mat.
  • If the match is burning , forming a lot of smoke and soot, then you have a damage.
  • When the fire comes to the end of the match And starts to burn his fingers, throw it into a glass with water.
  • Repeat action With all matches from the box.
  • Then count How many matches fell to the bottom of the glass: 0 - no damage, less than 4 or 4 - evil eye, more than 5 matches - damage.

Important: You should not get upset immediately if more than 5 matches turned out to be at the bottom. Previously, matches were made of a special type of wood, and the head was not sulfur-abrasive. Modern materials used in the manufacture of these products are completely different.

Tip: To obtain a more accurate result, spend another ritual, for example, with an egg.

Damage to death: how to find out - signs

Damage to death: how to find out - signs
Damage to death: how to find out - signs

Almost always sorcerers, making damage to death, use black magic. Therefore, the consequences and signs of impact will be the most unpleasant.

If there is a suspicion that damage is done to death, then how to find out exactly and what are the signs? It is worth noting the following:

  • Problems with sleep. Signs of the effects of black magic are that a person suffers insomnia constantly. He has nightmares and other negative dreams.
  • The appearance of diseases which are difficult to treat. The results of diagnosis and analyzes are always different, and the treatment is useless.
  • Strange behavior of home and stray animals (cats, dogs and other pets) - they run away, hissing or whine.
  • Change of relationship of a loved one or relative. He tries to avoid communicating with you.
  • Premonition of trouble . Constantly observed anxiety and mental impassable.
  • Lack of success and good luck for a long period of time. Any things started will be failed.
  • Man loses self-confidence . I do not like the reflection in the mirror, and the person feels as if reflected not his.
  • Financial problems and difficulties at work . The damage attracts the negative energy - the colleagues and the boss do not like how you work. In addition, there may be large financial losses, theft.
  • Loss of a nasty cross or you get unpleasant everything related to the holy church objects . A torn man can even feel burning in the place where the cross comes into contact with his body.
  • Feeling unpleasant odors , the appearance of which is impossible to explain.
  • Gravity in the chest , cold in the abdomen - so manifests the negative energy in the human body.
  • Depression, suicidal thoughts, decay of forces.

If there are some of these symptoms, it is worth checking the threshold and entrance to the house. Any items that you will find random (pins, needles, salt, sand, earth and other) could be used to guide damage.

Damage to loneliness: how to determine?

Damage to loneliness: how to determine?
Damage to loneliness: how to determine?

If such a damage is made, then it will be very difficult to find a second half, as the negative clutch is sent to the sex chakra.

Damage to loneliness: how to determine?

1st way:

  • Make a ritual with an egg and a glass of water . Type a glass of water and put a person over your head that you need to check for damage. Let him hold a glass with his hands.
  • Take the fresh fertilized homemade egg And break it into a glass with water.
  • Keep glass overhead you need 3 minutes . Then remove, and evaluate the result: Egg is not changed - everything is fine, the protein threads stretch up, bubbles - the shrass, black dots, fed-up protein - damage.

2nd way:

  • Take the deck of tarot cards and mix them well . Reflect on a possible negative, ask questions.
  • Pull 7 cards and put them on the table . If in a row two maps "Mag" and "Moon" - damage.

If one of the cards "fall" upside down is a sure sign of a negative program, and you can not recheck in other ways.

Damage for money: how to determine - signs

Damage for money: how to determine - signs
Damage for money: how to determine - signs

Negative magical impact on the financial condition of a person is a common phenomenon. The damage for money can manifest in different ways. How to determine? Signs:

  • Permanent major money thefts and ridiculous financial loss.
  • Difficulties with the search for new work in the loss of the previous place of work.
  • Debt "Pits", of which do not get out.
  • Excessive transit, if earlier the tendency to this was not observed.
  • Bankruptcy in business.
  • Apathia and the lack of desire to do something to improve life and financial condition.

The damage for money and poverty is usually done on bills that were given in debt. If you gave loan money after sunset and in a church holiday, it means that you have taken them not a very good person.

Try not to give a debt in the evening from hand to hand - put, for example, on the table. Write down the bill numbers. Return money also do not take into hand, and check the numbers. If they coincide with the numbers of those bills that you gave dwell, then they made damage and returned to you.

Damage to infertility: how to determine?

Damage to infertility: how to determine?
Damage to infertility: how to determine?

The ritual to determine the damage on infertility can be carried out independently. After it, you will know exactly, there is a negative impact or not. For a long time you can not get pregnant and think that you have a damage to infertility? Several ways will help determine the presence or absence of poor exposure from the outside:

  • Take a wedding ring or another golden decoration. Spend them on the cheek. If there is a white trace - no damage, red or black - there is a witch influence.
  • Prepare a piece of rye bread and a vessel with water . Squeeze the bread in the palm of your hand, and then lower it into the water. If the bread fell to the bottom - damage.
  • Egg broken into the water will also help determine the presence of negative in the body . Above it was described how to carry out such a ritual.

With the help of such a damage, many rivals are more successful, in terms of male attention, women.

Damage to the family: how to determine - signs

Damage to the family: how to determine - signs
Damage to the family: how to determine - signs

The essence of the negative influence on the family is to feel bad to all family members. Therefore, signs may be the most diverse and incredible. The first people and old people usually suffer are the most unprotected family members. How to determine what is done by a damn one? Signs:

  • Senior of the older generation . Even if their health was not too good, but new or chronic diseases appeared, it is necessary to worry.
  • Accidents . One after another - a turn, accidents begin to occur. Many of them may be fatal.
  • Quarreling. Disorders, experiences, discontent between family members. Instead of mutual support, accusations and permanent quarrels appear.
  • Financial wealth . Money "tee" like water.

These troubles can occur on a single or turn. Heat from the family will disappear and everyday support will disappear. Determine the damage to the family will help such a method:

  • Visit the church and buy as many big candles as many members in your family.
  • Now you need to put them alternately for health, calling the name.
  • If most candles are crackling and smoke means a negative impact on the family.

With the help of damage to the family, many enviously dump their evil. They see someone else's happiness, and they themselves have nothing. Try not to let into the house of unfamiliar people, especially women.

How to find out if there is a damage in the house?

How to find out if there is a damage in the house?
How to find out if there is a damage in the house?

Profile damage is one of the most common types of negative effects. Usually, residents intuitively feel it, but often it is written off on coincidences. So, how to find out if there is a damage in the house?

  • The damage to the house will not be able to bring a person who has never been visiting you. Although this is possible, but then the negative is left near the threshold. People passing it will be sick and suffer from various kinds of trouble.
  • To determine whether a negative program is induced, buy in the church incense and a candle.
  • Put incense on a teaspoon and burn it with a candle.
  • Now go around the house counterclockwise, stopping for a few seconds near each corner.
  • In the same place incense will try to crack and smoke, it means that damage is hooked there. It can be a needle, stuck in the furniture or bed or something else.

Orthodox Christians sprinkle their housing with holy water to baptism. This is considered the best protection for the house from the introduction of negative from the outside.

Damage to food: how to determine?

Damage to food: how to determine?
Damage to food: how to determine?

This type of damage is made by sorcerers who want to influence the victim by direct contact. If a damage is done on the food, then it is easy to determine it. Such a negative program has similarities with food poisoning, but is displayed in other more complex symptoms:

  • A sharp lifting of body temperature up to 39 degrees.
  • Excessive sweating and general weakness.
  • Medications from poisoning do not help, while other drugs, for example, to reduce the temperature, give a short effect.

If a damage is done on the food, then the person begins to get fat sharply or, on the contrary, lose weight. It worsens appetite or becomes too excessive. At the same time, weakness, apathy and depression are observed.

