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We tell Where to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow , prices, as noted New Year in Moscow hotels. In anticipation of the new year, Moscow is transformed: hundreds of lanterns are lit on the streets, shop windows are fascinated by the New Year Christmas trees and Christmas toys, the streets of the capital are impregnated by the atmosphere of the holiday. Music sounds from every corner of the city, because it is in December here literally at every step are theatrical performances, musical performances. Rollers flooded in the parks, ice roller coils are erected and ice sculptures are installed. Hungry can be useful in Moscow.

Турыbecause of Pandemic Coronavirus New Year in Moscow will meet not as before. The mayor Sobyanin canceled all massive festivities for the New Year in Moscow. We do not recommend visiting the places of cluster of people. Excursions are better to take individual, moving in a separate machine, and from the regions come with a tour. We also recommend issuing insurance from COBID, acts during the year.

Новый Год в Москве

The new year in Moscow 2021 on Christmas fairs is especially clearly felt in Moscow, the largest of whom spread on the Manezh Square. But the main decoration of the capital is the New Year tree, installed on the Red Square and prepared to celebrate the guests of the city and Muscovites in the most magical night of the year.

Новый Год в Москве

Where to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow

The most common places where to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow.

  • On the street (Red Square, Tverskaya, Chistoprudny, Parks "Gorky", "Charger", "Sokolniki")
  • In a nightclub with show program
  • In a restaurant with a banquet and software
  • At the hotel with New Year's dinner

Новый Год в Москве

On the Red Square

New Year's Eve meeting on the Red Square - Classic, but excellent option. Here, as anywhere else, there is an atmosphere of the holiday: thousands of smiles, bright illumination, a grand salute after the chimes beat off 12. All this will only leave the warmest memories for many years.

Новый Год в Москве

The festive program on Red Square begins at 22.00, but it is better to take a place under the walls of the Kremlin in advance. If you can't get to the main Christmas tree of the capital, then you should not be sad, because there are still many places where to meet the New Year in Moscow, which will give no less vivid emotions.

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Новый Год в Москве

Interesting and magical for New Year's holidays becomes the Park Victory Park on Poklonnaya Mount, where you can meet the New Year in Moscow. Here, the masters from all over the city create extraordinary ice sculptures, which are exactly the famous monuments and buildings of the capital.

Новый Год в Москве

Poklonnaya Mount Then, among other things, is famous for the Luxury Christmas tree for the New Year in Moscow. It opens a beautiful panoramic view of the city, the festive program is cheerful and incendiary, and the salute is delightful and unusually beautiful. The main feature of the holiday meeting here is relative calm, and therefore a positive mountain is simply a wonderful place for family holidays. Adults and children can go skating on the New Year in Moscow, and the children will remain in a wild delight from the possibility of ride in real deer sled.

Clubs of Moscow

Lovers of "night" life, the stall of glasses and dance until morning will definitely pay attention to night clubs where you can celebrate the New Year in Moscow. And there is something to choose from, as each institution of Moscow is trying to please their guests with various thematic programs on the festive night. For example, "sixteen tons", "Vermel", "Propaganda" unfold the scenario of the holiday is completely at an extraordinary scenario. But why not try to spend this fabulous night in the fun and perky company "hooligans" and "vampires"?

Новый Год в Москве

If you wish the new year in Moscow to meet under the songs of stars, then the programs and venues of concert programs should be studied in advance.

Another popular place to celebrate the New Year in Moscow is a karaoke club. It wonderfully combines the atmosphere of the holiday, friendly sites and disco.

Where to eat and eat and do not prepare for days in the kitchen

The establishment of the capital on New Year's Eve meet their guests festive fun, warm atmosphere and, of course, delicious food. All you need to choose a cafe or restaurant style and decide on the kitchen. There are wonderful in Moscow Panoramic restaurants With a view of the shining capital. Among these, the roof bar can be called, "clouds", "Whiterabbit" - here you will not only be able to celebrate the New Year in Moscow, but also enjoy the atmosphere and impeccable cuisine, the view of the salutes shooting over the city. But you need to take care of the order of the Table of New Year's Eve in advance, since these institutions are extremely popular.

What about meeting the New Year 2021 in Moscow in a small castle, with a real carnival and small surprises for guests? It is such an atmosphere that the restaurant and the hotel "Schhenonso" creates.

Anyway, but even the biggest skeptics of the new year in Moscow causes a sense of magic, fairy tale. You can feel all this in full possible on the ball in the Kremlin Palace or celebrate the New Year in Moscow hotels. Thrakes and tuxedo on men, evening dresses on women, a solemn atmosphere, couples, circling in the waltz on a dance floor, bright lights - all this will leave unforgettable impressions.

Where to meet the new year 2021 inexpensively in Moscow

Is it possible to save on the celebration of the New Year? Yes, if we meet the new year in Moscow on the streets or squares . Believe me, it will not only be economically, but also fun and unforgettable. On Tverskaya, in the park "Sokolniki", all sorts of masquerades, show programs, large-scale fun are held on this night. It is possible to enjoy the atmosphere of the holiday here not only adults, but also children.

Новый Год в Москве

Weather on New Year's Eve

The weather in late December, as a rule, is a display of classical Russian winter. At this time of the year, the streets and roofs of the houses are buried in sparkling snowdrifts, and the air temperature ranges within -3-5 ° C during the day, and up to -10 ° C at night. In 2021 predict -8-11 ° C on New Year's Eve but the next day January 1 will be + 1-8 ° C . Despite the fairly comfortable temperature, it is worth taking care of warm clothes, because occasionally heatsit rain.

Новый Год в Москве

New Year in Moscow: Prices

Meet the New Year in Moscow is expensive, and 2021 is no exception. But it is possible to save significantly by booking in advance Table in the restaurant and hotel room . On average, the night in the Moscow budget hotel to the New Year holidays will cost 3,000 to 15,000 rubles (number for two). But the cost of the hostel fluctuates within 400-600 rubles (per person).

We also give others for the new year in Moscow prices:

  • Festive night in a restaurant - from 3000 rubles
  • New Year on the boat - from 13000 rubles
  • Lunch and dinner in budget cafes, dining rooms - from 500 rubles
  • Mulled wine on Red Square - 300 rubles.
  • Ticket for rink - from 300 rubles
  • Show program on ice - 400-600 rubles
  • Nightclub - 2000-10000 rubles
  • Skates for hire - 150-300 rubles
  • Snowboard rental ("Kant") - 870-1500 rubles
  • Boot rental (Kant) - 600 rubles
  • Lifting on the lift ("Kant") - 30-60 rubles
  • Movie ticket - 200-800 rubles
  • Ticket to Water Park - 950-3400 rubles
  • Ticket to Oceanarium ("Moskvarum") - 800-1000 rubles
  • Travel on the subway (1 trip) - 55 rubles
  • Direct Metro, Bus, Tram, Trolleybus (60 trips) - 1700 rubles
  • Travel on the minibus - 40 rubles
  • Taxi from the center of Moscow to MKAD - 600-1000 rubles

Tickets for concerts, festivals, shows, theaters without extra charge will also be useful.

Новый Год в МосквеНовый Год в Москве

New Year in Moscow Hotels

Well, who of us does not dream to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow in the luxurious, comfortable Hotel ? It is good that there is from what to choose, and the capital offers both low-budget, but quite cozy hostels and five-star hotels located in the heart of the city. As a rule, for the new year in Moscow, hotels and hotels establish special prices for accommodation, and the magic night itself is not limited to standard banquets.

Новый Год в Москве

For example, the hotel is popular for the new year "Metropol" Every year he holds the Grand Ball in which professional musicians and dancers take part. Deciding in the hotel "National", you will be lucky to meet a new year with a luxurious view of Tver and the Kremlin, with live music, wonderful artists and an incendiary disco. True, it is not enough to pay for such comfortable conditions. So, the number for two per day costs from 15,000 rubles or more, but the entrance to the holiday from 25,000 rubles.

