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So, last week, Apple in the United States presented the Heir to the iPhone 6: Smartphone iPhone 6S. And of course, after such a presentation, everyone began to set as a reasonable question: what better iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S? Below we led the detailed table of comparing the characteristics of both smartphones, and also gave a brief overview of the most significant differences.


iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S - what iPhone is better?
iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S - what iPhone is better?

There are no special differences between two smartphones regarding the appearance and size. The new iPhone 6S has become 0.2 mm thicker and 14 grams of hard, however, these are very minor changes. Both smartphones have the same height and width: 138 mm and 67 mm, respectively. The iPhone 6S screen size is all the same 4.7 inches, the iPhone 6 - 1337 permission is also saved to 720 dpi. Both Apple phones have a connector for headphones, a Lightning charging port, and has already become the standard - round HOME button, without which it is already impossible to submit any Apple phone. Simply put, if we talk about the differences of iPhone 6 and 6s, then all of them are hidden inside the smartphones.

Winner: Draw

Power and productivity

We have not yet been able to test the iPhone 6S, but if you take into account his characteristics, it becomes quite obvious that the new Apple in all articles exceeds its predecessor, iPhone 6.

The newest 3D Touch technology is most striking, which was first applied to the iPhone 6S. This technology made it possible to create a touch screen responding to pressing power, thereby expanding the list of possible options for managing the smartphone. But, despite the fact that 3D touch will help change the usual interaction with applications in iPhone 6S, the most significant update of the new Apple smartphone is the transition from the A8 processor to the A9 processor. In addition, the coprocessor was updated: M8 was replaced by M9. These updates made it possible to significantly speed up the work of the smartphone - approximately 70%, according to Apple statements.

See also: 3D Touch - What is it? New iPhone 6S Technology

In addition, the iPhone 6S will be sold with the already installed iOS 9, while the iPhone 6 is sold from iOS 8, which, however, can be updated to the 9th version. However, it is likely that the iOS 9 will work not so quickly on the iPhone 6, like on the iPhone 6S, that is, the new software will be too "heavy" for older electronics. Also, most likely, the iPhone 6S received 2 GB of RAM, which is two times higher than the volume of iPhone 6.

However, in the rest, as in the case of the appearance, both smartphones are very similar. Both phones are available in three versions: 16, 64 and 128 GB. Both smartphones have the same connection interfaces (only Bluetooth on 6s received a newer version). In addition, both smartphones have about the same autonomous time. Based on this, even though, in fact, the iPhone 6S is defeated in this category (simply due to its more modern characteristics), iPhone 6 is also an interesting and money-worthwhile smartphone.

Winner: iPhone 6S


If we talk about weighty differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S, then first it is worth mentioning the characteristics of the chambers. The new Apple smartphone has a 12 megapixel rear and a 5 megapixel front camera that the head is superior to the iPhone 6 camera. In addition, 6S is able to shoot video as 4K at a speed of 30 frames per second, 1080r video with a frame rate of 60 FPS and 30 FPS. For comparison, the iPhone 6 per 8 megapixel cameras and 1.2 MP are capable of shooting video only as 1080p with frame frequency 60fps or 720p video with frame frequency 240 FPS. Based on this, we see that the iPhone 6S camera is a unconditional winner.

Winner: iPhone 6S

Price and accessibility

Here everything is simple: at the time of writing this note, the start of sales of the iPhone 6s has not yet begun (the release date is scheduled for September 25). On the other hand, iPhone 6 is available now, and at a lower price than his heir. The cheapest iPhone 6S will cost $ 650, while the most accessible iPhone 6 will cost you at $ 549. At the moment, as for the price and availability, the iPhone 6 is out of competition.

Winner: iPhone 6


Of course, the iPhone 6s looks preferably iPhone 6 - in the end this update. However, if you do not chase the specific features like 3D Touch technology and you do not need an improved camera, then in fact, between two smartphones there are not so many differences. Of course, when the iPhone 6s falls to our hands and we test it in more detail, we can change our opinion, however, it can be safely assumed from the characteristics of the above.

Winner: iPhone 6S

What is better, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

What is better, iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Most people who have decided to buy an iPhone 6 turn out to be a question: what to choose, iPhone 6 vs iPhone 6 Plus and what is the difference between them? Not surprisingly, both versions are the best smartphones on the market and differ from each other extremely irrelevant. We will try to figure out what is still the difference between them and on which device is worth stopping your choice.

Main differences

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus became the first phones that can be called shovel without fluctuations. By this they launched a new trend on large screens of smartphones, among manufacturers of portable equipment. At first, this decision seemed controversial, but now it is already difficult to imagine how you can use a device with a 4-inch display.