Generic damage: how to determine?

Generic damage: how to determine?
Generic damage: how to determine?

Generic damage is differently called a generic curse. It is possible to determine this type of negative program made for the entire genus, according to such signs:

  • Negative events that are repeated from generation to generation. For example, divorces after the birth of the firstborn or accident at a certain age of family members.
  • Heavy birth, infertility in women or stillborn children.
  • Suicide, which can be repeated. For example, a father under the influence of negative committed suicide for 30 years, then the son will do the same with the same probability.
  • Hereditary diseases.
  • Mental diseases characteristic of the whole genus.
  • Old virgin and bachelors. Perhaps the damage to love and celibacy is hooked. People cannot meet their soul mate.
  • Alcoholics and drug addicts on the male or female line.
  • Difficulties financially in all relatives. At the same time, all the relatives worked hard, but they do not get enough money to have enough for life.

Stop such a complex negative program as a generic curse, only professional extrasensus will be able.

Video: Signs of trust

Damage to celibacy: how to determine?

Previously, the girls were determined, they will marry this year or not, on the night of Ivan Kapahu. They spilled wreath and threw him into the river. He was afloat, hence, soon marriage, and if sinking, the girl this year will still be alone. This rite will help determine damage to celibacy. The ritual is not necessary to hold onto the bathing night, you can on any day.

On the banks of the river, the gossip wreath of flowers, thinking about the relationship with the opposite sex. At the same time, it is necessary to drain along with the colors of 3 of your hair. During the fantasy of marriage and relationship, you need to sort:

Generic damage: how to determine it?
Generic damage: how to determine it?

When the wreath be woven to the end, stand back to the water and throw it into the water through the left shoulder. If the wreath sailed, it means that there are no damages. If he hooked, drowned or stuck to the shore, then there is a damage to celibacy.

Can they make a damage to an accident?

Can they make a damage to an accident?
Can they make a damage to an accident?

Sometimes it happens that some drivers drive a car without excesses for many years. But suddenly, they begin to fall into frequent accidents. Can they make a damage to an accident? Answer: Yes. Such a negative can send even novice practices. Therefore, the car must be consecrated in the church, and then there will be no effect on any effect.

Symptoms of the evil eye and damage in a woman

Symptoms of the evil eye and damage in a woman
Symptoms of the evil eye and damage in a woman

The representatives of the beautiful sex love to brag up with their successes. Therefore, a woman is easy to smooth. Symptoms of the evil eye and damage to a woman:

  • Change mood for the worse appearing without reasons.
  • Irritation without reason.
  • Indifference to news, especially with whom the husband wants to share.
  • Apathy for life, all things fall out of the hands.
  • Dispelness, exhaustion, which is reflected on the face in the form of fatigue, deterioration of the appearance. A woman ceases to follow himself, she is not interested.
  • Products made of precious metals are darked with sock.
  • The chain is breaking, pins are unborn.
  • Permanent quarrels with close, relatives, girlfriends and a loved one.

A faithful sign of damage to a woman is loneliness. She can not get married for a long time or get pregnant.

Signs of the evil eye and damage in men

Signs of the evil eye and damage in men
Signs of the evil eye and damage in men

Men do not believe in the appearance of damage or other similar manifestations. But the sorcerers often send a negative program to a representative of a strong half of humanity. Signs of the evil eye and damage in men:

  • Failures and dark strip in all spheres of life.
  • Spoiled relations with people around: relatives, friends, colleagues at work, wife.
  • The appearance of suicidal thoughts.
  • Circle in yourself, the insaneness of life.
  • Unfortunate quarrels during a family feast.
  • Irritability, imperisibility, intolerance in relation to a partner in life.

It is necessary to eliminate the negative impact, otherwise the consequences may be irreversible.

How to find out if there is a damage on the child?

How to find out if there is a damage on the child?
How to find out if there is a damage on the child?

Any loving mother will be able to determine immediately, whether her child has a declamation or damage. It can be seen on his behavior. How to find out if there is a damage on the child? Symptoms:

  • Frequent colds with a body temperature lifting up to 39 degrees.
  • The child eats badly or, on the contrary, eats without measure.
  • Irritability, plasticity. Crying can continue for days.
  • Flashing anger. The child begins to break the toys, and trying to hit someone from adults.
  • Fear of darkness and loneliness before bedtime.
  • Permanent injury. Other children play in the courtyard without consequences, and a nurtured child often breaks the limbs, bruises bruises and bumps on her head.

Another proven way: you need to visit the church. If during reading the prayer father, the baby becomes restless and begins to cry, it means that he is damaged.

Can a mother damage for loneliness?

Can a mother damage for loneliness?
Can a mother damage for loneliness?

Mother is holy, and she cannot damage his child. But often women do it unconsciously. Therefore, many girls and guys have a question: can the mother damage for loneliness?

If the mother is too patronizing her already adult child, it can unintentionally close all the ways to personal life. No wonder, even in the Bible is written for parents that they must let go of their children when they grow up like birds let go of their grown chicks.

Read prayers, go to church, confess and compete, do not let into the house of unfamiliar people, and then the negative program will not be launched in your home. Be careful to other people's gifts and food, cooked by unknown people. This will help protect yourself from damage.

 Video: damage for money (monetary damage) and damage to housing - Marfa Vasilyevna

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person? How to distinguish damage from the evil eye, for what signs? These questions are interested in almost all people who have faced the impact of magical negative on life. Is it possible to find without the help of others, and what are there any diagnostic methods? Psychics determine the negative using the diagnosis of a biofer, and a mobular person can learn about the prevolution of damage using means at hand. We will see ordinary and existing rituals.

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

Define damage using eggs

Ritual No. 1.

This conventional way allows you to find out if there is a negative program on a person. It is necessary to dial into the floor-liter glass jar of incomparable water and carefully broke the testicle so that the yolk remained as much. Put the jar on the topic and press the chin to chest. Keep the jar on the pattern about 3 minutes, and then look at the Egg:

  • If the testicle remains as such as it was before the diagnosis - there is no damage;
  • If the filament is stretching from the protein - damage began its action;
  • If the threads stretch up and bubble - the damage is quite powerful;
  • Dark splasions are melone about the deadly damage through the grave ground.

Transparent bubbles on the threads Usually, they are praying for damage on troubles in money and ruin in life. The ritual makes a specialist in order to order rivals and ill-wishers. A person begins to collapse in life, Fortune is lost, obstacles arise in affairs.

Dark dots (splashes) on the yolk and thin threads from the protein Mollulate about death through grave land. This damage brings only an order specialist. The negative is manifested through 21 days. If damage does not remove, a person can die throughout the year.

If you are progress that The edges of the yolk "welded", and the filament with bubbles stretch from the protein - damage is made on torment. From time to time, you can see and a different picture: there are no filaments from the protein, and in the yolk there are engines of green or brown color.

If the columns from the protein are missing, and yolk all "welded" The damage is made at excluding happiness. A person will have everything in life, but with all this confuses satisfaction in life.

Muddy protein and blackened yolk - Mortal damage, which will rapidly reduce the man in the grave.

Ritual No. 2.

How to find out at home if you have damage or evil eye for you? This method will allow not only to learn about the presence of damage, but also to remove it. Pour the freshest water in the glass floor-liter bank and take care of the testicle, so that the yolk remained the whole. Then you need to bring the jar to the subsequent parts of the body and keep 2-3 minutes:

  • above head;
  • At the nape;
  • in the forehead;
  • in the chest;
  • Phage;
  • at the feet.