Especially popular is the fairly budget hotel complex "Izmailovo" - Izmailovo Alpha Hotel (4 stars) иVega Izmailovo (4 stars) . For only 3000 rubles per day for a double room, you will get quite comfortable living conditions. In this complex, for example, the Gamma Delta Hotel, which for 2021 has already planned disco-style program, funny draws and contests, a buffet. Entrance - from 7000 rubles.

If you plan to celebrate a holiday on Red Square, then the ideal place of residence will be the hotel in Moscow for the new year "China town" . Rooms on holidays are granted from 4500 rubles a day for two, while you can get tangible discounts on spa services and a delicious breakfast. Before the Red Square, it is literally handed over to the hand, a little walk - 10-15 minutes.

Новый Год в Москве

Tours to Moscow to the new 2021 year

Demand Tourist vouchers to Moscow for the new year Extremely big. It is for this reason that it is recommended to carefully examine all offers on the market and book your favorite. Prices for the New Year in Moscow in 2021 on trips are very different and depend on a variety of factors, ranging from the distance of moving and ending with a festive entertainment program. If you take into the example of St. Petersburg, then in travel agencies here are offered by trips to three days in the capital, cost from 15,000 rubles per person. This cost includes payment for accommodation in the hotel, a shuttle service to the hotel, sometimes overview tours of the city. Additionally, you will have to pay a festive banquet and other services.

Do not forget about cultural pastime and excursion.

Новый Год в Москве

Reviews of tourists about New Year's holidays in Moscow

New Year in Moscow 2021 on Red Square, according to numerous reviews of tourists, not so much an attractive pastime, as it seems. Children at such events are not a place to get to the heart of the capital, since the streets are overlapped by 9-10 hours, and in the subway huge crowns.

Новый Год в Москве

To take alcohol with you, because it is almost impossible to carry it into the Red Square. So if you want to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow in light euphoria, then you should drink in advance. But if you are very drunk, I will not get to the Christmas tree.

Новый Год в Москве

Some tourists, wanting to celebrate the holiday in this place, did not fall on the Red Square, the reason is a big crowd. Many people say that it is best to celebrate the new year 2021 in Moscow at the hotel or restaurant, or even just outside in his area. In this case, the New Year's Eve will bring much more pleasure. And to get roaring in Moscow exactly where, so why not take this opportunity?

Новый Год в Москве

On the eve of the New Year holidays, the capital of Russia is transformed. New Year's lights, elegant Christmas trees fascinate. Fair, ice arena, snow castles, concerts, choose where to go and where to meet the new year 2021 in Moscow is hard.

How to celebrate the New Year in Moscow?

In order for the new year 2021 in Moscow, it is successful, it is necessary to compile the plan of the upcoming event. Split the places you want to visit first.

At urban areas, there are huge trees, towns and sculptures grow from snow. At night, the capital is illuminated by festive illumination. New Year's holidays in Moscow are accompanied by colorful salutes. Watch them conveniently on Red Square, in urban parks. The capital is famous for the grandeur and the scale of fireworks, thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital come on them.

Urban Gulyanya

Many Muscovites and guests of the capital meet New Year 2021 on Red Square. And this is no surprisingly paint of illumination, the elegant Christmas tree of gigantic sizes sparkling lights, fascinates, does not leave anyone indifferent. When the arrows of the clock run twelve, under the ringing of glasses and the noise of fireworks, people wish each other happiness and love in the coming year. If you are not local, then the question becomes where the tourist meet the New Year in Moscow?

New Year's meeting in Moscow is possible from visiting major shopping centers, parks, where many different events take place on holidays. In the park you can go skating, skiing. Those who are not afraid of cold can swim in the hole. It is also possible to rent a snowmobile or ride on a snowboard. Tourists will like New Year's tours on the sights of the capital. Romantic nature can order a night cruise around the Moscow River, on board with a glass of champagne in his hand, say goodbye to the old year and meet a new one.

After January first, the capital museums, historical estates that are possible to visit for free will be opened for visitors. Guests will expect a stunning program of various thematic directions. A costume carnival ball will be held at the Pushkin Museum. Entertainment activities will be held in Gum, Gorky Park and VDNH.


The large shopping complex GUM turns into an amazing island of fun. Guests for the New Year expect exciting events. The most anticipated event exhibition-fair. Doors for guests are open from ten in the morning until eleven in the evening, anyone will be able to visit the event.

Residents of the capital and guests are waiting for the fair with impatience, here you can buy a variety of products:

  • Matryoshka;
  • souvenirs from ceramics;
  • felt boots;
  • Ushanki;
  • caskets;
  • Patchwork.

At the fair, you can relax with loved ones and friends. On the territory of the shopping center there are cafes and restaurants, where you can taste national cuisine. Typing delicious pancakes, dumplings, lollipops, donuts, samovar tea. During all New Year's holidays, entertain guests will be animators, artists, musicians. They will present exciting concert programs. The kids will delight houses decorated with toys and gift boxes, glowing garlands and a brilliant rain.

The new year in GUM will work the rink and carousel in the open air, exhibitions and theatrical performances. You can come here with the whole family or with friends, and have fun.

Gorky Park

Adults and children can ride skating on a large ice isna in Gorky Park. The ice platform is 18 thousand m2, covered with artificial high quality material. On the eve of the New Year, the rink is transformed beyond recognition. Arena consists of several different zones:

  • adult riding field;
  • zone for high-speed descent;
  • playgrounds;
  • light tunnels;
  • Hockey Arena;
  • dance floor.

Zones are separated by an illuminating effects and optical illusions. Those who do not know how to skate can use the services of instructors. At school of figure skating you can sign up for a lesson, or take a couple of classes to purchase skills.

The celebration of the New Year in Moscow is not limited to skating only. Winter infrastructure allows you to feel comfortable. In the park there is everything you need for a full holiday. In the cozy cafe you can deliciously eat, wash or just relax. Street food courts wake hot drinks and food. In stores you can buy souvenirs and memory gifts. Concerts are held on the venues, as well as competitions in the ice arena, everyone can take part. You can watch the view from the auditorium.

For the new year, the rink is running until 3 o'clock in the morning. The festive program includes: the performance of pop stars, contests and quests, and by tradition (at midnight) colorful fireworks.


The most visited place in the capital is VDNH. With the onset of winter, a huge rink is poured, where inexpensively can ride on the ice arena. The size of the site is about 13 thousand m2, at the same time about 4 thousand rides can visit it.

VDNH for all those wishing to open art exhibitions. Movie lovers will find a lot of interesting things in the museum of illusions and cinema. VDNH is famous for the fairs of the national economy. In the pavilions decorated with multi-colored backlit, honey, tea, gingerbread, toys and souvenirs will sell. Take part in the workshop for the preparation of traditional dishes.

Where to go to a holiday with children

In the capital there are many interesting places to go with children. The Kremlin Christmas tree is a grand event where the main show is held with an interesting program for the new year (disco, games, contests). In the Kremlin Palace, children will meet with fabulous characters, will be able to chat with Santa Claus.

Inquisitive children can visit interactive show at Lomonosov University:

  • experiments with liquid nitrogen and dry ice;
  • Reincarnation in favorite heroes in the genre of fantasy;
  • Tour of laboratories;

If your child dreams of traveling to other planets. New Year on Mars - now really! In the shopping center "Riviera", the guys can not only go to the real Martian planet, but also try themselves as the staff of the station. What could be better than to celebrate the New Year with friends on someone else's planet. Recommended age from 7 to 15 years.

With preschool and younger children, visit the show sets with the participation of fabulous characters. Children may not only with spectators, they themselves will be able to participate in ideas. And you can also go to city parks, where performances and concerts for kids will be held.

Where adults have fun to celebrate the New Year

Every new year, Moscow is preparing to meet guests. Adults awaits many surprises. Among the places to visit, you can note.

  • The Red Square;
  • Poklonnaya Mountain;
  • Pushkin Square;
  • Sparrow Hills;
  • Okhotny Ryad;
  • Manege square.

Moscow organizers planned a lot of entertainment. Fairs and Ice Arena will open in the parks. You can spend a fun new year in the club, restaurant or book a hotel room.