These gadgets are similar in almost all. To the main characteristics that they can be attributed to:

  • RAM: 1 gigabyte;
  • Processor: Apple A8 branded;
  • Camera: Frontal - 1.2 MP and rear - 8 MP.


Main differences

In fact, the technical characteristics do not differ practically, but this does not mean that these phones are identical. Each of them has distinctive features and let's go in detail for each of them.

iPhone 6.

The characteristics of the usual "six" is a little weaker than its older variation. Its distinctive features can be attributed:

  • Display diagonal: 4.7 inches;
  • Device size: 138.1 × 67 × 6.9 mm;
  • Weight: 129 grams;
  • Battery: 1810 mAh.

It is worth noting that this gadget does not have optical stabilization and horizontal menu orientation. And if the horizontal menu is not too necessary, although it can add ease of use, then the absence of optical stabilization can greatly disturb. This technology eliminates the possibility of worsening the quality of photos. When it is not, in automatic mode, noises appear, the loss of detail, it is very often a greased picture.

IPhones from 5 to 6 generation

iPhone 6 Plus.

Iphon 6 plus, according to most users, it turned out more successful. To the features that distinguish it from the younger version can be attributed:

  • Display diagonal: 5.5 inches;
  • Device size: 158.1 × 77.8 × 7.1 mm;
  • Weight: 172 grams;
  • Battery: 2915 mAh.

It is worth noting that the optical stabilization is present on this phone and it is possible to set the horizontal orientation of the menu.

Which of these iPhones is better and why?

On the differences of these devices, we learned everything you need, and now let's analyze information and decide what is better and why.

To make it easier to decide which gadgets are better, we will conduct a competition between them. Consider the main parameters and give one point if the device is leading in something.


Most users of the Plus version complains about regular hangs and braking. The main reason for their occurrence is a large screen, all the information on which only 1 gigabytes of RAM processes.

Here, without a doubt, the youngest version leads 1: 0.

In future versions of the IOS operating system, this difference will become particularly noticeable.



As mentioned above, there is no point in comparing the camera, since they are identical to these smartphones. But Apple, deciding to give more distinctive features of the older version of its flagship, has set optical stabilization on it. This, at first glance, a minor technology greatly improved the quality of photos made by the Plus version camera.

This allowed the level of points, 1: 1.

Practicality and sizes

A large display is no doubt well, but also creates a lot of inconvenience. For example, there is no possibility to put a gadget in your pocket, which means you have to wear a bag. It also forces it to use the device using two hands at once, as it is almost unrealistic to reach the top of the screen.

On the other hand, a large display allows you to watch movies with comfort, typing text and work with applications. Therefore, you need a big screen or not - the case of everyone. We will not assign a point in this category.


We finishing exactly this item, as we spend money on a smartphone, which is already morally outdated - nonsense. When you buy the device in the hope that it will last long enough, it is not very pleasant in half a year to be with an irrelevant smartphone on hand.

Compared to other flagships from its price segment, the usual iPhone 6 looks much more attractive due to the small framework and compactness.

Numerous complaints about the accumulation and fragility of the PLUS version housing also do not go to him in a plus. Most media devoted to high technologies, even call this gadget as the unsuccessful iPhone in the entire history of Apple. Therefore, the invoice 2: 1. In favor of the usual iPhone 6.



iPhone 6 deservedly wins with a score of 2: 1.

This is a good phone, is still relevant. Yes, there are no some functions, but everything compensates for compactness and for a long time at the expense of a small screen. So you can even take it a little later, waiting when it fell.


I hope this review helped you decide on the choice and understand what the iPhone is different from 6 plus. If you have some kind of thoughts on this score or think that I am wrong, then welcome to the comments. Your messages will help to determine the choice of other users of our resource. See you on site pages!


iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - comparison

iPhone 6.  и iPhone 6. PLUS. Gradually begin to become increasingly popular in the CIS countries. Moreover, according to forecasts, soon "six" can even pick up iPhone 5S. The title of the best-selling smartphone. Amazing in this, however, nothing will be - the price of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is rapidly decreasing, which makes the devices very attractive for purchase. But which of the two choose? iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? In this material we made a comparison of smartphones and pointed out the main differences between them.

Differences iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

1. Display diagonal and resolution

The main thing and truly striking the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus lies in the size of the displays. The iPhone 6 is equipped with a 4.7-inch display with a resolution of 1334 × 750 pixels (326 ppi), while iPhone 7 plus - 5.5-inch with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 points (401 ppi).

iPhone 6.