Then cover the bank with the material and put the bed from the head on the night. In the morning, look at the contents:

  • With a powerful damage, the eggnic is black, and water will become muddy;
  • In the absence of damage, the testicle remains as such as it was.

What is the creation when detecting damage? For you, you need to repeat this ritual at midnight on Sunday until the Egg will not be black. During the ritual, prayers should be read: the Virgin "Elementary" and the Holy Spirit "King Heavenly, Comforter".

Water from the bank, with a testicle, pour into the toilet and wash off three times. Wash the bank and calculate in the oven (or take the newest one at once). So that the damage did not return, attend the church every Sunday and compete during the year.

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

Other rituals

The pin will say about damaging and evil eye

How to check if it is damaged for you or a splash with a pin? For this, the pin must speak. Pinning pin to clothes, say subsequent words:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

The pin must be added to the tip of the wind, and after returning home to look, if she did not unbuckled. If unbuttoned, you were smoothed. If the pin is lost, means damage to you.

Copying herbs

How at home to find out if there is a damage or evil eye on a person? To do this, brew tea from grass: oregano, lime color or nettle. The grass must be brewed with raging water and insist how tea. If there is a drinking tea to someone from the family, it will be bad (there will be a pain in my head), means it has a negative program.

Brewing herbs must be a lady. When brewing should read the prayer of the cross ("God will resurrect") or "our own". Having a woman in person will pass through a couple of hours. Negative need to be removed.

Determine damage with milk

This method will approach the village inhabitants, which has a cattle. But for the diagnosis and the city dweller can purchase 12 packages of milk to fill them a bucket. How at home to find damage either a declamation with milk? To do this, fill the bucket of milk at sunset and read a special compot:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

Then they slightly split the knife over the flame and throw it into the bucket. If for an hour milk will come means damage is. If a milk will get black , You are deadly damage, which is not living for a long time. If milk does not skiece and not darkened, nothing to worry about. Skyrshest milk need to dispose of - it is better to pour into the river. If the river is far away, pour into the toilet and wash a couple of times. After a diagnosis should be washed out.

Light rituals definition damage

How at home to find there is a damage on a person? To do this, you can apply a cook salt, a glass with water, a candle and a knife, a wax ball. Let's see carefully


Put 3 tablespoons of an ordinary salt for a previously hot frying pan and say:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

If the salt does not darken, means negativity is not.

Glass with water

Pour the fresh water into a faceted glass, let a person ride on her. Then put the glass into the cold black space until the subsequent day. If water is likening and deterrent, there is a damage on a person.


Roll off the homemade candle from wax plates and burn. Put a person on against the candle, let him look at the flame. At this time, you must say the following words 13 times, conducting the blade of the Candle Flame Welcome:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

If with all this candle starts to crack and smoke, there is a damage on a person.


Skate from the softened wax ball. Take an equilateral cross on one of his sides, and on a six-pointed star. Now you need to roll a ball on the man's head and read:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

Rather a couple of minutes. If unhealthy becomes bad, means damage is.

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

Who brought damage?

If you need to find out who wears a lining under the door, make the subsequent. Put aspen rod near the threshold and tell me:

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

How at home to know if there is a damage on a person and who did it

If you wish to find out who added to the negative on you, make an ordinary rite. It is necessary to purchase the latest needles, when you pay, do not take (or buy). At home, split the frying pan and put 7 pieces of needles, turn the frying pan clockwise and say: "In order for these needles to stick in the heart of my enemy!".

Do not remove the frying pan from the fire, turn on the stove. Read as many times as it wanted. From time to time, the enemies give them to know for themselves during the rite - they call the phone or may come (if neighbors). The rite is carried out not at least what time, but from 12 to 3 night. After the rite of needles must be thrown out or buried to the ground.

About the signs of damage and removal methods. See also Video:

Source: TayniyMir.com.

Any magical act does not do without consequences and is reflected in the person. Despite the fact that damage and evil eye differ, they have a pronounced negative impact. If you have problems with health, material ailments, you have ceased to accomplish luck - read how to find out if you have a damage or evil eye.

Symptoms and signs of damage and evil

Determine whether there is damage or evil eye on the second day after the ritual is fulfilled. But the signs will be so invisible that their appearance cannot be noticed. Moreover, the magical impact buys the consciousness of man, and he simply does not notice the deviations. The first symptoms can notice only the surrounding people.

Most often understand whether there is a damage or evil eye, it is possible by the state of health. If you are worried about health problems, but analyzes doctors say that you are healthy, it is worth thinking about negative impact. Remember who you interacted shortly before the emergence of problems.

how to understand there is a slogony

Perhaps you had to meet with envious or share some good news. If you recently boasted, perhaps someone did not like it. Or you had to quarrel with a person, and he decided to take revenge. How to understand if there is a damage? A person appears:

  • malaise;
  • headache;
  • insomnia;
  • Injuries and diseases.

It concerns physical deviations. If you have noticed such symptoms, you need to taste medication treatment. Did not help? So, it is worth resorting to unconventional methods. But not always the damage can be defined by such symptoms. Also possible problems with mental health. Symptoms of damage on a person:

  • fatigue, apathy, depression;
  • nausea in church;
  • loneliness;
  • thoughts about suicide;
  • Exacerbation of phobias and dependencies.

Such a mental state can warn about magical intervention. In this case, it is worth contacting professionals.

If you notice such problems with your health, you should remember whether you have given any gifts. Often, damage is caused by losures with land, needles, hair and various objects. Check out suspicious items in the house, remember, did not come to you an uninvited guest.

How the damage or evil eye

Check the evil eye or damage on a person can be using some signs. The damage manifests itself on a person not immediately, but some time after the conspiracy. To understand who exactly caused damage, it is worth remembering the events from life for six months. But how to find out if there is a damage or evil eye:

  • constant failures at work, in the family;
  • money problems;
  • diseases that cannot be cured;
  • Vain attempts to have a child;
  • problems in personal life;
  • Sudden death of relatives;
  • Detergence of relationships with the surrounding people.

how to check if there is a slogony

People with a damage are often susceptible to hazards in life. An accident may occur with them, a fire may occur in the house, and on the road - car accident.

All these signs indicate that damage or evil eye began to act on you. But not always these problems are associated with the negative influence of another person on your life. Quite really concussion. In order not to suffer in doubt, it is worth checking if there is a slogony or damage. This can be done in various ways.

Definition of damage

Learn the most popular way if there is a damage, is a ritual with candles. The candle wax has a strong energy that helps to calculate intervention.

Method 1

Check spend on Sunday evening. Check damage in this way you can not independently - you need to ask for the help of a person. The estimated sacrifices of damage are dressed in white and put on a stool in the middle of the room. Then, behind a person, a person lights a candle and bypass it three times counterclockwise. At this time, watch the fire: if it is smooth, then there is no damage. If the candle begins to smoke, sparkle, shine or the flame behaves restlessly, then a negative program is induced.

How to check if there is a slogony or damage

Method 2.

There is another method to check whether there is a slogony on a person. To do this, you need to put a candle in a glass, and next to putting any personal item conspired. Opposite the attribute to plant damage object. If the candle burns as usual, then there is no damage. Fire with sparks and smoke indicates the presence of damage. The weak flame testifies to the presence of a declamation.


Salt helps to understand whether there is a evil eye on a person. Therefore, it is also used in various rites. To check, they independently sew a small bag of natural fabric and fill it with salt. The cooked attribute is put under the pillow. If you live are not alone, then damage, induced for you, can pass the households. It is recommended to put the bags to all close.