Moscow Hotels for New Year's meeting

On the eve of holidays, many tourists come to the capital, you can spend an unforgettable New Year's Eve in Moscow in one of the metropolitan hotels. The choice is large from low-budget to five star. Usually during this period there are discounts, it is possible to settle in the room quite inexpensive. The Hostel's administration is preparing an entertainment program for guests:

  1. At the Metropol Hotel, the costume ball is arranged every year.
  2. "National" is famous for live music, after the battle of the Kurats, you can go to the dance floor.
  3. In the "Izmailovo" guests expect a buffet and a lot of entertainment.
  4. Hotel "China City" It is worth booking a room for those who wish to celebrate the New Year on Red Square.
  5. Korston is located on the sparrow mountains. Visitors except a good service are offered a bright show on the script. For example, shooting blockbuster. Guests of the hostel become actors. At the end, all those present receive prizes.

If you decide to celebrate the hotel, book the rooms are in advance. Good rooms in Moscow hotels are occupied in two or three months before the main event.

Restaurants and cafes

Most plans to celebrate the New Year in the circle of loved ones and relatives. It is not necessary to do this at home, you can meet the New Year in one of the restaurants:

  1. The Banquet Hall "The World" will give a real fairy tale. Visitors await exciting celebration with special effects. The room participates gymnasts, acrobats. The real decoration of the holiday will be light views from BionicaShow and Vashow. To merge and entertain guests will be the leading Oleg Savelyev, a participant in the Higher League of KVN.
  2. Riverpalace is a restaurant on the water. At 10 pm, the liner desires from Berezhkovskaya embankment and moves to the Kremlin, arrives just to the firework. At midnight, the deck turns into a dance floor. Disco continues until 5 o'clock in the morning.
  1. "Attic" is a popular place among Muscovites. Service, kitchen and interior create a cozy and family atmosphere. All night will entertain the Santa Claus with the Snow Maiden, accompanied by live music.
  2. Shishasbar will like those who love parties. The restaurant serves a delicious dinner, listen to the performance of DJ and dance on the dance floor.

If you don't like big restaurants, go to the cafeteria. Book a table in a cafe with an interesting program for the new year.


Among the youth, a popular meeting place in Moscow are clubs. They are putting young people with various thematic programs. Among the nightclubs should be noted as follows:

  • "Garage";
  • "16 Tons";
  • "Propaganda";
  • "World's roof";
  • "Solyanka";
  • "FaceTohaze";
  • "Lookinrooms";
  • "Club them. Jerry Rubin. "

Visit the majority of New Year's club parties in Moscow, you can free. On ordinary days, the entrance to the institution takes place.

New Year's Tours in Moscow

On the eve of the Travel agency's holiday, it is proposed to go to an unusual New Year holidays in Moscow. Tours consist of the following items:

  • Journey through the sights of Moscow;
  • River cruises;
  • visiting sales and fairs;
  • museum excursions;
  • Participation in various contests, games and quests.

For lovers of nostalgia, retro autocruise is offered, a trip to the music bus. Under the sounds of the songs of the past, you can see the metropolitan streets and docks. Guides will perform Santa Claus and Snow Maiden.

The new year is the most favorite holiday among Russians. Everyone marks it in its own way. Someone loves to celebrate in a quiet family circle, others prefer a noisy company. Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow 2021 and where to go everyone chooses. The main thing is that the holiday brought unforgettable impressions and the positive charge for the whole year.

Article assessment:


New Year's Eve is associated with fun and the execution of desires. In order not to miss, the holiday is time to search where to celebrate the new 2020!

25 best places where to celebrate the new year 2020 in Moscow
25 best places where to celebrate the new year 2020 in Moscow

New Year's Eve is enveloped by magic and smell of needles. The aroma of cinnamon and mandarin hovers in the air. Laughter and ringing of crystal are heard everywhere. All congratulate each other Happy New Year. Someone started to launch fireworks, someone opens gifts, fucking sniffing wrapper with packaging, and someone already encouraging new outfits donated with relatives.

Where to celebrate the New Year:

✅ Introduction ⇓

We picked up for you many interesting places where you could meet the new year in the circle of friends, colleagues or family!

1. "Empire"

How to celebrate the new year to be and satisfying, and fun? Restaurant "Empire" meets its guests with a cozy atmosphere, luxurious banquet rooms and an extensive list of dishes. In the menu, European and Russian cuisine. There is a restaurant in the historic mansion of the 19th century. Therefore, the magic atmosphere, impregnated with the Spirit of the past era, already reigns. Renting a banquet hall for the holiday, the institution's administrator offers at your service and florist, and a photographer, and a magician, as well as other specialists. New Year's Eve 2020 in the restaurant of Moscow "Empire" will be held with the program "Ivan Vasilyevich again changes profession: 2020". Themed carnival costumes are welcome. For the best outfit prize!

This year, the restaurant has prepared three options as you can celebrate New Year:

  • The holiday in the Common Hall ("Russian" is designed for 80 people, and "Eastern" - by 120 people)
  • New Year in Karaoke Bar with Snow Maiden and Santa Claus
  • In the chamber hall with a fireplace

It will not hide without a lively bright Christmas tree. The employees of the restaurant will arrange a fair in the courtyard, as at the beginning of the 19th century - with bagels and Baranca

How much will the New Year's Eve cost in the Empire Restaurant? If the total hall is the cost of the ticket:

  • VIP - 12 000 rubles
  • Adult - 9 500 rubles
  • Children - 3000 rubles
  • Price in Karaoke Club - 3500 rubles.
  • Guests are waiting at the address: ul. Shabolovka, 58.

2. Desert Rose.

Looking for a place where it will be fun and with fireworks to hold corporate on the new year? Restaurant DESERT ROSE will be an excellent option. Here is organized a real winter holiday with hot shows and drinks. It will not cost here and without a prizes draw. Fireworks also enters the program. Luxurious interiors and interesting design are waiting for you here. The main hall is made in oriental style. And the VIP room is very similar to the world from the fairy tale "Alice in Wonderland". The walls are decorated with painting: Paradise birds, thin branches of trees, blossomed buds of mystical colors - it all looks so realistic that the spirit captures. New Year's Eve B. Cafe "Rose of the Desert" will not cost and without dissection. The kitchen is represented by Uzbek, Turkish, Moroccan and European menu. Here you can try the otnarked kebab, cooked on coals, Mix of lavender, Blueberries and Lemon, as well as the Corporate Cocktail "Rosa Desert". New Year's program includes live music, bright show Bartenders , Eastern dance. Will not cost and without karaoke ! Undoubtedly, New Year's Eve in the "Rosa Desert" restaurant will be bright, tasty and cheerful!

Information about the institution:

  • Location: ul. 2nd Tverskaya-Yamskaya 40/3
  • Kitchen: European, Eastern
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (495) 119 75 13
  • Opening of a restaurant on New Year's Eve - from 21.00
  • Ticket price - 7,500 rubles
Desert Rose.
Desert Rose.

3. "Hands up the bar"

Agree that sometimes in the winter, when outside the window of the siege, and on the thermometer shows -25 degrees, I want to where the sea, beach and exotic fruits. "Hands up the bar" knows how to help you! Here you can celebrate the new year in the style of "Akun Matata". Hot New Year's Eve is provided! The bar is decorated in such a way that each present will create the impression that it is not in Moscow, but on the shore of the Pacific Ocean, it is not interested in palm trees. When placing the institution was not without an attribute of marine Beach In Neon and Black DMC Santa Morpheus. And the most interesting will remain under the battle of the chimes - let it be as a mystery. Without an enchanting show for the new year there will be no way!

  • Address: ul. Tverskaya, 22.
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (499) 288 27 54
  • Start of New Year's program: December 31 at 20.00
  • The price of the VIP-bed - from 80,000 rubles, the place of the order is 6,900 rubles, for the bar - 2,000 rubles
"Hands up bar"
"Hands up bar"

4. Meet the New Year with Yuri Loza in Villa Della Pasta

Where to celebrate the new year 2020 in retro style? The best "disco" hits of the 80-90x and the 2000s will again sound, as in the good old days in the restaurant "Villa Pasta" December 31, 2019. The company to all those present guests will be Yuri Lose and the Jam Group. Make sure not to be bored! A welcoming atmosphere and retro spirit will reign on New Year's Eve in this institution. Barteners will in turn please with interesting cocktails. The kitchen is represented by the Italian and European menu. Attentive staff will take care that everyone is cozy and comfortable. The program includes the dance show ballet numbers, master classes, an illusion show and not only. It will not be here and without light summers and special effects. Enters the program and congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. There is also a thematic photowon. Thanks to which everyone can make bright and memorable snapshots. Here you can experience the atmosphere of the 80-90s and fun to celebrate the New Year in Moscow.