By type both display are the same. And the iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus obtained liquid crystal Retina HD displays with a brightness of up to 500 cd / m² and oleophobic coating with high-resistant fingerprint. In the technical plan between the displays of only one minor difference. The 4.7-inch display of the iPhone 6 has a contrast of 1400: 1, and the 5.5-inch display of the iPhone 6 Plus - 1300: 1.

2. Camera

In both smartphones, an external 8-megapixel isight chamber is installed with a pixel size of 1.5μ, a diaphragm ƒ / 2.2, a flash of True Tone, a five-lit lens and autofocus with support for Focus Pixels technology. However, the camera is not completely identical. The iPhone 6 Plus cameras have support for optical image stabilization with photo, while the iPhone 6 is available only automatic image stabilization.

iPhone 6.

This difference is significant. Due to the optical image stabilization, iPhone 6 Plus creates more clear pictures, even if the smartphone was not in a strictly fixed position at the time of shooting.

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - comparison

Left iPhone 6, right iPhone 6 Plus (Low Lighting)

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - comparison

Left iPhone 6, right iPhone 6 Plus (Low Lighting)

iPhone 6 and 6 Plus - comparison

Left iPhone 6, right iPhone 6 Plus

3. Battery

Where even greater significance has the difference between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus batteries. In the 4.7-inch model, a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1810 mAh is installed, whereas the 5.5-inch version of the capacity is 2815 mAh. And, it would seem, you might think that a large display is vital, such a battery and the battery life of smartphones should not differ much. But it can only seem.

In fact, the iPhone 6 Plus is better on the head of the iPhone 6 in terms of autonomous work, which is more visible when comparing smartphones in various modes of operation:

  • In conversation mode: 14 hours at the iPhone 6 versus 24 hours at the iPhone 6 Plus.
  • In the online mode: 10 hours against 12 hours.
  • In the HD video playback mode: 11 hours against 14 hours.
  • In music playback mode: 50 hours versus 80 hours.
  • In standby mode: 10 days (250 hours) against 16 days (384 hours).

4. Dimensions

Of course, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and dimensions differ.

Sizes and weight iPhone 6:

  • Length: 138.1 mm.
  • Width: 67.0 mm.
  • Thickness: 6.9 mm.
  • Weight: 129

Sizes and weight iPhone 6 Plus:

  • Length: 158.1 mm.
  • Width: 77.8 mm.
  • Thickness: 7.1 mm.
  • Weight: 172

As you can notice, iPhone 6 Plus thicker iPhone 6 0.2 mm and heavier on 43. The need to increase weight and thickness from Apple engineers has arisen as once because of the battery.

5. Price

With prices for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and their difference is quite an interesting situation. New models "six" differ markedly among themselves at a price, but new versions of the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus have almost not to meet in stores. All reserves have long been bored, and the new Apple batches does not produce not supplies.

But the restored iPhone 6 Plus is not a problem, including authorized Apple retailers in Russia. The difference between the restored iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cannot be called substantial, it is only 1-3 thousand.

The state of things for June 2017 the following:

  • iPhone 6 16 GB - 23 990 rub. (Find in stock It is less likely to find).
  • iPhone 6 32 GB - 28,890 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 64 GB - 29,890 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 128 GB - 47 990.
  • iPhone 6 16 GB Restored - 23,890 rubles.
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16/64/128 GB - from 40 990 rubles. (There is practically no on sale).
  • iPhone 6 Plus 16 GB Restored - 24 990 rub.
  • iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB Restored - 26 990 rub.

These are the differences between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. They, without any doubt, can be called significant, so choosing a smartphone be sure to compare everything "for" and "against" and decide which model you like more.

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What is different iPhone 6 from 6s in Nizhny Novgorod, we will try to explain based on their qualitative characteristics, then choose the most suitable modification parameters. In a sufficiently large variety of Apple's models, it is easy to navigate if you make a clear comparison algorithm. If at the moment you are standing in front of the choice, then this article will clarify the situation and will help without excess spending to choose the optimal modification for you.

Comparison iPhone 6 and 6s
See the price of iPhone 6                                See the price of iPhone 6S

What is the difference between iPhone 6 from 6s

To make the right choice, it is necessary to understand what the iPhone 6 is different from 6s, which is capable of each smartphone.

Date of issue. The difference in presentation of these models is exactly a year - September 2014 - iPhone 6, 2015 - 6s.

Display parameters. Characteristics such as screen diagonal (4.7 "), pixel density, oleophobic coating, brightness and contrast are one in both models, there is no advantage of any.