After 3 days, the bag gets and watch the contents. If the salt remained in the same form, there was no evil intervention. If the contents became a dark color or hardified, then someone smoothed you.

There is another way with salt that helps learn whether there is a evil eye on a person. Salt poured into the hot frying pan and boil for 5 minutes, thinking about damaging. The darkened salt will be a sign of an induced negative program.

Check the shrass with matches

With this old way, to check the availability of deterioration used our grandmothers. It is necessary to take matches and a glass of water. For some time, the glass should be held in the hands to impregnate it with its energy. Then the attribute is put on the table. Next charge 2 matches and ask a question whether there is damage to me. You need to throw matches with closed eyes in turn, asked every time the question. Open your eyes and check the position of the matches:

  • If they do not touch each other, there are no damages;
  • If matches are touching, there is a slogony;
  • Matches intersect - damage is hooked on a person.

How to check if there is a slogony on a person

Are there any damage - a way to check the egg

You can find out if there is a damage on a person at home. To check, take a glass of water and one chicken egg. Before the ritual it is necessary to hold it in his hands a couple of minutes, thinking about the presence of damage. Then a light movement needed an egg to the water so that the yolk is not damaged. The glass must be put on the head and keep it within 5 minutes. You may need someone's help. After time, evaluate the state of the eggs:

  • The protein thread on the egg and a slight turbidity of the water will indicate the presence of a declamation. If there are many filaments with bubbles, then damage clearly.
  • If the protein threads do not float upstairs, but are at the bottom of the glass, then the enemy wants to hide.
  • The unchanged smooth yolk, which was not damaged in 5 minutes, indicates the absence of damage.
  • The yolk remained unchanged, and the protein rises upstairs? This is a sign of severe and dangerous damage. Often, this state of the egg occurs due to magic on a marital life, for loneliness, poverty. This damage is valid for more than 5 years.
  • Thin protein columns in water talk about a weak spider. Often, such damage is caused by non-professionals. These people want to pump. Possible damage from loved ones.
  • Yolk looks like a boiled - negative program with great consequences. The performer is tuned seriously and wishes to destroy the life of the victim by all means.
  • Yolk green, black bubbles appeared on the squirrel, the egg seems like a rotten. This is the most terrible damage through the lining - the disease and death.
  • Many white streaks - signs of damage.
  • Black big bubble in the middle of a glass - damage to the disease.
  • The sharp growths on the egg indicate a monetary spider.
  • The protein in the form of the silhouette of the church - the damage recently recently.
  • Foaming white mixture talks about the evil eye on a man.

You can also find out if there is a damage using a lazy way. To do this, scroll the egg into the glass and leave the head of the bed for the whole night. In the morning, inspect the egg and draw conclusions by its state.

Variants for determining magical intervention wax

Determine whether there is a slogony or damage with wax. There are several options.


For this method will need wax and empty plate. It is impossible to spend the ritual yourself, you will need help with close people.

A man hold an empty plate over his head and pour wax on her. When he freezes, you need to look at the resulting figure. If a flat image or a circle was formed on the plate, then there are no damages. If you have embarrassed, lumps or a hill, then there are negative interference on a person.


There is another embodiment of this method. In this case, a melted wax is held above the head of a person for 5 minutes. Then it is neatly poured into cold water. The resulting figure can show if there is a damage. If the image is a curve, with a bunch of bulges, then this indicates the presence of negative intervention.

Easy way with ring

This is a fortune telling to find out if there is a damage and evil eye, is one of the easiest and easy-to-use. The method is suitable for both adults and children. You need to take the golden wedding ring and spend it in the forehead of the alleged sacrifice. If dark traces remain - this is a sign of damage.

How to find out if there is a slogony

Water to identify evil intentions

Water also has a strong energy and helps to know if there is a damage. For a light way, you need to take a glass with water and breathe in it in the evening. This attribute is cleaned for a day in a dark place. If the next day the water becomes dirty, then a negative program is induced. It was an easy way to check the presence of damage or the evil.

There is another water method. In the bowl, you need to dial water and throw coal. If they are drowned, damage is damaged. You need to immediately take some measures. If the coals float on the water - no one smoothed you.

Learn with beeswax

How can you know if there is a evil eye? You need to melt beeswax and spend the bowl with wax over your head. The frozen picture should be inspected. If the wax is smooth, then there is no damage. If there are torn edges, irregularities, thighs, another color, then you have a negative program.

Check damage on the cat

Pets always live next to us, and they are very tied to their masters. Therefore, any negative interference in the life of people affects their pets. In addition, cats feel the presence of dark forces. How to find out if you are damaged by cat behavior or cat:

  1. There is a place that homemade favorite bypass. It is necessary to check it and carry out a cleansing ritual.
  2. Sharp change mood. A relatively calm animal begins to behave aggressively, pursuing loudly, runs and crashes everything in his path.
  3. Failure to food and active games, if it is not in the disease.
  4. Animal left the house to pick up a negative with them. Remember that domestic loves may not return, bringing yourself to sacrifice.

Method with photos

How to determine if there is a damage or evil eye from the photo? Very simple. You need to take a photo and put opposite yourself, as well as to light the candle. Slowly flames go through the entire area of ​​the picture. If the candle starts to behave restlessly - to smoke, create a crack, show the smell, then this is a clear sign of damage.

Check damage in a child

Many parents are worried about how to understand whether there is a damage to the child. It is necessary to understand that a pregnant mother can become a victim of damage. In this case, the magical force hooked not only a woman, but also her child. Such a problem must be addressed immediately, otherwise the consequences will be very serious.

How to find out if there is a slogony yourself

Negative energy is a future mother can get by chance, even if no one wanted evil. Therefore, pregnant women should be protected by dark forces, do not attend cemeteries, pay attention to various signs of fate.

A child can become a damage and after birth. Children at this time are very vulnerable, so they are worth protecting. How to determine if there is a damage on the baby? Not necessarily, in this case, seek help from the sorcerer. The evil eye can be checked with the help of the ring, drain the wax, damage can be found with chicken egg. These methods are suitable for adults and for babies.

How to determine the evil eye on yourself

It is not always damage can hide outsiders. You can harm yourself, without even thinking about it. If you feel closed, unsure, you have a bad mood constantly, then this is a clear sign that you smoothed yourself.

Permanent negative thoughts can attract negative into your life. To avoid this, you need to send your thinking to a positive side. Remember only happy moments, set up yourself for the best and create around you positive energy.

What to do next

If you feel the symptoms of damage and checked several methods, and then learned that damage to you - you need to immediately get rid of the negative impact. This can be done independently, but it is better to seek help from specialists. Ignoring the problem can negatively affect your life, even completely destroy it. Only in rare cases the damage passes itself. To get rid of negative interference, you need to apply only to verified people.

Contact our clairvoyant that will help you know if you have a damage online, and also save you from the magical intervention of the dark forces. Sign up for reception by filling out the form on the site. Free consultation will help to clean the body from the tricks of black magic.

What can be done first, until you got an answer from clairvoyant:

  • To read plots - special texts that are able to protect against the evil eye or mesmer damage, weaken their impact on a person.
  • Pray - this method is suitable for believers. Go to the temple and pray the patron with your name.
  • Meditate. Special programs help clean the body.
  • Attach the pin to the clothes head down to weaken the effect of damage.
  • Look at your home possible submits - bags with land, salt, pins, needles. Immediately destroy them on fire.

Read also an article about black damage: how to bring and resist evil forces.

At the end says

You can do our best to find out the fact that someone damaged or not, and also remove the evil eye, curse and any other destructive magical impact of ill-wishers. Photo Divination is an opportunity to get answers to supernatural questions, use this chance to learn and adjust your destiny, send a photo of fortuneulk Anne Morgan and ask a question clairvoyant.