  • Address: ul. Pyatnitskaya, 26.
  • Event time: December 31, from 22.00 to 2.00
  • Cost: 10 000 rubles
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (999) 123 45 67
Meet the New Year with Yuri Loza in Villa Della Pasta
Meet the New Year with Yuri Loza in Villa Della Pasta

5. Silver forest in Bekasovo

On December 31, the Silver Forest program can be reached in the Bekasovo Recreation Complex. From December 31 to January 3, the Silver Forest program can be found. Here you can enjoy winter landscapes, fresh frosty air and snow-covered trees, when looking at which it seems that they are saturated with silver. This place is great to organize New Year's corporate or family vacation. There will be no shine of the New Year tree, live music, congratulations to Santa Claus and the stall glasses with champagne. Delicious and appetizing dishes prepared by a restaurant chef. The atmosphere here will be located to dancing, singing and laughter. Also, the program includes a photowon - which means that bright pictures are guaranteed! If you wonder where to celebrate the New Year to be fun and tasty, book places in "Bekasovo". Here you can not only sit at the table and dance, but also ride musical rink , snowballs and not only. It will not be no longer noisy street rouls with hot snacks and warming drinks.

  • Cost: 29 850 - 226 500 rubles
  • Address: MSK, p. Naro-Fominsk
Silver Forest in Bekasovo
Silver Forest in Bekasovo

6. "Peace"

New Year's Eve in Moscow in the Banquet Hall "The World" promises to be fun and memorable. You are waiting for trotherovnev building , with an area of ​​1,500 m2. Thanks to the modern technical equipment, any event, spent here, make bright and enchanting. On New Year's Eve you will find a memorable show that will not cost without special effects and surprises. Guests will see different numbers from which the Spirit captures. There will be acrobatic performances, and dancing. Enters the program and light show from Bionica Show and Va Show. You can also listen to the songs of the Caver Group. Such a festive atmosphere DJ Sviridov. Without the lead, which will make it so that the holiday in the Banquet Hall "The World" passed with a bang. To celebrate the New Year 2020 in Moscow in the Banquet Hall of the World, you should book an institution in advance.

  • Address: Colored Boulevard, 11, p. 2
  • Kitchen: European
  • Cost: 25 000 - 45000 rubles

7. New Year on the 90th floor

The most interesting on New Year's Eve in Moscow will occur on the open roof of the tower. Of course, a bar will be organized and a bar where you can warm up. Here you can celebrate New Year's corporate together with DJ, Santa Claus, Animators and Artists. There will be hot snacks and drinks. There will also be a large monitor so that all guests can see and hear the president's festive speech. At the site, you can admire and make photos with ice sculptures. Rising to the 90th floor (and whether you know that this is the highest platform in Europe), your gaze will open a festive city with its New Year scenery, bright Christmas trees and merry inhabitants. Excursion in Moscow at the height of a bird's-friendly promises to be interesting! The roof is safe and equipped for visiting. Access to children (6+) is also open. Limited number of seats. Therefore, we hurry, book places to unusually and interesting to celebrate the New Year 2020 in Moscow.

  • Address: Presnenskaya Embankment 2
  • Start: December 31 from 23.00
New Year on the 90th floor
New Year on the 90th floor

8. "Victoria"

In the banquet hall "Victoria" you can relax, relax and open dishes from Russian, European and oriental cuisine. Guests are offered two halls to choose from - 80 and 250 people. The New Year's program, organized by the lead, includes congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, Linda Show, the performance of the twin of Philip Kirkorov. There will also be an illusion show and disco . It does not cost both the New Year Lottery with prizes and gifts. Also in the DJ and animators program. A sparkling Christmas tree will once again recall that this New Year's Eve in Moscow.

  • Start at 22.00
  • Cost - 7,500 rubles (included: drinks, snacks, dishes)
  • Address: Ryazan Prospekt, 22

9. Gallery.

Where to celebrate the New Year to feel like a movie? Boldly go to the "Gallery" at the Film Festival. Here, the Hollywood atmosphere creates and support the sound tracks from famous films. You, in turn, find yourself in the spotlight, will be under the outbursts of the camera. You will be able to feel, what is the star. Evening will open the lead. The entertainment program includes bright and memorable show-ballet, fantastic illusion numbers, LED neon shows. You will also see the Gypsy Tabor, the performance of the Caver Group. There will be a fabulous tree, and fireworks. Will not cost both contests with gifts. It will also be possible to make bright and memorable photos - for this there will be a photowon where you can become a divorce blockbuster. Here you will pour champagne river, there will be dancing until the morning. Here you charge positive energy for the whole year. Here you can celebrate the new year inexpensive and fun!

  • Ticket price - 6000 rubles
  • Children under 3 years old - free
  • Collection of guests - from 22.00
  • Starting program - 23.00

10. "BUAR"

Do you want to memorize the New Year's Eve in Moscow? If your plans have fun in the comfort and comfort, celebrate the new 2020, then safely book places in the restaurant "Bouar". Here the atmosphere has to rest and aesthetic pleasure. It wants to consider each detail - stucco and painting on the ceiling, bends of sofas, bright upholstery of furniture, walls decorated with paintings and not only. New Year's program includes congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, playing the prize (50 inches TV), gifts to children. You can also sing in karaoke , and play a win-win lottery. The kitchen is represented by the eastern, European and Russian menu. The chef will delight you with a festive feast - there will be a keet with a chicken roll, and herring "under a fur coat", and Salad "Olivier", as well as many other beloved and familiar dishes from children's times.

  • Price per person - 7 000 rubles
  • Address - ul. Nizhny Novgorod, 32 p. 5

Here you can relax my family, and you can arrange corporate on the New Year. The holiday promises to be fun and interesting!


11. "Balti Rossi"

In your goal to hold New Year's corporate so that it remember him for a long time? Then you certainly stands together with Leonardo da Vinci straight on New Year's Eve to go on a trip to the Italian cities of the Renaissance. Together with the young inventor, you walk on colorful neapol. Wait in North America. Together with the hero we will survive the range of different emotions, return to his native Florence and will celebrate on the New Year's ball. The interior of the restaurant in which an immersive theatrical performance will be held, will create an atmosphere of full immersion in the events of the Renaissance era. The chef E. Monzhillo will provide real feast guests waiting for a whole table of various gastronomic masterpieces.

  • Collection of guests: 22.00
  • Cost: 25 000 - 45 000 rubles
  • Kitchen: Mediterranean, Fish, Italian
  • Address: Kudrinskaya pl. one

Restaurant Balzi Rossi is a great place for those who wish to celebrate the New Year in Moscow, so that he really remember and become a bright event in the new year. Fill life memorable positive moments. Do so that every holiday is bright!

"Balsei Rossi"
"Balsei Rossi"

12. Chalet Country Club

Restaurant Chalet Country Club offers to celebrate the new year inexpensively and tasty in the alpine chalet atmosphere. Missing here exactly do not have to! Guests on December 31 waiting for a show program with prizes and fireworks. In the courtyard there will be an elegant Christmas tree, near which you can make a photo, and hot mulled wine / tea drink, enjoying the New Year's atmosphere. Also, the program includes a solemn removal of a basin with Olivier. It will not be without feast, and the speech of the president. A restaurant vocalist will delight guests with New Year's hits, which are known to everyone. In turn, the presenter will not let you get bored, because in his arsenal a large set of ready-made jokes. Will not cost and without dances. January first, continued banquet! You can visit the Spa Complex and play a billiards tournament, as well as to bite the alpine oars and warm up with Mulled wine. Fit restaurant for corporate party and family holidays. Allow yourself to relax so that the soul sang and danced, and the stomach was full and satisfied!

