Cedar Barrel - Indications and Contraindation Procedures for Slimming and Health

Cedar barrel - testimony and contraindications. Use of procedures in a bath-bar from cedar for weight loss and health

The healing properties of the cedar are known since ancient times. The cedar phytobochka, invented by the healer of V.G. Current in 1970, is truly unique: it can be felt on the life of the sauna. The cedar spa barrel is not having analogue in the world the method of improving the body, the benefits of which are proven not only by scientists, but also the results of the use of this service.

Cedar barrel - what it is

If we consider from the point of view of the production technology, then it is just a barrel-sauna from a cedar equipped with a steam generator. Cedar barrel is a wooden cabin of an oval shape, fully closing the body, while the head is outside it. Inside the seat is located, and the baroque itself has a small door.

Knowing the structure, you can build a barrel sauna and at home, in addition, because of a small size, it can be installed in the apartment, but the material (cedar boards) is difficult to buy. How to care for the phytobochka will tell a consultant in the store, but information is also in the reviews of the owners. Cedar wellness construction, manufactured by the manufacturer in an industrial method (for example, Roskenedre), includes:

  • cabin;
  • steam generator;
  • thermal sensor;
  • Remote Control.

The benefits of cedar barrel

Health is a guarantee of a person's success, and there are many ways to maintain it. Steam barrel (cedar) is one of these. Modern rhythm of life does not allow regularly to be selected in nature, and you have no opportunity to visit the bath. Cedar phytosauna benefits both the prevention of various diseases, and replaces traditional treatment, especially with a cold, asthma. The invaluable results of visiting the procedure are:

  • Immunity;
  • Prevention of premature aging of the skin;
  • Reducing blood sugar;
  • strengthening the nervous system;
  • removal of fatigue;
  • weight loss;
  • Improving the level of endorphine, which contributes to a good mood.

The effect after visiting the first procedure will be noticeable and those who are struggling with excess weight or dream of getting rid of cellulite. Essential oils used in the process of procedure contribute to the removal of slags and toxins from the body. The use of cedar barrel for the health of the body is obvious, but the use of such a program has its own testimony and contraindications.


Cedar Barrel - Indications

A pleasant procedure in this version has a beneficial effect on vital functions. Many interesting, prevention and treatment of what diseases phytobochka can stand out, will it serve as an alternative to a medication method? Before conducting procedures, consult a doctor or pass the survey for hidden diseases. So, the testimony for the use of cedar barrels:

  • Skin diseases: acne, eczema, psoriasis, neurodermatitis and even sunburns.
  • With intense sports. The barrel will help dispersed the milk acid, which accumulated in the muscles of athletes.
  • Diseases of the joints: Arthrosis, arthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis, etc.
  • Cardiovascular diseases: arrhythmia, hypertension.
  • Diseases of the endocrine system.
  • Prevention of diseases of the human sexual system by improving blood circulation.
  • Prevention of diseases of the nervous system.
  • Obesity. Those who need weight loss, this procedure will be an excellent alternative in the absence of opportunity to visit the gym or engage in simulators at home.

Cedar Barrel - Contraindications

It is not worth abuse this procedure, because there are also contraindications of cedar barrels. Phytobochka cedar is contraindicated with diseases such as:

  • oncology;
  • pronounced atherosclerosis;
  • nail and skin fungus;
  • tuberculosis;
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Allergy to grass;
  • thrombophlebitis veins on the legs;
  • bleeding, including monthly, myoma uterus.
  • The second, third trimester of pregnancy.

A session of visiting a cedar barrel is not prohibited in breastfeeding, but it should be remembered that in the process of conducting it, the body is dehydrated, which can affect the inflow of milk. Nursing mothers should focus on this attention, control their condition, but harm it will definitely not bring.

Oncology - malignant neoplasms in different parts of the body, the disease requires immediate serious medication therapy or operational intervention.

Cedar Barrel - Procedure

To attend Fitobolese sessions from cedar, you need to buy a subscription to a beauty salon or sports complexes, where such spa treatments offer. Procedure Cedar Barrel is simple:

  • The man is sitting on a specially designated bench in a barrel. So the body remains inside, the head is outside.
  • So that steam does not go out, the area around the neck is winding with a dense towel.
  • The next step is the supply of steam with essential oils with benefit to the skin and the body as a whole. It can be dried herbs located in a special barrel compartment near the steam generator.
  • Passing through this compartment, steam is saturated with nutritional properties of phytosbolation and is sent to the cabin, warming up the body as in the steam room. The procedure takes no more than 20 minutes: 10 minutes to warmind the body and 5-10 minutes to condensate the useful pair on the body.
  • After visiting the steamy phytobochkoy, it is recommended to take a light shower without detergents, slightly dip the towel (not rubbing the skin) and drink herbal tea or morse. To restore forces, you need to relax about 20 minutes, covering the blanket or tight sheets. This contributes to the fact that the body in the barrel will give excessive heat.
  • The procedure is over.
Any heating of the body during cancer is contraindicated, is fraught with tumor growth.

Price on cedar barrel

Salon name



Phytobochka + Massage

Phytobochka + wrapping

Magic beauty

800 p.

Institute of Plastic Surgery

3000 p.


1000 p.


800 p.

550 p.


1000 p.

3500 r. (Honey Massage)

1700 p.


500 p.

3500 r. (Honey Massage + Phytokea)

4800 p. + Massage

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Olga, 32 years old Initially, I doubted the benefits of this procedure, however, a girlfriend gave me a subscriber to a visit to 10 sessions in the barrel. The result exceeded my expectations. The skin became gentle, hair and nails are stronger. I look at my last photos and I am glad, I begin to get rid of the complexes!
Alina, 25 years I spend all your free time on the simulators because of the tendency to completeness. But here we put this miracle - and there is a queue there. After training, it will be particularly pleasant to relax and relax, barrel with steam does not harm health. There is a feeling that it was born again, and another plus weight loss!
Maria 43 years old With age, the blood sugar level was higher than the norm and the doctor advised me a cedar phytosaun. I bought a subscription to the salon for 8 procedures. I definitely did not harm the health, but I received a lot of emotions. The level of sugar after the first procedure in the barrel did not fall sharply, but it does not increase more, plus a great mood after each procedure.