Anna Morgana: Makes a photo fortune telling
Anna Morgana - clairvoyant on the site

When a person who pursues troubles and failures to the signs, he feels constant malaise and weakness, folk healers suggest that it was smoothed or caused damage. For this form of a negative foreign impact, many probably heard many, and someone may have experienced him.

Although not all advertise their disposal from the evil eye, it is known that there is an old way to determine the presence of such an impact on a person. Method using ordinary chicken eggs and water used our great-grandmothers.

Why is this method considered effective?

For this magical ritual, the egg is chosen as a tool is not accidental. Any magician will explain to you that this product is unique. His sphere containing a chicken embryo really helps to find out if there is a slogony or damage on man. In any case, the healers argue.

When its presence is confirmed, it is the eggs that turn out evil, created by enemies or envious. Durable shell, which protects the embryo of the bird during his ripening, according to Sadharai, personifies the man's aura, its energy shell, which protects against a detrimental spiritual and physical impact. The fertilized chicken egg will certainly show why a person pursues a series of troubles and troubles. At the same time, it is important to know the rules for checking the evil eye and damage to the egg and competently interpret the results of the procedure.

Detection of the type of evil eye or damage

In favor of using the method of identifying a negative impact on a person with the help of a chicken egg, the fact that it allows us to find out the type of damage or the evil eye:

  • long-term or short-term;
  • per family member or on all genus;
  • per person or house in which he lives.

So, consider the most common ways to check the having a declamation of the egg, and consider which type it belongs.

Easy way

Take a raw egg, preferably white and from homemade chicken, in the right palm and tell the following words to him: "Rowing-roll up the egg, right to left, from the west side to the eastern side, with the South - to the North, from Angel - to the demon. Tell me the truth about the servant of God (name). "

Now it is very neat, not in a hurry, roll out a person to them: Move the egg on its body clockwise in the following sequence as circular movements in the following sequence:

  • head;
  • chest;
  • stomach;
  • arms;
  • back;
  • Legs and feet.

After completion of the procedure, break the egg in the saucer. If it has not changed the color, the integrity of the yolk, the evil eye or damage is not broken. Dark and turbid egg mass with spreader yolk and blood particles - you will have to hold the rite of purification from the evil eye.

How to determine, damage or evil eye

To do this, you need a glass of water and fresh raw egg. The filled glass is kept with your left hand over the subject's head. Silver break about the edge of the tank and mix the contents of the egg with water. Another 30 seconds, hold the glass above the head of a person, and then carefully consider its composition:

  • If the intact yolk lay down on the bottom, surrounded by a transparent protein, a thistle aura.
  • The protein threads stretched from yolk testify that the destructive effect of damage has already begun.

Carefully consider threads: one speaks of an uninaded evil eye. Numerous threads ending with minor air bubbles indicate the presence of damage aimed at a long period.

Method of experienced signs

It can be used independently at home. To carry out such a procedure, you should prepare:

  • Fresh egg;
  • Glass of water (you can use purified and plumbing).

Gently scatter the shell and, trying not to damage the yolk, pour the contents of the egg to the water. Put a glass with a mass of myself on the themes, conveniently sitting on the stool. Picks for chest. Do not move and hold the glass for 3-4 minutes. Hands are allowed to change.

Then remove the glass, trying not to take the contents, put it on the table and proceed to the result analysis.

  • Whole yolk, transparent water, the absence of Muti white threads talks about the purity of your aura.
  • Fit-shaped, thin processes from the protein speak of a light, "amateur" spider. Her healthy Aura rejects and for one year hesitates offenders, reinforcing many times.
  • The yolk remained in primeval form, and the protein began to resemble a jellyfish with fringe and legs - should be alarming: you have become a victim of damage, although not too strong, for loneliness, tears, failure. Such an impact is absorbed within 3-7 years, if you do not take any measures to remove it.
  • When you see bubbles on the protein columns, you can talk about quite strong exposure, most likely made by a professional black magician. Yolk and protein threads have a reddish tint - the ritual was performed on human or animal blood. Such damage, as a rule, makes a disease, problems in business. Perhaps you have already become noticing the first signs of such a negative impact. For example, the troubles fell as out of abundance, conflicts arise in a flat place, you constantly feel ominous and tired.
  • The yolk looks like it was started to boil, and the protein was covered with bubbles - you prepared torment during life.
  • The egg as if welded entirely - a detractor wants to limit your freedom. You can forget about the rest and happiness in your home or in a circle of loved ones.
  • Many columns with bubbles and besides everywhere black splashes, including yolks, indicate that you are damaged to death. Before you take the removal of such a damage, think about which of your surroundings you could suffer so much.
  • And finally, the signs of the hardest damage. If, along with the changes listed above, you see inside the yolk gray-green spots, they predict a man death in torment. According to the laws of Magic, such a damage begins its action in 21 days. This terrible idea ends throughout the year. In this case, in addition to the procedure for removing the damage, it is necessary to go to the church, pray for the forgiveness of God, repent, let go from the heart of the offense, to forgive their enemies. Heavy fate can only be avoided.

Let's summarize

Modern science does not recognize the concepts of "damage" and "evil eye". Believe or not to believe the advice and predictions of sorcerers and signs - your personal business. Nevertheless, think about, perhaps, your troubledness and misfortunes are connected with your wrong behavior and attitude towards people? As for health, feeling unreasoning, do not waste time for dubious rites, pass a complete medical examination. This is our opinion, you can think otherwise.

Did you find a violation? Report Content

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Loss of property

From this article you will learn:

  • Than damage different from the evil

  • How to check damage on another person

  • How to determine damage on the child

  • Can they impose damage to a whole family

  • How to check the apartment on damage

  • How to remove damage and what will be required for rituals

What to say, life is unpredictable thing. Good days are sometimes inferior to the place by bad, but in general our reality is more like the sea in the calm. Unfortunately, sometimes the situation becomes exactly the opposite: failure is literally magazed to the person, and sometimes to the whole family. In such cases, the first thing that comes to the head is the evil eye or damage. And the main task is to check, indeed if the damage takes place.

Do you need to check the evil eye or damage

What damage is different from the evil eye? First of all, you need to distinguish these two concepts. Damage - implies a serious impact, the evil eye is a lung and often even unintentional. Some sometimes say the "eye" - such people have enough something to say or even just think to smooth out someone. You can smooth yourself and yourself. Such situations happened to many. It happens, you say sorry: "Here I am a loser," and went, went: that one will happen, then the second one, then the third. Or, on the contrary, a colleague will say a compliment to a dress or a new hairstyle, and you already across a day with nothing with this. Experienced people will be able to recognize the evil eye in almost all cases.

But the damage is a completely different story. To bring it, you need a desire - accidentally such things do not occur. To bring a strong damage, people go to those skilled in the art, but in some cases you can do on your own. The damage can affect health, money, good luck and even human life. The latter is most severe and dangerous, because with successful guidance, its result is the death of man. A similar ritual is equal to the murder, albeit with the help of magical forces, and this is a sin. If there is a goal to sneak a little, perform rites on health. Most often, the target becomes rainbits and models. Businessmen can become an object of damage for money, but you can lose luck just because of someone's envy.

What signs can I recognize the evil eye and damage?

  • Weakness, apathy, lack of forces. The state that people often bind with stress or vitaminosis can be quite a sign of the evil eye or damage.

  • Violations of sleep . If you can not close your eyes at night or, on the contrary, do not fall out, even if you sleep in a day, alert. Sometimes the result is a damage are nightmares. Especially if earlier they have never tormented a person.