Newest technologies. Inefon 6S Unlike its predecessor, first equipped with the latest at the time of the production of 3D Touch technology, which by defining the power of pressing the touch screen, starts a different functionality, different applications, performs the necessary tasks.

Specifications. An important difference between the iPhone 6 from 6S - an iPhone processor 6 - Apple A8, 1.4 GHz, 2 kernels, 6S - Apple A9, 2 GHz, 2 kernels. This means that the clock frequency of the iPhone 6S processor is 30% higher than that of the "six" in the aggregate with other parameters performance more powerful, game characteristics are higher. In addition, the speed of 6S provides 2 GB of RAM, against 1 GB of iPhone 6. Improving the hardware platform significantly improves the performance and speed of 6S, its graphic efficiency.

Battery parameters. If for a number of indicators 6s exceeds its predecessor, then the iPhone 6 and 6S comparison along the battery capacity is clearly not in favor of a more modern modification. In this case, Apple developers are clearly saved on the battery 6S - 1715 mAh against 1810 mAh Iphone 6, which reduces the time of its autonomous work in all envisaged modes.

Cameras. As before, a newer model has explicit advantages over the parameters of the photo and video shooting. Inefon 6 is equipped with a camera with a resolution of 8 megacles, releasing 6s producers increased this figure to 12 megapixels, redesigned the lens, embodied the ability to shoot a video in 4K format. The frontal chamber was significantly modified, which received in 6S permission of 5 megapors, instead of a rather outdated 1.2 MP in iPhone 6, therefore the quality of the removable selfie grew almost twice.

Housing The iPhone 6S has become somewhat thicker and harder (143 against 129), but this difference is insignificant, caused by the use of more reliable aluminum 7000, which increased the strength of the smartphone.

Color palette. If the iPhone 6 was represented only in two versions - silver and gray space, then 6s received in addition to these two more elegant options - gold and rose gold (the unique design of Apple). Thus, those who prefer 6s have a wider choice.

Question price. Do not forget that the cost of iphone 6s is higher than 6.

Outcome. Thus, with many equal characteristics, more modern iPhone 6S clearly wins its predecessor. Pros - increased efficiency, improved camera capabilities and managing the work of the smartphone by pressing the display. The minuses are less capacious, therefore a weaker battery and the cost of future acquisition.

What parameters to put in the chapter of the corner is your business, choose what is more important. I needed questions, come to our service!

We tested new 2 weeks to understand what purpose each of them is suitable for.

Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus?

Apple simultaneously released two very similar and at the same time different premium smartphones: 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus. What are the novelties and the main question - which of the smartphones to choose? We have tested new iPhone 6 for two weeks to understand what purpose each of them is suitable for which purposes.

The era of small 3.5 and 4-inch iPhone goes into the past, leaving a place to large displays that provide more space on the screen. The iPhone 6 diagonal is significantly larger than the iPhone 5S diagonal, but it is still quite convenient for using one hand, which you can not say about the iPhone 6 Plus, which is like something like an iPad mini - here you will always have to use both hands. The design of models is the same as the filling with interfaces.

Apple iPhone 6, still compact and convenient to use one handApple iPhone 6 Plus - bulky phable, suitable for multimedia entertainment, but you have to get used to use it with two hands

Devices, first of all, differ in battery life. The iPhone 6 is discharged much faster than we expected from him, although most users are enough for full time. The iPhone 6 Plus is larger and accordingly received one and a half times more cavering battery, which gives a noticeable increase in its autonomy. The novelties also differ in their displays: The iPhone 6 Plus screen is clearer and received Full HD resolution (1920 × 1080) against 1344 × 750 on the "main" version, which, however, is also sufficient for 4.7 inch diagonal.

In terms of work, the OS, iPhone 6, in our opinion, works better, iPhone 6 Plus still needs small modifications. Yet for good optimization, it is not enough to simply stretch the icons to larger sizes, and its work in the landscape mode is not ideal yet. In addition, the camera 5.5-inch iPhone received an optical stabilization system that did not get the iPhone 6. At the same time, we did not notice some clear difference as shooting, so they would not be advised to be guided by this criterion when choosing a new iPhone. So, about everything in order.