Attention! The information presented in the article is familiarized. Article materials do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor may diagnose and give recommendations on treatment, based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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What is a cedar barrel or how else is it called phytobochka?

The cedar barrel is a wooden container in the shape of a barrel made of natural wood - the Siberian or Altai cedar. Its benefit to human health consists in the effects of hot steam, saturated with herbal concentrates, on the body through the skin. Such an "ancient" treatment method is used both in folk and traditional medicine. The high efficiency of this technique was confirmed by the scientific center of restorative medicine and the resortology of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

A big plus in this procedure will find any modern woman in this procedure: the phytobochka helps perfectly on weight loss, allows you to look much younger and feel healthy and cheerful. After each visit to the mini-sauna, the patient feels a tide of strength and lifting mood.


During therapeutic procedure, the patient is conveniently located on the bench. At the same time his body Allergy is another disease in which the cedar barrel will cause more harm than good. A session uses various oils, herbs. Many of them are strong allergens, can cause anaphylactic shock, and without them the procedure loses its meaning.It is fully located inside the barrel, and only the head is outside. The area around the neck is covered tightly with a sheet and a towel so that the steam does not go through the slot.

The bottom of the cedar barrel through the nozzles is served by pairs saturated on herbs or phytosborators. Steam is generated by a steam generator, which is attached on the wall near or can be built. The steam generator is a special compartment, which is flooded with infusion of herbs and aromatic oils, or dry herbs or phytosborgs are filled. Couple, passing through the compartment, is saturated with medicinal extracts and enters the barrel.

During the procedure, the body was heated, accompanied by intense sweating, in which heavier metals and slags flow through the skin.

The maximum stay in the barrel is 10-15 minutes. During the first 10 minutes there is an active sweating, only the condensation of the pair on the body occurs during the remaining time.

After leaving the cedar barrel, you need to wrap in a sheet and drink tea on herbs or special finished phytquia. You can visit and warm shower without detergent. An excellent addition to the phyto-procedure in a cedar barrel can be a massage, as it completely relaxes the body and removal-muscular tension. After that, it is recommended to lie safely and relax for 15-20 minutes, be sure to cover the blanket.

Steam temperature, its humidity and physico-chemical composition cause the following processes in the body:

- on the skin and mucous membranes is condensed with rich pairs of pairs;

- in alveoli there is gas exchange;

Skin disease- hot steam passing through the upper and lower, stimulates the best deduction of the secret - sputum;

- Abundant sweating normalizes thermoregulation.

Procedures in cedar barrel will help:

- Clean the body from toxins, slags and heavy metals;

- Clear skin deep, restore her elasticity and return her a young look;

- get rid of skin diseases such as, psoriasis and dermatitis;

- get rid of excess weight and cellulite;

The sprinkling effect of the cedar barrel can provoke complications of skin diseases, so if they were available, the salon is contraindicated.- get rid of stress, chronic fatigue and strengthen the nervous system;

- eliminate the effects of muscle overwork;

- quickly restore joints and ligaments after injuries;

- normalize the work of the hormonal system;

- improve the work of the cardiovascular system;

- normalize blood pressure;

- Enhance immunity and protect the body from respiratory and viral diseases.

Regular use of the phyto-sauna also cleans the air and improves the microclimate in the room. After each procedure, the air is felt thin and pleasant scent of cedar. Cedar barrels can be used for commercial purposes. In beauty salons, they can become an excellent addition to massages, visitors to the fitness club will receive great pleasure from the phytobochki session after exercise, for physician in the clinic or sanatorium phyto-steam room - this is important therapeutic equipment. On any site on the Internet, you can read only positive feedback on the procedure and about the cedar barrel. Phyto-steam room at home

The phyto procedure can be passed not only in special commercial institutions, but also at home, in the apartment. Cedar barrel at home makes it possible to enjoy your favorite procedure at any time. Thanks to its small size, as well as the opportunity to understand, it can be installed even in the most ordinary apartments.

The required size of the area is one square meter. The level of electricity consumption is quite low (no more than an electric kettle) - 2 kW. Benefits can also be attributed to simplicity and convenience in service and high levels of its safety. The modern design of the cedar barrel allows her to fit into any apartment interior, without spoiling his appearance. It can be installed in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the pantry or on the loggia.

Indications and Contraindications:

The "Cedar Barrel" procedure is useful to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. It reduces blood cholesterol levels, normalizes pressure and restores blood circulation.

Effective in varicose veins. The steam procedure has a positive effect and strengthens the human nervous system, increases the mood, improves overall well-being and makes cheerfulness. Also contributes to improving immunity, reduces the risk of disease during the transmission period and flu and normalizes the metabolism in the body.

The phyto-steam room allows to reduce pain in the muscles and joints and well helps with radiculitis and rheumatism. Even one procedure helps to remove muscle overwork and chronic fatigue syndrome.

A regular visit to phytosauna helps to fight overweight, effectively in the treatment of cellulite, helps to clean the pores and get rid of subcutaneous fat, improves the condition and type of skin, making it elastic and tender.

Phytobochka helps with certain skin diseases, increases potency, helps to restore the function of the respiratory tract.

Despite the fact that this procedure is very useful and therefore is designed for the therapeutic healing of the entire body as a whole, but for some people it is contraindicated. Therefore, neglect of the rules and advice of specialists can cause serious harm to human health. It is not recommended to use cedar barrels to people having oncological diseases, tuberculosis, liver cirrhosis, flickering arrhythmia and thrombophlebitis of deep veins. Inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases are also contigled to use, especially in the stage of exacerbation, bleeding or, on the contrary, weak blood circulation in the body.

Before the procedure must be consulted by a specialist.

In our online store presented

  • Wide selection of cedar barrels for commercial and home use from Altai and Siberian cedar
  • Completed by coolant technology. In each product card, you can read the description and specifications of the product, as well as see the photo of the cedar barrel (its external and inner form).
  • All barrels are presented in full configuration and have accompanying documents (certificates and instructions), as well as a guarantee of at least one year.
  • Our professional specialists are engaged not only by installing and assembling cedar barrels, but also their maintenance and repair.
  • Cedar barrels or phytoboches are popular in wellness centers and spa salons. It has been proven that they have a favorable effect on the body and improve health.
  • In this article we will analyze how the cedar barrel, testimony and contraindications to its use, as well as consider other of interest and equally important questions.
  • What is a cedar barrel

Phytobochka is a cabin that is manufactured from Altai or Siberian cedar, and intended for receiving steam procedures. According to the rendered action more resembles a mini-sauna. In the cabins there is a hole for the head, inside - bench and trap. That is, during the procedure, the body is in the barrel, and the head is outside.