  • Address: Leningrad Highway, 303
  • Telephone for communication: 8 499 288 68 12
  • Kitchen: French, European, Italian
Chalet Country Club.
Chalet Country Club.

13. Great Room Moscow

Restaurant with author and European cuisine Great Room Moscow offers together to meet New Year. Start: December 31 at 22.00. Gala dinner is waiting for a buffet format. Finishing the New Year's Eve entertainment program with leading, congratulations and the fight of the Kremlin chimes on large monitors. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden will add a festive atmosphere. Together with them, guests will play the lottery and receive prizes. Dancing all night! Here you can celebrate the new year inexpensive and fun.

Ticket price:

  • Adult - 6,900 rubles
  • Children from 6 to 14 years old - 4500 rubles
  • Children under 6 years old - admission is free

The invitation price includes snacks and sparkling wine (they will be submitted at the beginning of the evening), as well as a buffet with a large selection of dishes, a bar without restrictions and a festive program. Parking is also provided on the territory of the complex. Fit restaurant for corporate party and family new year.

  • Address: Left Bank 12
  • Kitchen: Author's, European
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (495) 258 11 40
Great Room Moscow.
Great Room Moscow.

14. Karaoke club "Galaxy"

Karaoke club "Galaxy" invites you on December 31 to make fun New Year's corporate. Show program "New Year in Style ..":

  • 2nd floor. Leading Denis Smirnov will make it fun to be fun. Here on New Year's Eve, the tournament will be held Bowling , and karaoke competitions. There will be contests, and therefore will not cost and without prizes. New Year's dance and dancing on the bar rack are guaranteed!
  • 3rd floor. Together with the leading Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden, let's go on a fabulous journey, towards the new 2020. The program includes competitions Bowling and karaoke. Also perform a Caver Group "Unnikum". Without dancing, do not do here!

All seven rooms are equipped with modern equipment (sound, light, DJ), which allows you to organize bright and memorable activities. Guests are waiting for a cozy atmosphere, a delicious menu and low prices - from 3500 per person. This is a great place to organize a corporate party for the new year.

  • Location: ul. Academician Queen 8A
  • Kitchen: European, Russian, Italian, author

Torch, the number of places is limited! Book the places now!

Karaoke club "Galaxy"
Karaoke club "Galaxy"

15. New Year's Eve in Karaoke "Grammy"

Grammys karaoke is a premium institution. There is also a dance floor, and a large scene. The establishment is equipped by prof. Equipment and excellent sound technique. Here, from December 31 to January 1, this show will be organized for the new year. You will meet Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. There will be gifts. Fun will pour the river. All night can be for your favorite songs to accompany the old year and meet the new 2020.

  • Address: Kutuzovsky Prospekt 2/1 p. 6
  • Telephone for communication: +7 495 783 83 00
New Year
New Year's Eve in Karaoke "Grammy"

16. Beluga

Where to celebrate the New Year in a quiet and cozy atmosphere in Moscow? This question will answer the restaurant "Beluga". Guests are offered from 23.00 (fees at 22.00) December 31, start celebrating the coming new 2020. Guests are waiting for a luxurious and elegant atmosphere without noise and bustle. Brake, made in royal style emitting muted light, windows Red Square , quiet unobtrusive music, comfortable chairs - all this has a relaxing pastime. The event will be held at the highest level. The royal reception is guaranteed. Everything will be chinno and civilized, classically with royal scope. New Year's program includes dinner a la russe from the chef A. Kovalkova. It will be on the table and black caviar with champagne. Announ jazz evening performed by the AG Band group.

  • Invitation price: 35 000-50 000 rubles
  • Address: ul. Mokhovaya 15/1.
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (495) 901 03 36

New Year's Eve 2020 in the Moscow restaurant "Beluga" will be quiet and calm, but at the same time memorable.


17. "Turandot"

From December 31 to January 1, the restaurant "Turandot" turn into a fairy tale "Thousand and One Night", where without fun, glasses of champagne glasses, songs and dancing can not do. Guests can meet the new 2020 with celebrities and sing your favorite songs with them.

Guests are waiting for dinner of 6 dishes:

  • Silver cod under sauce - fingers license
  • Snacks from crabs - seafood lovers will appreciate
  • Duck breast with frozen fruit - every gentleman must try this dish
  • Fruits and desserts will come to the soul and adults and children

Champagne will pour the river. For children, a special entertainment program has been prepared. No one will be bored. Guests are offered to choose from one of the six halls - they are calculated to the company from 6 to 20 people. All rooms are modernly equipped - there are light and sound equipment.

  • Price: from 49,000 rubles
  • Address: Tver Boulevard, 26
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (495) 739 00 11

New Year's Eve in the restaurant "Turandot" promises to be hot, tasty and cheerful. Meet 2020 a fun and with a song surrounded by loved ones. A good mood will provide a presenter.


18. New Year's Eve at the Kazbek Georgian Cuisine Restaurant

Do not want to cook a festive dinner for the new year? But still, do you have the plans to eat and satisfy the New Year's Eve? Restaurant "Kazbek" - this is what you are looking for. Chefs of this establishment have something to surprise you. They will gladly satisfy all your gastronomic wishes and get acquainted with a delicious National Georgian cuisine. Georgians are very hospitable - they even want legends. Santa Claus, originally from Georgia, congratulates guests Happy New Year, saying a national toast. The program has and dancers that are broken into the dance and become the audience to their performance. Dance wanted to everyone! Show for the new year in this restaurant will be bright and cheerful. And rosy khachapuri, baking on firewood, pork ribs, red wine, cheese tartlets and other dishes will help squeeze hunger and give an excellent mood. There are dishes in the menu, which will also come up with both adults and children. And with the help of prof. Photographer, you can make bright pictures that will be a pleasant memories of the holiday. Please note that when booking places, a deposit should be made!

  • Address: ul. 1905, 2
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (495) 126 32 76

New Year's Eve 2020 in the Moscow restaurant "Kazbek" will be satisfying and cheerful!

New Year
New Year's Eve in the restaurant of Georgian cuisine "Kazbek"

19. New Year's Eve in the Grand Cafe "Dr. Zhivago "

In the very center of the capital of Russia with access to Red Square The Grand Cafe is located. Its credo is a unique atmosphere that has a cozy rest. From year to year, the restaurant pleases its visitors with compliments from administrators and bright decorations. On New Year's Eve, guests can experience the taste of elite champagne from France and enjoy the dishes of Russian cuisine. Moscow's showmen will entertain their guests so that the stomachs will shock from laughter. Competitions will be held. Without prizes it will not cost. Dancing and songs are also included in the program. Thanks to the modern equipment, the holiday will be held at the height. Special effects, a charming aura, high-quality sound, good food and delicious champagne - all this will allow guests to plunge into the world, where the New Year's fun reigns. New Year's Eve B. Cafe Dr. Zhivago will be remembered. And in order to accurately get into this restaurant, it is recommended to boo in advance - you can start it now.

  • Address: ul. Mokhovaya, 15 (the restaurant is located in the hotel "National" on the first floor)
  • Telephone for communication: +7 (499) 922 01 00

Here guests are waiting for this winter (December 31, 2019) with a bright entertainment program.

New Year
New Year's Eve in the Grand Cafe "Dr. Zhivago "

20. Bar "25:45"

Looking for a place in Moscow, where would you have fun to spend New Year's corporate or noted NG in a big and friendly company? Bar "25:45" is perfect. The interior is characterized by the presence of elements of an urban cafe. There is a hall that resembles a concert room. Going to the bar, you will have a stunning view of the capital of the Russian Federation. Guests are offered two halls - with karaoke and banquet. For guests prepared the program "Once in Hollywood". Whole evening and all night with you will be DJ and a Caver Group - together they will define the atmosphere and configure guests to the right way. No dance, competitions and gifts with surprises. Fun here will be not only adults, but also for children. For young guests prepared a separate room with animators. All evening with you will be prof. photographer. Therefore, boldly take pictures. The buffet will be opened from 22.00 to 6.00. The kitchen is represented by Japanese, European, Italian and Panasian dishes.