Dimensions and ease of use by one hand

New iPhone became larger. If you control a 4-inch iPhone with one hand, it has not been difficult, now it has become much more complicated to reach the desired icon. Yes, both smartphones received rounded, smooth forms, thanks to this, they are not bad in their hand, but there are no speech about controlling one hand. Compared to Android smartphones on which there are navigation buttons located at the bottom, the control key has one, and navigation is carried out using icons in applications that are usually located at the top. It turns out that to reach them with the finger of the same hand in which you keep the iPhone is inconvenient.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus barely places in one hand

The problem partly decides the Home button. Double light touch key (pressure or not necessary), you "lower" your desktop down. "Raise" an image back can be repeated double touch, "pulling" the display back, where it was, or just wait until it returns itself to the place. If you accidentally come across this opportunity for the first time, you might think that the iPhone broke and "blind". It looks beautiful only on the desktop, and in the applications it seems that the image simply fails to anywhere and almost half the screen appears dark gray emptiness. Perhaps this emptiness is soon fill in the next update. The function can be used in most applications that work in portrait mode, and in the landscape it is assumed that you hold the device with both hands, and this function is no longer needed.

Double keystroke (with click) will show you a list of active running applications, between them you can quickly switch and close the "swipe" up, which, as it turned out, is not always convenient. For example, if you do it quickly and before the moving icon stopped, the phone will calculate that you want to shift the list, and not close the application, so you have to wait a bit.

What we did not like in both iPhone 6 - these are chatting buttons. On the iPhone 6 plus that we bought for tests could be easily twisted from the side to the side the power key and both volume keys, and on the iPhone 6 - only the volume keys, and if you bring it to the ear, then you can even hear how they can Cut. There was no such fifth iPhone.

The difference in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus diagonals is 0.8 inches, but visually the difference seems to be huge

iPhone 6 Plus is much larger, so if you do not want to retrace to the "Fablet", it is better to stay on the iPhone 6. It is at least still you can use one hand. The iPhone 6 Plus can be kept in one hand, but not to drive in one hand, and it can hardly be worn in your pocket. You can still add that the iPhone 6 Plus body is not the most durable that we have noticed in tests, but to bend it with your hands, you have to try to trough.

Display: Large 6 Plus for multimedia or "Standard" wagon?

The difference between the diagonals of smartphones is only 0.8 inches, but 6 Plus on the background of the iPhone 6 seems just huge. Apple does not want to miss the phase market share: one by one permit (1920 × 1080) It is clear that the iPhone 6 Plus is intended for multimedia-pleasures and games for which you need a big display. The resolution of the small iPhone 6 was raised to leave the former pixel density, as well as on the iPhone 5S. In the case of 6 Plus, it is 404 pixels per inch that a complete solution for a large diagonal.

However, it is not yet possible to fully enjoy the benefits of the display of the iPhone 6 Plus, as not all games and applications are optimized for it: many look grainy, but in a number of games, including the same Asphalt 8, pixelization rushes. Over time, this, of course, will correct, but now it spoils the impressions strongly, especially when the level of expectations from the device is very high.

On Full HD Display IPhone 6 Plus Many applications look grainyA number of applications need optimization under the display of Apple iPhone 6 Plus

As for color reproduction, viewing angles and brightness - both new products do not have any problems. The brightness is high, and the viewing angles are not simply wide, but a waste, and, importantly, virtually no color shift with deviations. Both displays formally do not have the mode of operation in gloves, but nevertheless you can work with them in thin gloves, however, no guarantees, alas, no, it all depends on the characteristics of your personal gloves.

Battery life

If such a parameter is important to you, as battery life, the iPhone 6 Plus will be more preferable for you than the "main" version. It is equipped with a much more capacious battery (2915 mAh against 1810 on iPhone 6), which gives an increase in battery life, despite the difference in the permissions and sizes of displays. As usual, both batteries are fixed. In our tests, the iPhone 6 Plus worked for 7 and a half hours against 6 h 40 minutes from the iPhone 6 in the video test with the maximum brightness of the screen. The difference is not so great due to much higher resolution and diagonal display from the iPhone 6 Plus. As for the test in the audio player mode, in our tests, the big iPhone showed itself noticeably more enduring - 79 hours against 55 at the iPhone 6. It is curious that Apple's presentation declared 80 and 50 hours of operation in this mode, respectively - did not deceive. The battery life of the iPhone 6 Plus is significantly more and can be one of the reasons for choosing a large model "main". At the same time, we still expected higher results, from both models.

Interfaces, Memory and Performance

In all this, new iPhone is identical. Despite the seemingly outdated characteristics ("total" 1 GB of RAM, a dual-core processor, operating at a frequency of up to 1.4 GHz), in terms of performance, both smartphones are good, and all applications are optimized for quick work.

Fast Management - Comfortable Pushka in iOS 8You can respond to messages without unlocking the phone

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus is the same and in terms of the built-in memory amount - the choice of models are available from 16/64/128 GB of memory, plus 5 free GB in the ICloud cloud service, with the ability to pay extra for additional gigabytes. And of course, it is unlikely that for someone will become the news that the iPhone does not support memory cards and may never be.