  • Cabins are oval, square and round forms. There are also booths where you can sit either lie. They are equipped with a steam generator that serves hot steam, moisture drain socket and heat-resistant warehouses.
  • In the manufacture of phytoboches use trees whose age reaches more than 100 years. Their wood contains essential oils and phytoncides, health benefits.
  • The temperature in the cedar barrel is 40-60 ° C, it can be adjusted and set the optimal indicator for humans. Humidity - 100%. Many argue that the procedure resembles a hot tub in the Russian bath.
  • To enhance the therapeutic effect in steam, phyto fees and essential oils are often added.
  • Cedar barrel: benefit and harm
  • Like any other procedure, the phytobochka has pros and cons. What is useful:
  • normalizes blood pressure;
  • improves blood circulation and eliminates venous stagnation;
  • helps to get rid of excess weight;
  • accelerates metabolism;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • beneficially affects men's and female genitals, stimulating blood circulation in a small pelvis;
  • Hormonal background leads to normal.
  • Benefit and harm always go there. In some cases, it is strictly forbidden to attend steam sessions. Contraindications for cedar barrels are:
  • cirrhosis of the liver;
  • infectious diseases at the aggravation stage;
  • chronic diseases at the aggravation stage;
  • inflammatory processes occurring in the body;
  • bleeding, including menstrual;
  • Surgical interventions, heart attack and stroke, which were less than half a year ago;
  • Increased temperature;
  • malignant tumors;
  • asthma;

tuberculosis open shape;



Hypertension 3 stages;

heart failure;

renal failure;

  • weeping eczema;
  • fungal skin diseases;
  • Parkinson's disease;
  • epilepsy;
  • Brain circulation disorders;
  • Children's age up to 3 years;

2 and 3 trimesters of pregnancy;

Lactation period.

The list of contraindications for visiting phytoboles is extensive. You should not ignore them, otherwise you can harm health.

  • Indications
  • It is worth remembering that steam procedures cannot replace medication treatment, but are an addition to it. Before use, it is worth consulting with your doctor.
  • Sessions in phytoboche help not only get rid of diseases, but also give to relax. We will analyze in detail what are the indications for use. For the convenience of perception, we divided them into groups.
  • Respiratory system
  • Phytobochka has an inhalation effect - removes spasm, relaxes muscles and makes breathing. Helps get rid of the following ailments:
  • bronchial asthma at the initial stages;

Allergic pathologies that are associated with breathing;

Pneumoconiosis and pneumophibrosis;

  • tuberculosis closed form;
  • Bronchitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, which flow in chronic uniform out of the aggravation stage;
  • Restoration after transferred diseases of the respiratory system.
  • For breathing, licorice, Issop, Anis, Thyme, Eucalyptus and Mint are useful. Phytosbor is selected individually.
  • Cardiovascular and lymphatic systems
  • With cardiovascular diseases, cedar barrel will have to be by the way. People suffering from these challenges cannot visit the bath and shake up - in this case, the booths will become a good alternative. Recommended at:
  • diseases of cardiovascular and lymphatic systems that proceed without inflammation;
  • myocardits;

initial stages of hypertension and hypotension;

ischemic disease (if there are no signs indicating angina);

rehabilitation after the suffered infarction (you need to wait at least 6 months after the disease);

Vegeth-vascular dystonia.

  • Nervous system
  • Sessions will help get rid of the following pathologies:
  • Children's enuresis;
  • insomnia, sleep disorders;


Mopathia, Miotonia;

Neuropathy of different origin;

neurosis, stress;

  • depressive states;
  • overwork.
  • Phytobochka is a great way to support vitality. She combined the cedar and healing power, and therapeutic properties of herbs.
  • Leather
  • Due to the incoming steam of high pore temperatures on the whole body, it is opened, due to which the skin is cleaned, and accumulated slags and toxins are out of the body. Even after one course, the skin condition changes: it becomes more touched and tender.
  • Try to pass a couple of healthy sessions when:

acne rape on face, back and chest;

chronic dermatosis;

  • dry or oily skin;
  • Strong cellulite.
  • Musculoskeletal system
  • In the prevention and rehabilitation of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the phytobochka is an indispensable tool. It will be useful after transferring operations or injuries.
  • Also actively exploit the steam barrels of fitness centers. All because steaming displays milk acid from the muscles. And, if you use the booth after training, then the muscles will not be hurt the next day.
  • What do the procedures in the barrel help:
  • rheumatoid arthrosis, which is in the remission;
  • Violation of the posture caused by the muscle tone;

emergency rheumatism;

deforming arthrosis;

increased muscle tone and hypertonus;

  1. With back pain caused by rheumatism, radiculitis and intervertebral hernia.
  2. Selection, reproductive and digestive systems
  3. Indications for cedar barrel:
  4. chronic cystitis;
  5. constipation;
  6. hormonal disorders;
  7. Climax;

Myoma uterus;

chronic inflammation of the prostate gland and testicles;

ulcer of the stomach and a 12-rosewood out of exacerbation;


Procedure: Algorithm and Subtleties

Attending the phytobochka follows the rules, otherwise the benefits will have to forget.

The algorithm looks like this:

Before the session, do not eat at least 2 hours.

It is necessary to take a shower to clean the body from pollution, and have time to dry. The body must be dry. Do not use cream and ointment before steaming, otherwise they will be bored in pores and herbal extracts will not penetrate through the skin.

Before closing in the barrel, drink a glass of water or natural juice. This will prevent dehydration.

Since the head remains outside the booth, in the slot between the hole and the neck, put a towel for convenience.

As soon as the session is over, do not rush to leave. For acclimatization, sit in the warm room. At the same time, do not forget that the clothes thrown should be from the "breathable" fabric.

For a half hour, do not take a shower, otherwise therapeutic extracts wash off the skin. This time use with the mind - drink herbal tea or make cosmetic procedures (wrapping, massage, etc.).