  • Inhibition, falcon mood . There lived a man, rejoiced to every day and suddenly the impoverished: I do not want to work, and rest. Slowness, apathy (especially if they are not peculiar to humans) - one of the signs of damage and the evil eye.

  • Deterioration of health. Often, a consequence of damage becomes a variety of malaise. Doctors are bred by their hands and talk about diseases, the results of the surveys are also not happy. There are problems with eyes, skin regeneration, bother teeth. And that the main thing is that medicines are helpless.

  • Lookout. If damaged or evil eye hung on you, your eyes will disappear. Such people try not to look at their reflection in the mirror and avoid the views of other people.

  • Bad habits . They can increase: the number of cigarettes, alcohol increases. A person who previously led a healthy lifestyle may appear in detrimental dependencies.

  • Permanent conflicts. Regular quarrels with friends and family members are another faithful sign of damage. And they arise literally from scratch. It seems that everything is fine, and then the word for the word ... When it comes to the rite of death, a person reduces any communication to a minimum.

  • Problems with finance. This sign is relevant for damage to wealth and good luck. Problems begin with work, breakdown contracts, bankruptcy, dismissal. Sometimes a person simply regularly loses money itself or becomes a victim of robbers.

  • Problems with a childbody function. When a woman can not get pregnant for a long time, a man is experiencing difficulties in sexual life, perhaps the reason is not health, but in superimposed damage.

  • Hate to its own reflection. In this case, a person is unpleasant to look into the mirror, he feels hate to himself and his own appearance.

  • Fear of church. If damage really is, a person tries not to walk next to the church and feels bad at the sight of an icon. Sometimes this feeling is replaced by hatred in everything related to religion. An irresistible desire does not wear a cross, even if it was a habit before.

  • Difficulty with breathing. Even in the street as if there is not enough oxygen, when trying to breathe deeply, nothing works. Possible short-term attacks of suffocation. In the presence of the evil eye, a person often sighs heavily, while without any visible reasons.

How at home check if there is a damage or evil eye

To make sure that the evil eye or damage can be used by some uncomplicated methods. Many of them can be held even at home.

Check damage and evil eye with candles


To take advantage of this method and check the availability of damage, you will need four candles. To check for damage, ritual spend on Sunday evening. Sit down white (there is a sheet for an extreme case), since this color effectively protects against negative impact.

The procedure for the following actions is:

  1. Put a stool in the center of the room. There should be a person with whom the work is going to the East. Palms look at the ceiling and just lie on the knees.

  2. Standing with his back, lit the candle at this time.

  3. Make three circles around a person counterclockwise. The candle must be close to the body: raise and lower the head - from the head to stop.

Next you need to look at the fire. If it remains the same color and burns smoothly, without flashes, it means everything is in order with a biopole. Why is it important? The damage damages it precisely, leads to an imbalance.

When the fire changes the color, cracking, smoking, an unpleasant smell appears, the impact on man had a place to be. The more stronger, the brighter the above features will appear, especially when the candle is close with the face, footsteps, back.

Removal of damage and negative

Pursuing failures? We will make a diagnosis of negative impact, we will help determine the reasons and correct the situation.

Learn more

The evil eye does not affect the person. It is concentrated in the field of the nape, the top of the case. Flame in this case will be calmer.

Conducting similar rituals, it is important to protect themselves. After graduation, take a shower and visualize how the whole negative goes along with water. This method is not the fastest, but with it, you check whether the damage really was.

Experts of the shop "Witchino Happiness" recommend:

Check damage with matches


Another proven and reliable way to check the damage using matches. You will need, respectively, matches and any vessel of glass with water. You need to take at least three matches and hold them a bit in the palms to pass your energy. After ask, referring to them, there is a damage or evil eye. Next, we light one after the other and throw in the container.

Then analyze.

  • If the matches lie quietly and do not intersect, you can calm down - everything is fine with your energy field, and no damage is not exactly.

  • If the matches are slightly tilted or lie on each other, the likelihood of the evil eye is great.

  • If at least one went to the bottom, probably there is a damage.

This way you can check not only your own, but also the energy field of any person.

Check damage by egg


To check the presence of damage, this method is suitable. Pour a little cold water into the glass. Break into it one egg (chicken and necessarily fresh). Try not to damage the yolk, otherwise nothing will work. Put a glass on the back of the head, lower the chin down. Wait a few minutes, and then look into the water.

  • There is no damage, if the water remained transparent, the contour of the egg has not changed.

  • The impact was if small stripes pass from the protein.

  • The presence of bubbles on these strips speaks of a serious damage.

  • If black dots are visible, you can assume damage to death. In such a situation, you need to act immediately.

This is only one of the options with which the damage is checked, but others are possible. For example, you need to break the egg into any capacity with water and leave it overnight next to the bed, not far from the head. Waking up, look into the water and appreciate its condition, which refers to the signs that we talked earlier.

Articles recommended for reading:

Check damage with water bowl

Чаша с водой

This rite is considered one of the easiest, but effective. It can be done at home without any problems. To do this, fill the cup with water, throw three small coal and watch their behavior. If they drowned, then the magical impact - damage or evil eye - really were. In this case, the main task is to take action rather. Calcles float on the surface - you can not worry, everything is fine.

However, with this method, it will not be possible to learn the details. To check who is behind the damage, what exactly it is imposed on, will have to use other methods. But to search for preliminary information it will be quite enough.

Check damage by photo

По фото

To check for damage, you can try a photo method. Place the photo opposite yourself. A burning candle make several movements along the card and follow the fire. Any unusual manifestations (strong smell, soot, crash) will indicate the presence of negative energy.

Check damage with beeswax

Пчелиный воск

How to check if a damage is invisible for a person? Take advantage of the following way. For this rite will need bee wax. It should be melt, and after taking the bowl with liquid wax over the head of a person with whom the work is going. Further take it into a tank with water. We are waiting for waxing and analyze the resulting figure. Smooth (small irregularities are possible), one-color indicates the absence of damage. The bubbles that appear indicate the use of black magic, the growths appear when damaged to a whole genus. If the edges are uneven, as if wished, was damage to fate. After completing the ritual, wrap the wax into white paper and scream into the ground.

Check if there is a damage, ring


Another easy way to check the presence of damage. To do this, you will need a favorite gold ring. It is important - only 585 samples are suitable and higher, in another case, you should not trust the result. To check yourself, make some light movements with a ring on the skin (palm or cheek). The white line remained, it means there are no reasons for anxiety - everything is fine with you. The dark band indicates the presence of damage. True, it will not work anyway to determine its type of ritual.

Check damage on runes


This method will help check the availability of damage in the event that you can handle the runes. Otherwise, you can simply see and explain their meaning. Are you familiar with the runes? Take advantage of the "Runic Wax" layout. With it, it is guaranteed to check for the presence of a negative impact. Moreover, it will not only show the fact of damage, but at the right interpretation will allow you to find out who performed it and what areas of life will be at risk first.

Check damage on tarot cards

Карты Таро

You can check the damage using cards. Any magical objects require careful study. For many runes - a waste of time, for someone, on the contrary, is the right way to find out the answer. Tarot cards also have their own characteristics. In any case, with the right approach, you will have to understand whether there was a damage. You just need to find the right way for you. Having studied the selected system, you will be able to learn from high accuracy to the state of your energy. Confused? Contact advice to a proven professional - it will definitely help check if you really damage.