  • Address: ul. Large garden, 5
  • Price: Until December 1, you can buy a ticket with a 20% discount ticket.

Corporate on the New Year in the bar "25:45" promises to be memorable and cheerful. Torch to book places!

Bar "25:45"
Bar "25:45"

21. New Year's Eve in the restaurant "Stork"

The bourgeois restaurant "Stork" will become a win-win solution for those who wonder where to celebrate the new year with colleagues or in the company of friends, so that it is and fun and tasty, and so that you can talk. The three-storey mansion with panoramic windows will surprise you with its decoration. New Year's program will be chosen on the basis of your wishes. In the menu dishes from European cuisine. Submission to their exquisite. Chef is a true Italian. The peculiarity of this institution is a home paste and the use of farm products. It will not cost for the new year and without cheese, truffles and grilled meat. There is a private confectionery shop here, which means that sweet tooth will not be ignored.

  • Address: ul. Small brown 8/1.
  • Capacity: up to 100 people

Here you can and New Year's corporate in Moscow, the paddle is treated, and family leisure with dishes, for the preparation of which farms are used.

New Year
New Year's Eve in the restaurant "Stork"

22. New Year's Eve in Karaoke Empress Hall

This institution boasts a stylish interior, delicious cuisine with elite dishes and prof. Equipment. Here everyone can relax and soul and body. New Year's Eve here will be held in the style of "Venetian carnival". It will be hot, fun and tasty. From December 31 to January 1, karaoke club will turn into a real masquerade. In the program of incendiary dance show, rooms with stilts, congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, DJ. It will not cost and without a prizes draw. The main prize is the ASIA BEAUTI SPA premium car.

  • Ticket price: 8000- 10,000 rubles
  • Address: Peace Ave., 150

New Year's Eve in the Empress Hall restaurant promises to be colorful and cheerful!

New Year's Eve in Karaoke Empress Hall
New Year's Eve in Karaoke Empress Hall

23. Meet the new year 2020 in the restaurant "Noev Ark"

Arrange the corporate in Moscow in the style of the Blue Spark program - one of the most legendary TV shows that most citizens of our country are looking at December 31 to January 1. This New Year's Eve restaurant "Ark" offers together to be transferred to a well-known television program with a unique atmosphere and a unique style. Guests are waiting for a meeting with Denis Klyaver. The famous leading Roman Akimov will not let the public bored. In turn, Art Queens will allow you to experience a fabulous atmosphere for a while and experience stunning emotions. It will not cost and without congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden! As for the festive table, there will be a hearty, and low-calorie food, as well as an extensive map of alcoholic beverages. And there will be a raffle prizes. The gift will get every guest. Until morning disco with incendiary hits.

  • Reservation: +7 (495) 917 01 17
  • Address: Ivanovsky m. Per., 9
  • Cuisine: Author's, Russian, European

This is an excellent restaurant for a corporate party for the new year and family holiday!

Meet the new year 2020 in the restaurant "Noev Ark"
Meet the new year 2020 in the restaurant "Noev Ark"

24. New Year in the restaurant "Library"

This New Year's Eve restaurant "Library" will transfer its guests to the fabulous world. You are waiting for bright costumes, mysterious masks, dancing and music. It does not cost both contests with prizes and gifts.

New Year's program includes:

  • Illusion show
  • LED neon show
  • Theatrical light view
  • Gypsy Show
  • Caver Group
  • Fireworks

The program will lead a progress and cheerful lead, which can be done so that all guests have fun. It will not cost this New Year's Eve and without congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And in the restaurant you will find a fabulous menu, which will not leave anyone indifferent. What holiday without a lush feast?

  • Kitchen: Home, European and Caucasian
  • Address: ul. Novornovskaya 9.
  • Telephone for booking Tables: +7 (495) 776 01 01

New Year's Eve in the cafe "Library" will be held in a tsarist with chic and glitter, as well as with a satisfying and delicious menu. Tables will break away from the dick. Laughter will be heard everywhere. Bartenders are just doing that they manage to fill the glasses.

New Year in the restaurant "Library"
New Year in the restaurant "Library"

25. New Year in the Khachapuri Restaurant

In the restaurant "Khachapuri" you are organized by the exquisite New Year's dinner, which will be prepared in the best traditions of Georgian cuisine. The atmosphere of comfort and peace reigns here. New Year's Eve in the Khachapuri Restaurant will be delicious and comfortable. The festive program includes not only congratulations to Santa Claus and Snow Maiden, but also draw gifts. It will not cost and without the presence of DJ, which will take care that everyone has fun.

  • Address: Ryazan Ave., 34. Corp. 2.
  • Telephone for ordering tables: +7 (985) 410 15 80
  • Start of New Year's Eve: December 31 at 22.00
  • The cost of one ticket: 3 500 rubles.

Here you can organize New Year's corporate in Moscow, and a quiet family festive dinner. Will you wonder how to celebrate the new year so that everyone has fun? Dare! Choose a place suitable for all parameters and put the reservation! You can book a restaurant for a corporate party now.

New Year in the Khachapuri Restaurant
New Year in the Khachapuri Restaurant

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Advertising on the website

The end of November is the time to think about the plans for New Year's Eve 2020, while there is a choice of places and tickets. In the top of the seats for the meeting of the new 2020 - "steel" party at the Bay and Ice Bar and Ice In Gypsy, New Year's dinner overlooking the Kremlin in the building "National", a holiday on the roof of Moscow-City or on the motor ship River, as well as concerts of Zivert, Feduk and others. Also on the list included new locations, which Muscovites managed to love this year, for example, the New Year's Eve program is prepared in the "Central Market". The editorial office of Riamo studied the New Year programs of Moscow restaurants, clubs and bars and chose the most interesting.

Secret guest in the club "16 tons"

Official site of the club 16thton

The main surprise of New Year's night in the "16 tons" is a group that will perform at the festival. A team, loved by several generations, whose songs are familiar to everyone, will become a real gift for anyone who will gather to celebrate the holiday in this legendary place, promise organizers. You can learn more precisely on the chadliner by calling the club. The celebration will last until morning on January 1 and, in addition to the concert, includes a disco on two floors. The ticket price includes all dishes from the New Year's menu - from snacks, main dishes and desserts to unchanging champagne and other beverages.

Where: Club "16 tons"

Cost: from 5000 rubles without place

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Ice Party with Feduk in Gypsy

Musician page in the social network "VKontakte"

The New Year party Icy New Year in one of the main clubs in Moscow intrigues, first of all, Lainad - one of the main Internet stars of the last couple of years Feduk will perform here after the young R & B performer named Kina. There is no other information about the holiday yet, but tickets to the dance floor with a deposit of 3000 rubles - a great option to solve the problem of meeting the new 2020 quickly and without large financial investments.

Where: Club Gypsy

Cost: from 3000 rubles

Where to meet the new year 2020: how much corporate stands in Moscow and hotels in Moscow region >>

New Year's Eve 2020 in Sixty

Official site of the restaurant SIXTY

Another option of an unusual new year is the opportunity to celebrate it in the Panoramic Sixty Restaurant on the 62nd Floor of the Federation Tower in Moscow-City. The first night program is the performance of Comedy Battle finalists, the concert of Irina Dubzova and the VIA Gra Group. In the menu of the New Year's table - both traditional herring under the fur coat and Salad "Olivier" with cancer cervical cakes, and more unusual dishes like a beef sidewalk with a mousse of a shit with bits cucumbers or fua-gras with berries and an apple under Calvados sauce.

Where: Sixty species restaurant

Cost: from 35,000 rubles

How to come to yourself after the New Year holidays >>

New Year's Eve in the cafe " Dr. Zhivago "

Site Grand Cafe "Dr. Zhivago "

Those who have always dreamed of meeting the New Year in the center of Moscow and live to hear the battle of the Kraist, but without a crowd of tourists in a comfortable atmosphere, it's time to book a table in the Grand Cafe "Dr. Zhivago "in the building of the hotel" National ". It is provided with a view of the Kremlin, Salute and festive Moscow directly from the window. Santa Claus, Jazz and DJs, Competitions and Gifts from the leading are also waiting for guests. In the menu of the festive dinner - Russian cuisine dishes in the refined design: Red Caviar, branded olivago "Zhivago", salad with cancer cakes, freight in sour cream, chill from three types of meat, herring in a beet coat, as well as branded chatters "on teeth" And piers, and of course a festive cake.