After the specified amount of time, it will be perfectly taken a bath with the addition of chamomile beam.

Application frequency: How often can you take a cedar barrel

If we are talking about older people and children, then you can start with 5-10 minutes and the minimum temperature. In the future, with each visit, time is gradually increasing, as well as the temperature.


One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. The course consists of 7-10 sessions. This is enough to get noticeable improvements. To secure the result, you need to take a break for a week and repeat the course.

If the barrel is used for weight loss, then the courses should be passed through every week. These are general recommendations. A relatively healthy middle-aged person in the absence of contraindications can bathe every other day. Recommendations when choosing

The market presents a huge selection of barrels made from cedar. They are an order of magnitude more expensive if compared with devices made of oak, larch or pine.

But despite the high cost, still cedar is the most popular material. This is explained by his durability, the ability to keep heat and bactericidal properties.

One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. Install the phytobochet can be even in the apartment. If there is no place in the bathroom, then the storage room or balcony. It is not necessary to bring to the water supply, the main thing is to have a socket.

Vertical cabins, where there is a sedentary place, take a few space. Horizontal cabins with a laying place have impressive dimensions. When buying, pay attention to the benches so that they have a regulator and thus would have the opportunity to choose a convenient height.

The wall thickness should not be less than 2.5 cm and more than 4 cm.

Cedar barrels have a great impact on the body and their use of indisputable. Regular sessions have a real physiotherapy effect, help get rid of diseases and prevent their appearance.

However, do not forget about possible damage. Therefore, advocate the doctor.


Cedar Barrel (Phytobochka)

Cedar barrel

It is a unique invention that "appeared on the light" in ancient times. According to its impact, this invention has no world analogues, in connection with which it is used in folk and traditional medicine for the treatment of various ailments.


One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. Cedar Phytobochka

It is used not only for the treatment of various diseases, its regular use allows you to feel cheerful and younger, which, you see, an important plus game for a modern woman. After the procedure, the patient always feels the rise of mood.

One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. The high efficiency of this unusual methodology was confirmed by the scientific center of restorative medicine and the resortology of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Cedar barrel device (phytobochki)

Despite its uniqueness and excellent medicinal properties, it has a fairly simple device. It can even be called a mini sauna. For a patient in the cabin provided a bench. The procedure is accepted in a sitting position, you can rely on the armrests. The man on the bench should be accommodated with the maximum comfort, which will allow him to relax. Therefore, if desired, you can adjust the bench in height. Under the legs there is a wooden grille - a trap.

A heat-resistant steam truck with a steam generator fitting is attached to the wooden housing. Water from the cab is removed by draining. The steam generator is outside the cab. It is equipped with temperature regulators. Here is also a special container, which is filled with phytostolations and povel concentrates.

One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. It should be noted that the poven concentrates, essential oils and phytosborses are necessary to enhance the positive effect, which the patient receives from this procedure.

During the procedure, the head of a person is located outside. Thus, it is not exposed to steam, which is very important for those who feel bad in the usual steam room.

One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. The patient also has the ability to independently adjust the temperature inside the barrel.

Cedar barrel at a great price you can purchase here.

One procedure will not help get rid of the problem. Regularity is important to achieve a positive result. Cedar barrel (phytobochka) in the apartment

This procedure can be found in clinics, beauty salons or fitness clubs. But some people prefer to have such a miraculous agent even in their apartment. After all, it will give the opportunity to enjoy your favorite procedure at any time.

You can please those who are simply necessary phytobochka. Thanks to her small dimensions, it can be installed in ordinary apartments. It should be noted that this mini-pair has all the characteristics necessary for use in a residential room.

In the room, the cedar barrel covers an area of ​​one square meter. It is quite easy to operate. In addition, it is necessary to note the low level of electricity consumption - only 2kW. It is also very important to note its high level of security. It can be said that the mini-pair of all parameters is suitable for home use.

Regular use of the phytobochetically changes the microclimate in the room for the better. A lightweight cedar aroma is in the air.

Made in modern design. She will fit well into the interior, without spoiling him. Moreover, you can install it even in the storeroom or on the loggia.

The history of cedar barrel (phytoboles) He has a rich history. In antiquity, people drew attention to cedar and his healing properties. Baths and steam rooms in Russia have always enjoyed special honor and love. Scientists monks realized that with the help of a cedar, you can strengthen this useful effect. Our ancestors in Slavs possessed unique illustrated hospitals. One of them was discovered in Arkhangelsk. In the drawings you can see a wooden barrel standing on the stones. Next to her divorced fire, and there is a man in the barrel. The stones heated on the bonorable stones laid under the barrel. He also pours healing herbal decoctions on them.

In this way, in antiquity, they were treated from back pain, neck and joints. Helped the barrel from races, fever and chest toad. Made such barrels only from the cedar.

Indications for the use of cedar barrel

Showing people with cardiovascular diseases. Systems. It reduces cholesterol levels and restores the normal blood circulation of all systems. It gives an effect in varicose veins.

This procedure is extremely positively affecting the human nervous system. It also contributes to improving immunity and normalization of metabolism.

  • Easy pain in muscles and joints. Good with radiculitis and rheumatism.
  • Regular use of phytobochet helps to fight overweight. It is high, its effectiveness in the treatment of cellulite. Pore ​​cleansing allows you to get rid of subcutaneous fat.
  • It also helps with certain skin diseases, increases potency, helps to restore the function of the respiratory tract.
  • Contraindications for cedar barrel
  • This procedure is designed to improve the body, but it is still contraindicated to some people. Ignoring or ignorance of these rules can cause serious harm to health.

It is impossible to use cedar barrels to people with oncological diseases, tuberculosis, cirrhosis of the liver, flickering arrhythmia and thrombophlebitis of deep veins. Contraindication is also the presence of inflammatory and cardiovascular diseases in the stage of exacerbation, bleeding and weak blood circulation in the body.

Before the procedure should be advised by the specialist.

Cedar Barrel: Procedure

The benefits and harm of cedar barrel, of course, are not equal. The beneficial properties of steam and herbs are maximal when visiting the phytobochki, you can alternate them at your request and taste, but you can not forget about contraindications in order not to harm the body.