Contact the specialist


Performing rites yourself, we can give in to emotions and incorrectly interpret the results. Therefore, it is worth contacting the help of fortuneral or psychics. Take advantage of familiar advice, as to find a reliable person to trust the press and the World Wide Web definitely. Consider, the diagnosis is one thing, and for the removal of the damage it will be necessary to pay separately. In any case, first of all, just talk to psychics. If he is confused in the responses, does not give specific advice, but says frightening words and puts off the authority, run the head. He will definitely not be able to check whether the damage was tried.

How to check the baby to damage

How to check if there is a damage to the child? First of all, it is necessary to understand that the object of damage can be not only the kid itself, but also a pregnant woman. In this case, it acts quickly and with great strength, unfortunately, the consequences will be very serious. Suspending the presence of damage, a girl who is waiting for a child should urgently solve the problem.

Immediately the question arises: "Who can desire an evil of pregnant?". To become an object of damage, it is not at all necessary to break someone family. Moreover, the negative energy can be at all inadvertently. That is why for girls in the position of magic is categorically prohibited, other cases of witchcraft can turn into serious problems. The cemeteries during this period also better bypass. A girl should be careful and pay attention to unusual signs and situations.

Of course, the baby can be the object of the evil eye and after birth. Moreover, the effect of dark forces will be seen immediately. To protect the child from negative impacts, first of all, the mother must have a strong energy biopole.

To determine if there is a damage on the baby, it is not necessary to run for help to sorcerers. In the presence of desire and small abilities, this can be done yourself. It is necessary to use wax, determine damage on a fertilized chicken egg. If you wish, you can use Tarot cards and Scandinavian runes.

Working with these objects, it is actually impossible to be mistaken, so almost 100% you can check the availability of damage on a small child. It must be remembered until he marked seven years old, a very strong energy relationship with dad and with mom. The situation is not excluded when children accidentally receive the evil eye from their parents, so you need to work immediately with the whole family. In any case, check availability must be required.

Experts of the shop "Witchino Happiness" recommend:

How to check the family on damage

Often people ask: "How to determine damage on the family?". The root of endless quarrels and conflicts can be hidden in a family tree. Often, the curse is transmitted for many years - from parents to children. Suspending the presence of damage, check with the following features.

  1. Family members are tormented from one ailment.

  2. Various mental problems.

  3. The problems of one person begin to disturb his relatives.

  4. The death of representatives of the same sex in the family.

  5. Possible murders on household soil.

  6. Permanent quarrels and conflicts.

  7. Children leave the parent home early.

  8. The cause of death is repeated from generation to generation.

Carefully approach the study of the question. Having agreed with one or more allegations, ask for help from a specialist - he will check the presence of damage. The next time, the conflict will start the conflict among your relatives, try to keep yourself in your hands and analyze the situation. Below are the signs of a negative impact on the family:

  1. Family members complain of apathy, fatigue, lack of forces. Doctors are only bred by their hands and cannot help anything. It is possible to felt chronic diseases, problems with sleep and appetite appear, depressive moods, uncontrolled aggression.

  2. Constant troubles and difficulties literally pour the river. It seems that it is just a matter of chance. Only the situation is repeated regularly, every time becoming more serious.

  3. Regular scandals and tights. Family members do not want to hear each other, there are no love, nor confidence, no respect.

  4. The unexpected appearance of sudden and strong pains in loved ones. They may well become the cause of premature death.

  5. Financial difficulties.

  6. Jealousy about and without.

  7. Infidelity.

To determine the damage on the family, it is worth using the methods described earlier.

How to check the house on damage

Pitch can be hooked at home. True, you should not write off your own shortcomings on damage. The house is the place of our strength. Here you need to maintain cleanliness and comfort. Chronic muddled can stick to the house with their behavior.

Sometimes there are really strange things in the house that do not explain logic in this case, damage to the house is possible. Unfortunately, it meets very often. For such a type of exposure, ill-wishers and envious are resorted. An important difference from other rituals is a damage to the house is always intentional. Randomly such things do not happen, you really wanted to harm.

Causes can be different, it is worth seriously analyzing their lives and look at the people around people. Perhaps you switched to someone, not wanting to someone.

Each house has its own atmosphere. In one - I want to live, in the other - never to appear. The second option is our case. In such a house, a good mood turns into a bad one. Residents see strange silhouettes, hear unusual sounds and feel that there is someone else, besides them. Of course, to be in such an atmosphere for a long time - unbearable torture.

Disorder does not leave even after general cleaning. It seems that some kind of devil is going on here. In fact, it is damage. To check if it is, look at the following signs:

  • Outlooking the plumbing, becoming the cause of the flood.

  • Light bulbs are constantly burning, and sometimes exploded.

  • The technique breaks.

  • Furniture is spoiled: always something breaks, it becomes unusable.

  • The dishes are broken almost every day. It is randomly dropped, hurt, sometimes the items fall without contact with them.

It seems that these are little things, but they occur so regularly that it becomes scary. It also happened that porcelain figurines simply flew over hundreds of pieces in the hands of people. Everyone is trying to be very careful, but no sense appear one after another.

There are also more unpleasant situations when it is necessary to clean the space and fill it with new energy. In the Wiccan tradition personifies the Great Father.

Moreover, such moments occur on a regular basis. True, unfortunately, on this trouble do not end.

  • Households every day on a platoon, unnecessary word causes outflows anger.

  • Conflicts and overwater occur daily.

  • The bad mood has become the only guest in the house.

  • The joint pastime has long ceased to be the norm. Family members try not to talk to each other, offended and not even going to go to the world.

  • Hearts of people captured fear and panic.

First of all, you need to understand - such things are not accidental. Be sure to carefully inspect the whole house. Most likely, you will find an item with which damage to you. And you will immediately understand everything, seeing a lump, consisting of various garbage: ropes, pins, dust and other things

Attention : Finding a similar subject, in no case do not trust him!

With the help of cards, move it to a sheet of paper and burn. The house needs to be urgently sprayed with water. And only then take measures to remove damage.

In order to make sure that 100% have a damage, you need to take advantage of special rituals. They should be performed when any doubt. In any case, a similar rite will not make worse, but only put all the points over I.

1. Take a saucepan and throw a little salt into it.

2. Put it on the stove.

3. At this time, read 90 psalm or use audio recordings. Today on the Internet they can be found without problems. Muslims should read the first suver.

4. Reduce fire.

5. Watch for salt.

  • The yellowed salt indicates the absence of damage.
  • If there is a damage, it will darken and maybe it will be "hiding" and "shoot". This speaks about the beginning of getting rid of bad energy.

6. The ritual must be held for a whole week.

7. Each time after the rite, salt needs to be disposed of into the sewer (do not dispose into the trash!).

  • Powerful damage will make salt completely black.

8. Hide the black salt into the bag and go to the cemetery.

9. Scatter salt on seven graves.

10. Read the plot:

"In seven thresholds lead the enemy road. The first crossed, lost the power, the second crossed - the ground fell, the third shifts - the mind was lost, the fourth masterful - forgot his strength, the fifth jumped up - he jumped into the grave, whisked the sixth. There is a seventh threshold - there is no trip through it back. With you troubles, I will be another hundred years! "

How to remove damage

Plow is, and you know it 100%. It is not necessary to panic and bite elbows, the only thing to do is calm down and urgently take measures to relieve it.

What to do?

  1. Rituals to get rid of damage is recommended to be performed during a decreasing moon.

  2. Performing a rite, concentrate on a successful result. If you do not believe in the power of magic, the ritual may not have any action. First of all, clarify for yourself - whether you really need it. Damage is a serious impact.

  3. A few hours before the start of work, refrain from meals and drink.

  4. Perform a ritual to get rid of damage at midnight. After going to bed and do not communicate with anyone at least until the first sunny rays.