The interface set is also similar, two-way Wi-Fi with support for high-speed 802.11ac standard, Bluetooth, GPS with GLONASS support and even NFC chip, however, it works exclusively for its own Apple Pay payment system.

Is it possible to prefer one iPhone here to another? Since we are speeching about the game, it is more convenient for the game platform that the iPhone 6 Plus is more convenient: first, a large diagonal has to this, withdrawing playing capabilities of the phone to a new level, secondly, 20% a higher density of pixels for players will be It is noticeable and more pleasant, finally, you can reach more details and easier in time "get" to the desired button at the right moment.


The main characteristics of the chambers are the same: the main chamber is 8 megapixel and the frontal per 1.2 megapixel. You can rate the quality of photos in reviews. As for the comparison of the models, the iPhone 6 Plus has everything that has iPhone 6, and in addition the optical system stabilization system. The optical system stabilizes the image if your hand shakes or you do not smoothly move the iPhone when shooting. In general, we did not notice some significant difference and we cannot say that it somehow affects the quality of a photo or video: the effect can only be tangible with poor lighting. It should be noted that some of our experts who participated in tests even seemed that the iPhone 6 video was obtained more "stable" and smooth.

Cameras of both smartphones are the same, but iPhone 6 Plus also has an optical image stabilization system

Examples of the photo taken on the iPhone 6 cameraExamples of the photo taken on the iPhone 6 camera

Working with text: prediction, additional icons and keyboard from third-party developers

The keyboards received the following word predicting feature. Let's just say that it works well, but so far only for English. We hope that someday will be Russian, but, if you judge the fact that Siri did not speak Russian and in iOS 8, then perhaps waiting for a long time. In addition, you can finally change the keyboard by downloading alternative options in the App Store, a kind of another "degree of freedom" in iOS 8. However, most of the keyboards still do not support Russian, so you have to search and pay some money for alternative Keyboard with Russian language.

In some applications, the keyboard on the iPhone 6 switches to the landscape mode when the display turns. It can be detected on the new icon column on the left and right - for the comma, point, moving the cursor to the left and right, separate icon for the call of emoticons and some others. In this case, the iPhone 6 Plus received an "extended" keyboard in landscape mode in all applications - with two columns of new icons on the left and right. On the right side, they are set to "remove the keyboard", moving the cursor to the left and right, the semicolons, points, the question and an exclamation mark, which was clearly lacked earlier. On the left side - icons to copy / cut / paste and so on.

IPhone 6S or 6В некоторых приложениях клавиатура iPhone 6 также переходит в ландшафтный режим, но место нашлось лишь для 2 столбцов иконок, по одному слева и справа от "обычной" клавиатуры

It is worth noting that some applications on the iPhone 6 Plus, for example, confusions often happen in a standard messenger. For example, when you turn, you can "lose" the cursor, it is simply reset and have to imagine a finger to arrange it where necessary, but otherwise you just lose the text you type. In general, the iPhone 6 Plus keyboard is greater, it is more in size and has extra keys, but, in our opinion, while some more "raw" and subject to refinement.


Like the iPhone 5S, the novelties are equipped with a fingerprint scanner - Touch ID. The operating system is iOS 8, and both can work with the Apple Pay system. One of the important differences of smartphones is that with the iPhone 6 Plus you can work in landscape mode. You turn the device and will turn together with it and the image with the desktop, settings and messenger. Only the dialer, the multitasking panel, control and events do not turn into automatically with a turn of the display. We also encountered the fact that the image is disappeared in the pre-installed application "Music", leaving only a small icon with the album logo in the display corner, and the rest of the screen is filled with black. In addition, in the landscape mode, the control panel takes the entire display space.

As you know, new items go with a new system - iOS 8, in which there are not so many visual changes. You can mark a new list of recent contacts in the multitasadium panel, two panels remained in the notification center - actually notifications and the list of events for today / tomorrow. A quick response feature appears to notifications without exiting an active application: For example, if you listen to music and a message comes you, now it is not necessary to switch to another application - you can quickly respond from the notifications panel.

iPhone 6 или iPhone 6 Plus, оставляйте ваши отзывы

What to choose? And is it worth changing the old iPhone to a new one?