This procedure does not take much time. Water is heated in 5-7 minutes, the duration of the patient's stay in the cockpit is 15 minutes.

Before use

  • Phytobochka
  • It is necessary to be treated with a special detergent. In order not to appear burns, it is recommended to place towels under your feet. Temperature mode must be selected individually.
  • For the procedure, an assistant is needed, which will close the lid and the door of the phytobochkoy patient. After the procedure, it is recommended to relax, it will be good to drink therapeutic tea.

Article protected by copyright and related rights. When using and reprinting the material, an active reference to the female site inmomennet.ru is obligatory!

  • The information in this article is familiarized, and not a recommendation. Please do not engage in self-medication, be sure to consult a specialist.

Ivanchenko Dina Ivanovna, 30 years old, Khabarovsk

I went to the cedar sliding barrel when he was restored after childbirth. Of course, I observed meals and did not neglect the sport, but I believe that she helped her skin suspender. The skin on the stomach very quickly stood in place and did not sore from lost kilograms.I went to the cedar sliding barrel when he was restored after childbirth. Of course, I observed meals and did not neglect the sport, but I believe that she helped her skin suspender. The skin on the stomach very quickly stood in place and did not sore from lost kilograms.

Consider phytobochka, benefit and contraindications. Sessions in it affect:



cardiovascular system


intestine and gastrointestinal tract

Consider all this. The absolute majority of visitors feel taking place. For the best or worse? Let's deal with together.

What is phytobochka

First of all, we will understand in two words with what a cedar barrel (phytobochka). It is a hermetic container of special wood species, which is filled with steam. Healing herbs adds often to it. The patient's body placed in a barrel is gradually heated. In this connection, a number of physiological processes occur, which are beneficial to the body as a whole, and for each body in particular.

What it is and the sprinkling in the phytobochka differs from the traditional Russian bath

The action of the Russian bath on the body, of course, is beneficial. But the cedar barrel is another. Invented in the 70s of the last century, it acts more mildly, but more efficiently. The main differences are as follows:

Temperature is lower. If in the traditional version - 60-70-100 degrees, then 43-45 is enough here. This factor does not affect effectiveness, just the procedure becomes less traumatic. Authorities and systems have the ability to more smoothly enter the right state. Humidity at the level of 100% is a guarantee of the quality of the session.

The head of the steamer is outside the capacity, which means that the brain vessels are less than the load. Risk decreases.

The time is reduced to prepare. The steam generator heats the air and water for 10-15 minutes. In the salons, it is so much necessary to prepare for reception. The stove requires longer heating.

In addition, the walls of the phytobocheter are wiping with special disinfecting solutions. It is more hygienic than shelves in a bath or sauna. At least, in Phyto, the barrel is immediately clear, in which part there was a fillet part of the previous steam bag (on the bench). There is a towel.

Krasilova Angelica Igorevna, 27 years old, Ivanovo

There is an opportunity to choose an individual program, add the necessary healing herbs directly into steam. Open pores will perceive it as a gift. Natural impact. Thus, the cedar barrel can be attributed to the most harmonious ways of recovery. Pretty rattling a mixture of official medicine with folk ..

If it is compared with the existing pair options, the cedar barrel is closest to Turkish Hammam. Only, in addition to it, it allows the body to absorb useful substances. The phytoncides contained in the cedar complement the therapeutic effect. And if you then apply scrub, wrapping or mask with essential oils ...

Use: What is good cedar barrel

List all useful influences from regular sessions is almost impossible: the list will be infinitely long. But we still try.

Imagine: a person comes from the cold, to a warm stove. Heated. Whole. Here the same principle is an integrated effect, for each shorn of our body, a complex therapeutic effect. So, the benefit for a patient from regular visits to sessions in the phytoboche can be expressed in the following effects.

Removing stress

The level of stress is reduced. The relaxing procedure is often valid quite soothing. Neurosis, depression gradually leave your life. Nervous overwork - in the same list. If you get your own mini-pair or look after the spa center nearby, you can quickly remove the voltage that has accumulated during the day.

In wellness centers, it is eliminated even from chronic fatigue. In severe cases, the phytobochka will be an excellent auxiliary resource to achieve the desired result.

Strengthening immunity

It has been scientifically proven that sessions contribute to reducing the incidence of colds, the patient's immunity is trained. The body becomes less susceptible to harmful environmental impacts.

heart failure;

Moreover, it is possible to heal as an adult organism and children's. According to the testimony, the doctor is filmed even babies, but "truly" can be used from 3 years (since age up to 3 years and pregnancy in late terms are contraindications). So you can solve the problem of frequent incidence when entering kindergarten, traditional ORVI autumn and spring.

Tightness of the skin, getting rid of cellulite

In the first 10 minutes, the pores are completely disclosed, along with then slags and toxins. The skin is the largest organ of our body. It is very sensitive to the series of such "quenching." Even after one procedure in the phytobole, the skin becomes velvety. After 10-15 - it is noticeably tightened. Cellulite with each visiting decreases by 15%.

In addition, the top layer of the epidermis changes. They are dried by inflammation, in magically pass acne and diathesis. Even psoriasis and eczema is given in.

Use for weight loss

After one procedure, the body loses 300-600 grams of weight (!). At first, it is almost completely water. But, as the accumulative effect increases, "gives away" and the fatty layer. Usually the doctor prescribes cedar barrel courses. Of course, without compliance with the diet and the minimum physical activity of weight loss will not happen. But as an auxiliary measure, it is difficult to find anything more efficient. Thanks to heating, even extreme degrees of obesity are treated. But, in most cases, the phytobochka simply helps maintain weight on a patient's comfort.

Kidneys and urine-floor system

When heated, the body begins to sweat, extract the liquid not through the kidneys. It reduces the load on them. In addition, blood flow to these organs is enhanced. They begin to cope better with their main function. The supply of oxygen increases. The pyelonephritis, urolithiasis, glomerulonephritis, renal failure are supersed.

Successful is treated cystitis, inflammatory inflammatory nature and many other diseases.

Heart, cardiovascular system

Due to the fact that the body is heated, blood circulation is stimulated. Increases the number of capillaries in all organs. Heart training, strengthened. This is especially important after 40, after transferred heart disease. Contraindication to use will be only the first six months after the transferred stroke.