Where: Grand Café "Dr. Zhivago ", ul. Moss, 15/1.

Cost: 35 thousand rubles, b Roton tables by phone 8-499-922-01-00

New Year on the roof of the Tower "OKO"



, Alexander Kojokhin

Another, more fiscal and even more "high" way to note the offensive of the new 2020 - a party at the highest observation site in Europe - on the 90th floor of Moscow City. Where else, as not here, you will have the opportunity to see all the New Year Salutes of the capital. In addition, in the holiday program - buffet, DJ performance, Santa Claus and Animators. The main action will occur on the open roof of the Tower "OKO", so it will be better to warm as it should, and it will be possible to warm up in a bar with hot drinks and snacks that are included in the ticket price. You can register for the event here.

Cost: from 9000 rubles in 2.5 hours (price until November 27)

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"Steel" party at the Raybar

Official site of the Bar "Beam"

Bar "Loose", famous for its company cocktails and the longest bar counter of Moscow, invites you to celebrate the new 2020 without a cold, herring under a fur coat and learned by heart and bored songs. Instead of them in the entertainment program, which will start at 22 o'clock and will last until the morning - performances of DJs Klerk and Lotos, Tofu groups and "bad quartet". The holiday menu is copyrighted dishes and famous cocktails. Dress code - silver color.

Where: Bar "Light"

Cost: 10 000 rubles

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Big New Year's Show with Zivert in Soho Rooms

Official SOHO Club Site

In Soho Rooms, the New Year will celebrate loud and beautiful, with gala dinner and traditional dishes, Soyo Dolls Snow Maiden's performance, Santa Claus, Circus Artists and Music Program. New 2020 For guests, the institution will begin with the concert of the ZIVERT singer, which was loved by the Life tracks, "Anesthesia", "Siai", "Sails", sung with Motom, and others.

Where: Club Soho Rooms.

Cost: Check on application in WhatsApp +7 985 364-37-30

How to lose weight after the New Year holidays >>

Happy New Fest in Izvestia Hall

Official site "Izvestia Hall"

Rock and Rolly Party Before the morning, romantic melancholics are arranged - the "Nerves" group in Izvestia, which is the name of their fans and friends - "past the universe", "Nancy", Favlav, Semenyak and other artists. Guests promise to sing favorite songs, make up and execute desires. The beginning of the parties at 21:00.

Where: KZ "Izvestia Hall"

Cost: from 1200 rubles (dance parquet), place at the table - 35 000

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Fantasy Party on Color Boulevard

For those who dream of a real winter fairy tale on New Year's Eve, one of the brightest and unusual New Year parties of the year will arrange in the Concert Hall "Mir" on the Color Boulevard - a trip to the fantasy world. In the program - shows with circus and acrobatic numbers and light ideas, musical performances of the Caver bands The Times Band and I Like, as well as DJ Sviridov. In addition to the entertainment program, the ticket price includes a buffet, festive dinner, unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Where: KZ "World"

Cost: from 25,000 rubles

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New Year on the ship

Department of Culture of the city of Moscow

Those who are tired of celebrating the new year at home or in a restaurant, it is worth trying an unusual option - a cruise on the Moscow River. In the program of parties on board the "Maestro" ship, which will last all night - view the salute near the walls of the Kremlin, shows with contests and discos, as well as a festive menu, you can familiarize yourself with in advance. In addition, on board can be brought with alcoholic beverages (with a check from the store). The walk will start from the berth "International Exhibition" on the Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment, from where the ship will go to the "Charity" park.

Cost: from 14590 rubles

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New Year in Rhythm Rock and Roll

Official site Rhythm & Blues Café

Fans of blues and rock and roll should pay attention to the Rhythm & Blues Café program. On New Year's Eve, the establishment of the institution is waiting for live music, disco with DJs, as well as interactive karaoke and speech by Pianist and singer Denis Majukov with a team. The cost of tickets include a menu and bar, as well as a photo session and contests with gifts.

Where: Rhythm & Blues Café

Cost: from 8000 rubles (price until December 1)

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New Year in the best traditions



, Anastasia Osipova

To all those who want to meet the New Year traditionally and in a family, it is worth paying attention to the program in Hilton Garden Inn on Krasnoselskaya. Here guests will be waiting for a musical and competitive program, drawing gifts and of course congratulations from the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus, which continue the disco. The ticket price includes New Year's buffet with hot dishes, snacks, desserts, as well as alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Where: Hilton Garden Inn Krasnoselskaya

Cost: 7500 rubles (children under 6 years old - for free, up to 12 years old - 50% discount)

How can you celebrate the new 2021 in Moscow? Which hotels and the restaurant is better to choose? What to do with children? We also give prices for accommodation, a festive banquet and tours to the capital.

In anticipation of the New Year, the radiant illuminating Moscow is transformed beyond recognition - a quick approach of the holiday is felt. Christmas fairs are working, the largest of them is organized on the Manege Square. In the parks lay ski tracks, pour rollers and raise ice towns, there are concerts and theatrical ideas. And, of course, the main decoration of the capital is a Christmas tree on Red Square. Thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital are striving for thousands of Muscovites and guests of the capital.

How to meet in Moscow New Year - 2021?

Every occurrence of the holiday is marked colorful Fireworks which can be seen not only on Red Square, but in many parks of the capital. Folk Walking Pass on the Poklonnaya Mountain, in the Gorky Park, at the VDNH and in other places. On New Year's Eve, transport works up to 3 in the morning, then a short break, and by 5 in the morning most people travel around.

The most crowded celebrations are held on Red Square . Thousands of Muscovites and tourists come to meet the most beloved people's holiday near the main Christmas tree of the country. The new year meeting program - 2021 in Moscow is traditional: under the battle of the chimes and salutes, people make a desire, congratulate each other and admire the laser show. There is a fair and ice rink.

If the weather does not allow you to celebrate a holiday on the street, you can order a table in one of the restaurants or nightclubs of Moscow. Panoramic restaurants are most popular, offering magnificent views of the night city, incendiary retro-parties and non-stop discos. The most romantic nature will be able to go to a small Night Cruise in Moscow River And meet the new 2021 on board the ship.

Popular excursions in Moscow

During the day you can go to the park , Visit one of the many festive events or go on a tour. In the parks you can ride skating, skiing, snowmobiles and even plunge into the corner. After January 1, it will be possible to visit the metropolitan museums and historical estates, some of which will be open to visitors for free. New Year holidays can be devoted to the most interesting places in Moscow.

All vacations are playing performances, ice and music shows. Theatrical ideas for children pass on Pushkin Square and Tver Boulevard: the kids compete in Kerling and ice hockey, artistic painting on icicles, participate in competitions and prize lotteries. How else to celebrate the new 2021 in Moscow with children? You can go to the Christmas tree or show.

встреча нового года в москве

(Photo: Katya_alagich / Flickr.com / License CC BY 2.0)

Weather in Moscow for New Year - 2021

At the end of December, a classic Russian winter with snow and small frosts usually reigns in Moscow: during the day -3 ... -5 ° C, at night to -10 ° C. Occasionally there will be thaws, and then instead of snow heats the small rain, but for walking it is worth getting warm.

Prices for New Year's holidays

New Year's meeting - 2021 Moscow will cost expensive, if you do not take care in advance about the hotel's booking and table in the restaurant. A day of stay in low-cost Moscow hotels in New Year's holidays cost from 3 to 15 thousand rubles for two, in the hostel - 400-600 rubles. for one. Festive night in a restaurant from 3 thousand rubles and above, on board the ship from 13 thousand. Eating inexpensively in Moscow can be in institutions of fast food, cafes or dining rooms, the average check will be 500 rubles.

Entrance rink tickets from 300 rubles., Ice shows - 400-600 rubles, in a nightclub - from 2 to 10 thousand rubles. Rental of skates costs 150-300 rubles.