If you are an iphone 5s owner and even iPhone 5, and think that the iPhone should be small and most convenient for use in one hand, we will not advise you to immediately run for the new iPhone. Still, in the novelties there are not so many revolutionary changes. Yes, the processor has become faster, in the future and in Russia can earn both Voice-Over-LTE and Apple Pay (although by the time of the latter is most likely to be updated the iPhone line), but there are almost no changes in the rest of the changes in everyday use. If you have an older version of the iPhone, and you are not afraid of the prospects to use a grudge iPhone 6, the change of the smartphone will bring a significant increase in speed, performance, camera quality and autonomous work.

If you choose between the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, we would recommend to choose the iPhone 6, by a number of prucuna. First, it is more convenient - it can still be used by one hand, not reappearing on the two-row use of the smartphone. In our opinion, 4.7 inches is almost the "reasonable limit" for the notorious convenience of using one hand. Secondly, the advantages of the iPhone 6 Plus are not necessarily noticeable during everyday use: an increased number of pixels per inch is difficult to notice performing the usual range of tasks, and the camera stabilizer is unlikely to give a tangible growth in the quality of the shooting (not given in our tests). And finally, iPhone 6 is cheaper.

At the same time, the iPhone 6 Plus has a certain potential - it can be a good multimedia center and a gaming platform. In this case, you will have to upset: as it is better for you to consider seriously 16 GB version as a multimedia center is better not worth it, and the price for 64/128 GB versions are already seriously biting.

If you have an iPad mini, then you are unlikely to want to purchase iPhone 6 Plus. If you are the owner of the "old" iPhone with a small diagonal, you do not have an iPad, then you have something to think about: 6 Plus can become a universal device with a 5.5 inches display that can replace a small tablet.

Despite the fact that the iPhone SE is still the most affordable Apple smartphone, there are many users who do not want to buy it because of the too small display. In the end, that on these four inches can be made, except for typing phone numbers? Therefore, most of those who want to save, pay attention to the iPhone of the sixth iteration, represented by two models: Actually, the iPhone 6 itself and its advanced version called iPhone 6S. But which one will be the best purchase in 2019?

Should I buy iPhone 6S
Should I buy iPhone 6S
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Let's start with the price. Due to the fact that Apple has long stopped the production of iPhone 6, to meet him in the Russian retail is really difficult. All we managed to find on Yandex.Market is one single offer: iPhone 6 on 32 GB at a price of 20,490 rubles. But the price of the iPhone 6S in a similar configuration with 32 GB of integrated memory turns out to be only 200 rubles higher, despite that it is all better iPhone 6.

Buy iPhone 6s cheap

Prices for iPhone 6 and 6s in Russia
Prices for iPhone 6 and 6s in Russia

Well, see ourselves. iPhone 6S, unlike iPhone 6, equipped with a more productive A9 processor, has not 1, and 2 GB of RAM, has the support of 3D Touch and a stronger case. Many have already forgotten, but in the production of iPhone 6S Apple for the first time applied aluminum 6000th series, and also provided a smartphone with a silicone gasket that prevents the passage of moisture. Officially, this is not stated, but on the fact there is a gasket, and it works.

Do you have enough of this? Then remember the support. The iPhone 6S still receives regular updates, unlike the iPhone 6, the support of which Apple stopped this year. Even if you are not a big update hunter, it is worth understanding that the lack of support means a restriction on the conjugation with Apple Watch based on Watchos 6. In other words, you can connect to smart watches of the company now only by having iPhone 6S, while the earlier models of smartphones Stayed overboard. it The rule applies Even at the most new Apple Watch, despite the fact that their packaging contains support for all iPhone, starting with iPhone 5S.

Should I buy iPhone 6 in 2019

What do we have in a dry residue? The iPhone 6S is quite a current smartphone that can be safely taken as the main device even today. Thanks to the powerful gland, it is perfectly coping with all applications and games from the App Store, supports all generations of Apple Watch and at the same time quite durable and reliable. The iPhone 6, no matter how regrettable it is to talk about it, it's time to write off from the bills, because with such indicators there is nothing to do in 2019. Do not waste your money on him.

In this article, we will try to figure out what is better - iPhone 6S or 6. Find out which of these smartphones is more profitable to buy in 2019.

Comparative characteristics

Compare iPhone 6 and 6s in all basic characteristics. Model 6S came out later iPhone 6 and should exceed the classic six, but, as it turned out, it is not in all her ahead of a competitor.

что лучше айфон 6s или 6

Design and ergonomics

IPhones look like brothers Gemini. Both smartphones have a classic apple design. If you look too much, it will be seen that Inefon 6s is slightly thicker (by 0.2 mm). And if you hold the devices in your hand, it will feel that the latter model fell significantly - its weight is 143 g against 129 g at the six.