The effect of treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia is especially powerful. Patients celebrate a sharp improvement in well-being.

Blood sugar

There is a noticeable reduction in blood sugar in diabetics. In addition, of course, they should adhere to a special diet and recommendations of the attending physician. Cedar barrel will be a wonderful auxiliary agent that improves overall well-being.


We are talking about concomitant measures in the treatment of archer, arthritis, rheumatism. Patients emphasize that pains leave, well-being after phytobochek is significantly improved. Its use is to improve blood circulation, due to which, in most cases, it is possible to remove the swelling near the joint. This applies to both the lumbar department and all others. Comprehensive impact.

Easy get the opportunity to grow more of their fabrics. Breathing becomes easier, more oxygen enters blood. The inhalation effect of phytobochek is observed: the pairs of therapeutic herbs are inhaled, and also act from the inside.

  • Muscles, bones and bundles
  • Since blood circulation is improving, the bones are faster after fractures, tissue tissues are also restored.
  • Muscles are more efficiently excreted by lactic acid. That is why the phytobochka often put in sports facilities: the post of training will dive into it - and the next morning the muscles will not hurt. And this is not a miracle, but quite a physiologically explained phenomenon. Also stably increases endurance, muscle strength.
  • The list of systems and organs is far from complete.
  • The best procedures after the phytobochka
  • If we talk about recovery issues, the most optimal continuation of the breaking will be massage.
  • Muscles are relaxed as much as possible, the skin is propagated. Any healing oils applied at this point, tens of times increase their effectiveness. Why not take advantage of this?
  • Also after the procedure often do wraps, masks, other leaving manipulations. All of them have a more significant effect. It can be said that the cedar barrel is a kind of beauty and health catalyst. After it it becomes easier, easier, more convenient to your doctor.
  • Why there are contraindications
  • Sessions in Cedar Beach, like any other procedures related to human health, have a number of indications, restrictions on use, and often contraindicated. Even therapeutic and safe procedure has both benefit and contraindications to use. No matter how much you did not want to get into the cedar phytobochka and benefit, it is important to take into account the state of your body and get acquainted with the list of diseases in which the phyto of procedures are completely contraindicated. So you save the body from excess stress and you will not subject it to risk.

The processes that occur in the phytobole

In order to understand whether it is possible to visit the mini-sauna, you need to know how it works. Therapeutic sessions in the cedar barrel are famous for its elevated temperature (43-45 degrees) and 100% humidity. Under the influence of hot air and steam, cedar gives all its beneficial properties and substances, and the body, in turn, absorbs them into itself.

Hot air launches many processes in the human body: sweating, accelerated blood circulation, opening pores and many others. It is believed that heat, steam and cedar have a positive effect on health. Both physical and emotional.

  • Let's figure it out in what cases phytosaun will be useful, and in which it will be harmed.
  • Contraindications
  • If you think about buying a specialized barrel or want to go to the spa, then first follow the list of diseases in which the use of phytobochki should be completely excluded:

Malignant tumors and oncology;

Serious cardiovascular diseases;


Hypertension (III degree);

Circulatory disorder;

  • Arrhythmia;
  • Cirrhosis of the liver;
  • Glaucoma;


Pathology of bronchi and lungs.

  • All these agers are either being treated or not treated at all. In order not to start the reverse process, it is better to give up the campaign to the phytosaun.
  • The healthy organism of the phytoprocessors will not be damaged, but in atherosclerosis, for example, such cardiac "gymnastics" is completely contraindicated.
  • The list of disabilities under which it is impossible to spend time in a mini-sauna, as they can go from the active phase to passive:

Benign formations and tumors;

  • Active tuberculosis;
  • Mocking eczema, sclerodermia, scabies and other skin diseases.
  • With exacerbation of inflammatory processes and chronic diseases, with bleeding, infections and during pregnancy, hot couples and high humidity are contraindicated, but after - a visit to a miniban will even be useful.

In general, this conclusion can be made: with severe chronic and incurable shortage of a sauna under the ban. With exacerbations of diseases, the pair also should not be used. The main thing is that the body is interested in, in principle, worked. Improving his work - behind the phytobochka.

  • Indications for use
  • With indications for use, the situation is much easier than with contraindications. The fact is that as such "diseases", under which it is necessary to attend a mini-bath, no. It is necessary to repel from the purposes of treatment and on the overall health.
  • Doctors distinguish the three basic properties of cedar barrels that have a beneficial effect on a person:
  • High temperature and humidity (one reaches 100%);

Phytoncides of cedar wood (Simply put - useful substances);

A decoction of therapeutic herbs (yes, those whiskers that we put in the steam generator).

  • Also these three factors are responsible for our state during and after phytoprocessed. The first is responsible for the heat and body temperature, the second - for additional vitamins, the third - for the useful drugs.
  • Thus, the testimony for use can also be divided into several groups. The first group is associated with physical problems and illness:
  • Pain in the joints, muscles, bundles and bones;
  • Radiculitis, osteochondrosis, arthritis and others;
  • Stretching, bruises, blows, light household damage.
  • Also, the treatment of barrel often prescribe people who want to lose weight or get rid of cosmetic flaws:
  • Obesity;
  • Cellulite;

Problems with skin: acne, acne, dry skin, black dots, etc.

With emotional overloads, it is also recommended to relax in the cedar sauna. Especially if you are tormented by the following problems:

Fatigue (including chronic);



Permanent stress and tensions.

General testimony for visiting phytosauna List of diseases and abnormalities in which you should bathe in a kedra barrel:

Deviations in the work of the cardiovascular system;

Respiratory diseases - bronchitis (any kind), pharyngitis, even ordinary runny nose;

Disturbed metabolism; Elevated cholesterol level in the body;

Reduced level of immunity;

Acute respiratory diseases; Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract; Asthma and others.

Summing up, let's just say that every case is individual. If you doubt whether you should buy phytoban, consult first with your doctor and pass a physical examination.

  • Video
  • Illustrate all the properties are designed by this video.
  • Output
  • Feedback from application - 99 out of 100 - positive. Everything for the patients comes - they get. Stress, cellulite and extra kilograms go, immunity and cardiovascular system are strengthened. The benefits of phytobochek are obvious.
  • The remaining "negatives" complain, mainly on the negligence of the concrete or not enough deep sleep after. This phenomenon happens, it refers to rare side effects. Still, each organism has individual features, and to predict how tool will affect one or another, it is impossible. It is for this that it is necessary to familiarize themselves with the phytobuchka, benefit and contraindications from sessions with its use.