  5. Do all alone, extra people in such a difficult matter at all. Exception - rites in which you need the help of another person, but there are very few such.

  6. In most rituals, various things are required: they must be new if this is not specified separately. After they need to be thrown out. Use such things to be categorically impossible - it is dangerous!

Removing damage in the loss of health and beauty

Утрата здоровья

You were able to check and convinced - a negative impact was exactly. Profile damage requires immediate and decisive action. For this, the ritual will need any small items. You should receive them from a blind, dumb and deaf person (by mutual agreement!). The thing must be insignificant - simple buttons will be quite enough. In total, you must get three subjects. At night (after midnight), go to the cemetery, find the grave of your namesake. If it turns out, find a very old burial. Place all three subjects found on it and go around on your heels. After read the following text:

"In a quiet terme on fir branches, the dead man lies. Hand hand warms, and mouth on the castle. The cross will swing, the soul will be attached. Go through the white light, find my offender, grown to him all that he added to me, but to give me what he took me. Deaf, dumb and blind sobs, health and beauty for a long time do not know. So that my enemies are crying, sobbing, beauty and health did not know! "

Three times hang a bow and hurry to return home. Remember, until next morning it is impossible to talk with anyone!

Removing damage to death

На смерть

Usually, to get rid of the damage to a similar plan, you have to ask for help from a knowledgeable person. However, if you do not doubt our own forces, you can try to do everything without someone else's participation.

On the eve you should cook:

Plan the ritual at sunset time. Put the old things and go to any river or lake. Holding a little salt in the palm, plunge into the water on the chest and stand up to the sunset.

Severe a conspiracy:

"A terrible burning, a black stump, a stupid stump, created on" your name ", go to the puchin wide, deep water. You will never break my bones of my bones, do not drink warmth, it's not a pure soul. Disappearance forever and without a trace, no hour, no two, and forever! "

Quick the salt behind your back, completely plunge and return back, but just do not look back. Shy the wet things, use the towel and put on everything clean and new. After go to the intersection, which first will meet on the way, and in his center leave the coin. Go to where there is no one, find dried branches and raise a small bonfire. To do this, use the cooked matches.

When the fire will turn around, throw wet things, towel and salt into it. After one after another, throw the branches and read the plot. On each branch - one repeat.

"Deadly damage, the" his name "dies, it resurrects to life. The misty of the enemy burned down, and she survived! "

The bonfire must be lit, and after hanging his earth or sand. Do not look back, do not join the conversation and hurry to be at home again. Be calm, this ritual will help forget about damage.

Removing damage on separation


Damage - the frequent cause of the disclaim in relations. This ritual will be able to protect from parting with the beloved and improve the atmosphere in your pair. To perform it on Saturday, buy:

In addition, find the photo - your and partner. Just trace: a man should not know that you took it. Conduct a rite of getting rid of damage at midnight to a decreasing moon. Near the lit candle, lay out all items other than threads and needles. Connect the photos (face to each other) and sew together, starting on top - on the right clockwise. In the end, make three stitches on each side. With each stitch, read the following text (in the end it will need to repeat 12 times):

"Pass, marine depths, show your possessions so that I and your loved one did not know the hostility and confusion. Let our path will be lined with flowers, and the moon our faces caresses, and the love of unearthly with us, in the house, quiet and comfort are dumbfounded. Laying our enemies of our Yarykh, return them to the pain of the pains to suffer in the depths of Tartar and did not remember life formerly. I'm from now on - the lady of the sea, as I say, will be forever, I will fix the words with grief and invisible to the confusion. "

Thread take off, make 12 nodules on it. With the help of the candle, pour on every little wax. Place the fire, tie a glass to the thread cards, also tear it and make the so many knots. All used items hide in a handkerchief and remove into such a place so that only you know where it is.

After you need to make any dish, in the recipe must be spoken eggs. What it will be - no matter. For example, pie or snack. Cover the table with a cooked tablecloth, put dishes with food, there must be your special recipe among them. Organize a beautiful romantic evening - drinks, muted light, music, incense. Make so that the man exactly ate the same dish.

Before this bed underwear, put on the night shirt - choose the most beautiful model. You must be irresistible. When a man comes, pay him a maximum of attention - talk, take care. After dinner, smoothly go to intimate proximity - the night should be hot. Further, as if by chance, wrap a man with a nightie. Waking up, remove it, tablecloth and underwear. Make sure that no one can find them and all the more pick up.

Experts of the shop "Witchino Happiness" recommend:

Removing damage for loneliness


To get rid of this type of damage, prepare these items in advance:

  • Accessory - Ring, earrings, pendant. It should be made of silver or gold;

  • salt;

  • Dishes - two deep white plates;

  • Bank 0.5 l with lid;

  • Long black thread, about half a meter;

  • white tablecloth;

  • candle;

  • Spring water (500 ml).

At 12 o'clock in the morning, cover the table with a tablecloth. Put the salt in the first plate, put a burning candle there. To the second pour the spring water. Throw thread through a ring or other cooked accessory. If you do not work, you can just bind the thread - you should be convenient to hold the rite. And 12 times you decorate through the fire, say the following text too 12 times:

"How the candle is smoothly burning, does not swing, so let my life lights. All misfortunes and adversity will go to salt, where will remain forever! "

Next, put this product, better if you wear it without removing. Place fire, dissolve salt in the water and drain it into the jar. This water must be poured at the intersection of roads. All other things that were used to carry out the ritual, you need to collect together, dug a hole somewhere in a quiet place and hide. Having removed the damage for loneliness, usually a person will soon turn the relationship.

Removing damage to the loss of property

Потеря имущества

Loss of property is not the most pleasant event. To protect yourself from trouble and get rid of this damage, prepare in advance:

First, cover the tabletop with a handle and put a burning candle on it. Take 12 matches, remove the sulfur head with a knife. Spread them randomly on a plate - there should be a neat little bunch. Candle raise it and tell me:

"You will disperse in the ashes, and for" your name "let the world be bright!"

After taking a candle, go through each room in an apartment clockwise and at this time read ours "Father".

Put the remains of the matches next to the candle. Each of them alternately need to set fire from the candle (Match is kept only with your left hand!), At this time, pronounce the following text:

"Our Savior, Mochni with a slave of your" your name "12 misfortunes, 12 misfortunes, 12 ailments, 12 misfortunes. Turn the calm and grace to me, remove my house from the word bad, the man of Lichoe. "

Thus, you need to burn all matches, the words of the conspiracy will eventually need to read 12 times. Mix ashes, resulting from burning heads and matches themselves. Place fire. Knife and candle wrap the handkerchief on which you make three nodes and go to the road to the first intersection. In his center, break the dish with ash and faster away from there. The remaining items need to be burned in the ground under any tree, but so that people do not walk on this site.

If it seems to you that damage or evil eye hung, do not lose time - every minute in such a situation on the weight of gold. Do everything you need to check for damage and prevent truly serious trouble. All magical actions require serious training, it must be considered responsibly.

Magic or spiritual practice - extremely personal experience. When you practice, you are one on one with mysterious, and even from group ceremonies, each participant takes out something else.

For those who seek to act on making their knowledge about magic and mystics, in the "Witch Happiness" there is everything you need. By drawing up our huge catalog of goods for practical magic, we learned what kind of various sorcerer approaches could be.

Anyway, did not find the necessary one? Write on [email protected] or call tel. 8-800-333-04-69. And we are always in touch with Facebook, Telegram, VK and WhatsApp.

"Witchino Happiness" - Magic begins here.

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