The housing in both aluminum devices, but a little different metal is used. The iPhone 6S is used very durable aluminum, modifications 7000, which is also used in the production of bicycles and in aerospace production. Six - Aluminum series 6300. The protective glass in 6s is also reinforced. In general, the 6S hull has become stronger.

Another difference in a variety of colors. The 6S model to gray, gold and silver color added another modification - Rose Gold.

They differ from the HOME button iPhones, although they look even equally. If the iPhone 6 is the first generation Touch ID, then in the 6s - Touch ID of the second generation, and the scanner works much faster.

Apple iphone 6s


Productivity is one of the two main differences of the models. (On the second a little later.) In the iPhone 6, the old A8 processor and the M8 coprocessor are installed, and in 6S already newer - A9 and M9. Both two-core processors, but A9 has more frequency and more perfect technical process 14 nm.

In practice, it can be seen that 6s is significantly faster and energy efficient. In ordinary applications, the processor is up to 70 percent faster, and it takes up to 90 in the chart. If you start some resource-intensive game, the six heat is very hot, and 6s there is no such problem.

There are differences and in the amount of memory. Iphone 6 has only 1 GB of RAM. In 2019, there is very little such quantity. 6S has already 2 GB, which is quite acceptable for iPhone. In this regard, the speed of work in multitasking mode 6s is much higher.

Integrated memory in models can be the same amount from 16 to 128 MB. Both devices were produced with the pre-installed iOS 9, which can be updated to newer versions.


The batteries from iPhones are different, and a more expensive 6s battery of a smaller capacity - 1715 mAh against 1810 mAh in the six. Despite this, autonomy in 6s is almost the same, due to the more energy efficient processor.

iPhone 6.


The screens in two models are the same, with the exception of one detail. And this is the second important difference. Now, the display from iPhone has become a three-dimensional. The iPhone 6S screen has 3D Touch technology support, which allows you to recognize pressing power.

If, for example, click on the application icon, then without entering the program itself, you can call the menu. You can preview photos and letters. It's comfortable. The six was released earlier, and then this function was not yet.

Otherwise, the displays are the same: a diagonal of 4.7 inches, resolution 1334 by 750 points.


The main chambers on the phones are different: on the iPhone 6 - 8 MP, on 6S - 12 Mp. Despite the different number of megapixels, the quality of the photography is comparable. And this is explained, because the size of the matrix remained the same.

Detailing during the shooting during the day improved, and the quality of shooting at night even deteriorated slightly. But all the same, 12 MP is better than 8, if only because it makes it stronger to increase the photo when viewing.

Also, in the 6S model, the "Living photo" function is implemented, which is not in the six. It lies in the fact that the photos would come to life because when photography the camera writes about one and a half seconds video.

Inefon 6S is able to record video in 4k quality, the usual 6 - only in Full HD. The slow motion video 6S writes in Full HD format, six - in HD.

The front camera on iPhone 6 is only 1.2 megapixel, on 6S - 5 MP. FRONT TILE 6S Unlike the sixth model supports HDR mode and can make a flash using the screen. The last function is called Retina Flash and helps a lot with poor lighting, replacing a traditional flash.

Камера у айфон


Inefon 6S, unlike the usual 6, supports faster 4G LTE ADVANCED, it has a more modern Bluetooth version 4.2 module, while the six - version 4.0. Both phones have the NFC module, you can pay in stores using Apple Pay, and only one SIM card is supported.

Price and accessibility

New devices are available in official stores - iPhone 6 with 32 MB at a price of about 23,000 rubles, 6s with 32 MB at a price of 26,000 rubles.

The large market for used iPhones would not go anywhere. Here the devices are in good condition and in the minimum configuration of 16 MB can be bought at a price of 11 thousand and from 13 thousand rubles, respectively, an iPhone 6 and 6s.

Айфон 6s или 6

Pros iPhone 6 and 6S

In order to make it easier to make a choice, we will minimize the comparative advantages of both models.

Advantages of iPhone 6:

  • more capacious battery;
  • less weight;
  • Little cost.

Advantages of iPhone 6S:

  • Screen with 3D Touch technology;
  • twice as many RAM;
  • more powerful processor;
  • better chamber;
  • does not heat under load;
  • Fast fingerprint scanner;
  • support for newer wireless technology standards;
  • More durable case.


What is better to buy - iPhone 6 or 6s? Even in 2019, Inefon 6S does not seem to be strong, unlike the six, which can still be used, but with difficulty.

A small amount of RAM, a low-power warer processor and a weak front-line launcher determine the choice in favor of iPhone 6S, despite its higher price.


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