Cedar Phytosauna

- A unique design, which in just a few procedures allows you to get rid of numerous ailments. All secret in combination of saturated steam and phytoncides, which highlights cedar during heating. These substances kill malicious bacteria and microorganisms, suppressing their further development.

Cleansing the body

An invisible dirt is accumulated on the human skin every day: the smallest dust particles, soot, precipitate from exhaust gases, etc. In combination with physical activity and fatigue, this leads to the formation of slags and toxins, which impede the normal functioning of the body.

  • Phytosauna
  • With a ferry, saturated healing herbs, contributes to the disclosure of pores and active sweating. Gradually, harmful substances are allocated out and washed off with water drops (steam condensate). Thus, there is a deep purification of the body, the metabolism is activated and the operation of the internal organs is normalized.
  • Treatment and prevention



Allows not only to derive harmful substances from the body, but also to fill every cell a health. It's all about therapeutic biocoes that are absorbed through extended and purified pores. Already after the first procedure, weakness disappears, and the person feels the vigor and the tide.

Gradually becomes an obvious and wellness effect. So, phytosauna:

Soothes the nervous system;

removes muscle tension;

eliminates stress;

makes it easier to move blood and has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system;

  • eliminates the risk of venous stagnation, etc.
  • In the case of colds, cedar barrel affects the inhaler. When heating herbs, essential oils and phythoncises are isolated - these substances remove the respiratory tract spasms, eliminate the edema of mucous membranes, restore tissues and lead to the expansion of the bronchi.
  • Moreover, all microbes and viruses die at elevated temperature. So phytosauna is recommended to be used for prophylaxis at the flu epidemic and other colds.
  • Cosmetology effect
  • The domestic steam room is also a way to save a little on cosmetology procedures. In cedar phytobole:
  • The secretation is allocated in large quantities;

exfoliated the upper cellular layer of cells; The number of pathogenic microorganisms is reduced. As a result, the skin becomes very smooth, in a young elastic and taut. Moreover, regular visits to phytosauna contributes to getting rid of psoriasis and dermatitis, restores lymphocyerculation and has an anti-cellulite effect. With the help of cedar phytosauna, you can get rid of overweight. With the normalization of metabolic processes, the accumulation of fats is suspended, so the body gradually begins to process the existing "stocks". And it works with both women and men. Specifications and opportunities

It is worth remembering the technical and operational possibilities of phytosauna. Each design is made manually, starting with the material billet and ending with the assembly. Experienced masters with special care are taken by wood (Altai cedar age at least 200-800 years), after which they split it with the help of an ax - exclusively on fibers. It does not use chemical impregnations, glue and other excipients.

Compliance with the coolant technology avoids the deformation of the tree and guarantee the long service life of the pairofiotosauna. So, with proper operation, the design will delight you for 10 years or more.

The "Cedar Barrel" procedure is useful to people with diseases of the cardiovascular system. It reduces blood cholesterol levels, normalizes pressure and restores blood circulation.

After that, the barrel is completed with all necessary - the bench for a comfortable placement, a powerful steam generator and remote control with remote control. All this is aimed at getting pleasure from each procedure.

Advantages of phytosauna from RosKedr

If we talk about the specific advantages of cedar phytosone from RosKedr, it is worth highlighting the following points:

complete tightness;

  • resistance to rotting and mold;
  • Manual assembly, i.e. without using glue;
  • Absolute security and environmental purity;

presence of powerful equipment (steam generator);

Additional equipment (seat, steps, etc.).

Impressed with the capabilities of phytosauna? Then it's time to please your body and


Homemade steam room. Place an order on the website of the company "RosKedr" or contact our specialist in the specified phones. We guarantee high quality of each design, its strength and durability, as well as available

  • Prices

    and the operational delivery of the goods at the specified address. Cedar phytosaun from "RosKedr" - Your health is at home!

  • Spa treatments are gradually becoming the norm for all people who care about health and appearance. The benefits and harm of the cedar barrel is a question that must necessarily be considered in detail in such a situation.
  • Cedar barrel is a container of natural wood, make it made of valuable rocks of the Siberian or Altai cedar. It is a vessel with a hole for the head, the whole body turns out to be inside the local bath and is exposed to the useful relaxing properties of herbal steam. It is believed that the first cedar barrel of herbalist from Khakassia Vasily subwords about fifty years ago was constructed.
  • What is useful cedar barrel for the body

    and the operational delivery of the goods at the specified address. Cedar barrel carries unconditional benefit to human health, has a beneficial effect on immune, lymphatic, nervous, blood system, but it is possible to cause harm to incorrectly.

  • The effectiveness of the procedure is due to the integrated effect of several useful factors at once:
  • Wood properties that are revealed under the action of high temperatures;
  • couple;
  • The benefits from the beam of healing herbs that can be chosen as desired.
  • Cedar, from which the barrel is made, has the property of suppressing pathogenic bacteria, due to the high content of phytoncides. The procedure softens and cleans the skin, due to natural acids, the effect of soft peeling, without causing the epidermis of harm.
  • Couple allows useful substances to penetrate the body. It reveals and purifies the pores, the blood supply and the circulation of lymph improves. The body gives an extra liquid, due to this swelling. Pot displays toxins and subcutaneous pollution.
  • The use of cedar barrel is indisputable for adults and for children.

Indications for procedures in phytobole

An indication for visiting a cedar barrel can be considered simply a desire to have time and relax after a working day without harm to health. But there are medical testimony to the procedure.

Problems with respiratory system: asthma, allergic cough, bronchitis, sinusitis. With these diseases, heating in cedar barrel helps: it is well ventilated, the cough, shortness of breath, is reduced, the wet is separated easier.


The cedar barrel has a prophylactic property, which is inhibited by the development of the right-hand deficiency, which is a frequent complication of bronchitis and asthma.

Overwork of the muscles of the body. After visiting the blood enriched with oxygen, sticks to muscles. This activates the rehabilitation processes, and an increase in body temperature contributes to the withdrawal of lactic acid from tissues and removing pain in the muscles.

Stresses, diseases of the nervous system, chronic fatigue that cause harm not only emotional, but also the physiological sphere. The benefit of the fight against these problems is that, improving the work of the vessels, it reduces the impact of the brain and the activity of its bark, at the same time stimulates the neuroendocrine system and contributes to the emission of endorphins into the blood. Man feels relaxed and happy. If a useful procedure is carried out regularly, regulatory abilities develop, a person understands how to independently control its emotional state.

  1. Hypertension, myocarditis, myocardial infarction. The barrel has a property to accelerate the bloodstream, expand capillaries, launch the hidden possibilities of blood supply. With a regular visit to the capillaries, they will learn more than blood, respectively, the nutrition of tissues and organs will improve, the pressure will come to normal.
  2. Cedar barrel - excellent prevention of myocardial infarction.
  3. Problem skin, dermatitis, psoriasis. The beneficial properties of herbal steam in barrel contribute to the active sweating, the disclosure of the pores, without harming. Due to this, harmful toxins that accumulated the remnants of medicines are derived from the body. The dead layer is exhausting, the new is actively regenerated. Spared leather gratefully perceives nutrients from masks, creams and ointments, their action becomes stronger.
  4. Diseases of the kidneys, urogenital system. The benefits of such a situation consists in warming, the effects of herbal decoctions at high temperatures.
  5. Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Recommended for ulcers, cholecystitis, rehabilitation after the stomach operations. Useful properties manifest in this case in improving the blood supply for the gastrointestinal tract.
  6. Low immunity. Cedar Barrel has proven its effectiveness for the prevention of colds. Therapeutic pairs and essential oils moisturize mucous membranes, remove the spasms of the respiratory tract, destroy pathogenic bacteria that cause harm to the immune system.

Gynecological problems. The use of cedar barrels for women is to improve blood flow to the organs of a small pelvic of a woman, thus the inflammation is removed, the organs begin to function in normal mode.

Overweight. In this case, the cedar barrel is beneficial for weight loss, unpacing, removes an extra liquid, accelerates the metabolism, reduces the feeling of hunger.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Using the useful properties, the cedar barrel improves the blood supply to bone tissue, contributes to the rapid regeneration of bones during cracks and fractures. In addition, the ligaments acquire the properties of elasticity and mobility.

How is the spa procedure in cedar barrel

During the passage of procedures in Cedar Beach, a person is completely relaxed. Its body is completely placed inside the cylinder, only the head remains outside. Around the neck is placed roller from a fabric or towel to prevent the release of useful heat. The pair is then begins to be supplied to the barrel, pre-saturated with ragners or dry herbs.

  • Couples produces a steam generator, in which there is a special grazing compartment, passing through which, steam acquires all the beneficial properties of these herbs.
  • Being in the barrel can not be long - the recovery time is about 15 minutes. During this period, a person gets all possible benefits and gets rid of harmful substances.
  • After leaving the cedar barrel, it is necessary to wrap in a bathrobe and drink herbal tea, as desired, you can rinse under the warm shower, then lie down in silence under the blanket for half an hour.
  • Slimming Cedar Barrel Benefit
  • In addition to the health benefit, the cedar barrel will help get the effect in weight loss. To do this, you need to follow several rules.
  • It is necessary to go on the procedure on an empty stomach. First, it is useful for the cardiovascular system, secondly, with the severity in the stomach of pleasure, it will not work, discomfort is only aggravated.
  • Good time for physical exertion - in front of the cedar barrel. This will speed up the metabolic processes and will strengthen the benefit from the procedure.
  • It is impossible to exceed the time of the procedure in the hope of an instant effect. Then the benefits can turn harm, since the body gets too much load, weight loss occurs due to fluid, and not fat. The session should not exceed 15 minutes.

Before entering the barrel, it is useful to take a shower: the clean body gives the fluid better and absorbs the useful elements, and after the procedure it is better to give the body with vitamins from herbs and postpone the water procedures.

Attend a cedar barrel must be regularly, preferably 3 times a week.

The ideal completion of the session will be a massage. It will improve blood circulation in fatty sediments and pulls out the skin.

Attention! Phytobochka benefits to lose weight, but is not the main point in the list of methods. Lower weight is hard work, and miracles here will not be: proper nutrition and sport - the only recipe for the perfect body. But this is a good assistant to restore the tone, removing the extra liquid and simply raising the mood and self-esteem.

Cedar Phytobochka and Massage

Massage after cedar barrel - a great option to complete spa treatments. It fixes and enhances the benefits of visiting the cabin. Massage improves blood circulation, makes the body elastic, relaxes muscles, relieves tension. If you do a massage with essential oils, after a cedar barrel of the body, the result will exceed all expectations for health, and for appearance, and for emotional state, without harming the condition of the skin.

Herbs for phytobochek

Cedar barrel can be taken with any herbs, depending on the tastes of the client and the desired result. Knowing the useful properties of herbs, you can choose what effect on the body is preferably.

Juniper, Anis, Pine Kidney will strengthen immunity.

The chabret and eucalyptus tone and vague.

Hop, strawberries and wormwood carry a relaxing effect.

Lipa and birch leaf will help when weight loss.

Attention! Chamomile, calendula and sage have rejuvenating and cleansing properties.

Grapefruit removes swelling, fights cellulite.

Ylang-ylang rejuvenates, tones, removes the nervous tension.

Fennel and rosemary increase elasticity, adjust the body.

You can apply dry herbs or pre-brew them. Also in the barrel it is possible to use essential oils.

How often can you visit a cedar barrel

Plus, the cedar barrels are that the head does not overheat, and the harm that the ordinary bath is negated, minimized. Therefore, visiting the cedar barrel can be regularly, up to 3-4 times a week, alternating different herbs. If the body is hard to transfer the session, it will be enough to 1-2 times a week. Children of preschool age and older people will suit the same frequency.


The duration of therapy using cedar barrel must be coordinated with the doctor.

Contraindications for spa procedure in cedar barrel

Like any procedure with a health effect, this may harm and has contraindications:


In menstruation days, you need to refrain from visiting a cedar barrel. Local heating of the body, including a small pelvic organs, is contraindicated during this period.

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