как отметить новый год в москве

(Photo: -5Nap- / Flickr.com / CC BY 2.0 License)

What hotels in Moscow is better to meet the new year - 2021?

New Year's meeting in a good Moscow hotel prefers most of the guests of the capital. The range of hotels is wide: from low-budget hostels to five-star hotels located in the very center of the capital. Usually for the period New Year holidays in hotels there are special prices for accommodation, and in most of them the new year celebration is not limited to an ordinary banquet.

For example, in the famous Metropol Hotel, the New Year's Grand Ball is traditionally held with professional dancers and musicians. The meeting of the New Year in the hotel "National" is held in the halls overlooking the Kremlin and Tverskaya, the live music is playing, artists act, and after midnight the disco begins. Accommodation in hotels of this level will cost 15 thousand rubles per day for two, and the holiday tickets start from 25 thousand.

Good reviews Guest Complex "Izmailovo", offering comfortable accommodation in just 3 thousand rubles per day for two. So, the hotel in this complex "Gamma Delta" on the new 2021 offers dinner in a buffet format and a festive program with merry competitions and draws. The cost of the banquet is from 7 thousand rubles.

Tourists who wish to meet the New Year - 2021 on the main square of Moscow, the hotel "China City" is perfect. On holidays here you can rent a room for two from 4.5 thousand rubles a day, get a delicious breakfast and discount on spa services. Red Square can be reached in 10-15 minutes.

Prices for tours to Moscow to the new 2021

The cost is available for two people and relevant at the time of publication of the article.

If you do not want to spend time and effort to organize a holiday in Moscow for the new year, we advise you to purchase a tour. Vouchers to Moscow from St. Petersburg for New Year's dates are from 15 thousand rubles for two with accommodation in the hotel 3 * (5 nights, no meals). Prices for tours to hotel 4 * - from 22 thousand, 5 * - from 45 thousand rubles.

Tours from the regions are, of course, more expensive - so, prices for vouchers from Novosibirsk and Yekaterinburg above about 1.5-2 times. Before the new year, prices jump, so it is better to do the selection of the tour in advance. You can buy a ticket online on Travelata and Level.travel services - it is there that we find the most interesting offers of tour operators. If you do not know how to use them, read our detailed instructions.

отдых в москве на новый год

(Photo: Lonesome: Cycler / Flickr.com / License CC BY-SA 2.0)

New Year's meeting - 2021 in the Moscow Restaurant

ATTENTION: We will update your information about New Year's programs in restaurants when it becomes known.

A restaurant Il Canto. At Izmailovsky highway offers a festive show program with live music and show-ballet, karaoke and disco. The ticket costs from 2.5 thousand rubles. Relatively inexpensive celebration of the new 2021 in Moscow will cost visitors to the restaurant Tutta La Vita. On the Big Ordyanka, which comes guests with costume party. The entrance ticket is from 3.5 thousand rubles.

Original Mark New 2021 in Moscow offers an elite restaurant "Goussychoff" : Luxury interiors of a historic manor, dinner from a chef and a solemn removal of a basin with Olivier. Guests will entertain the artists of the Cabaret theater. Ticket price from 15 to 27 thousand rubles.

The most vivid impressions will receive those who will split into expensive suggestions of the pathoral panoramic restaurants of Moscow. it Sky Lounge. , Sixty. , White Rabbit. , "Clouds" other. Luxury furnishings, excellent cuisine, exciting views of Moscow and the music program with the participation of stars. Patus and very expensive: New Year's banquet in such an institution will cost 30 to 50 thousand rubles per person.

Where to eat in Vnukovo, Sheremetyevo and Domodedovo >>

рестораны в москве, где лучше встретить новый год

(Photo: Ermakov / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Tourist reviews about Moscow New Year holidays

According to the reviews of tourists, the idea of ​​the New Year's meeting on Red Square, with all its attractiveness, does not look so rosy in practice. Children with them are better not to take such events - already by 9-10 pm, the street movement is beginning to overlap, the subway often arise crops, and the crowds of people create long-line queues at the inlet through the metal detector. In this case, it is easier to order a taxi than to push in the subway.

Taken alcohol, most likely, will take away the alert guards, and it will be necessary to be very prone to bring it with you to the square. You can drink in advance to achieve Euphoria and in order to prevent colds (winter after all, on the street), but it is important not to rearrange, frankly drunk citizens do not pass.

Some tourists write in their reviews that they did not fall into the Red Square - they themselves did not stand the collisions or they were not allowed there because of a large number of people. Others came to the conclusion that it is better to meet a holiday in the hotel (restaurant) or on the street in your area: and calmer, and the pleasure of the holiday will be much more. Moscow offers hundreds of options to spend new 2021 unusual and fun. Why not take advantage of this opportunity?

Other options for meeting the New Year:

где отметить новый год в москве

(Photo: HNUMUS / Flickr.com / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The first photo: Paolo Crosetto / Commons.Wikimedia.org / CC by-SA 2.0.

The crisis is not easy. Few manage to pay off 41 ruble, even 42 not everyone. Restaurants are closed, gorgeous hotels are empty, top tenants come out with Tverskaya ... Well, if you are fine, and you are not ashamed for it? What to do in this situation? Where to celebrate the new year to an honest Muscovite?

There is still place in the capital where it is not ashamed to go to a decent person, not at risking to be in the crowd of commoners! Places where the sloping sexual accuracy of the national leader will overcome the glasses of the National leader and not a fake Asta from the Lyubertsy shop, but "Crystal", "Kliko" or at least "moiet."

I present to you top 10 places to celebrate the New Year in Moscow!


the Red Square

This year will be closed for most Muscovites. Due to the shooting of the New Year's show of the first channel, it will be possible only by invitation. Project "Active Citizen" the other day


3000 tickets to the square, and now especially active citizens sell them on Avito at a price of 1000 to


rubles. In addition, rumors went that the cost of New Year's skating on the GUM rink will be 2016 rubles, but due to the "light"

Session canceled


But on the Red Square there will be several zones. The coolest thing is near the GUM, where guests will entertain Kirkorov. They say that the mayor of Sobyanin himself will walk in Santa Claus costume on Red Square and congratulate the elected Muscovites.

9. New Year's show "New fixes and miracles with Masha" in

"Crocus City Hall"


35 000 rubles

For Premium Parter (Triple Sofa).

"In the fairy-tale megashow you will be expecting: • The most popular characters of modern children's cartoons and the heroes of classic Russian fairy tales in a new reading! • You will not believe your eyes when a giant 6-meter will fly over you ... However, you will only learn about Megashou! Two amazing surprise are waiting for you! • Famous artists in the most unexpected roles • Flying stupa with a Baba-Yaga and walking on the scene of the hut on the couch legs • Fantastic laser show • White horse, Orel, Kozlov and other cute animals • New Original Music: All Songs Written specifically for the show! • Delightful author's costumes • New exclusive rooms: Each dance and every trick are performed for the first time! • Incredibly large-scale interactive games with the audience: every child will feel like a full participant in the presentation! "

8. Night B.

Lotte Hotel Moscow.

(Restaurant Menu) with Soso Pavliashvili and three species "Olivier" -

45 000 rubles


Special offer for accommodation includes: • New Year's dinner in the Russian style in the Menu restaurant with an entertainment show: Soso Pavliashvili concert, performing a Caver Group "Grammy", as well as gifts for every guest from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden • Festive brunch in Menu restaurant January 1 2016 • Free Underground Parking • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel • Access to the fitness center, Swimming pool, Mandara SPA thermal complex with sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and silk bath

7. Party at the hotel Radisson Royal


(Buono restaurant) under Natasha Koroleva songs and Ottawan groups - up to

50 000 rubles

Over the table in the Common Hall.

"With the coming new year, the guests will congratulate the real star of the 90s - Natasha Queen." Yellow tulips "," Blue Swans "," Little Country "and other songs know and love adults and children. With the appearance on the stage of the OtTawan group on the dance floor, always It becomes closely! The most successful and demanded musical team of the disco era, one of the most popular bands of the 80s. The secret of their phenomenal success lies in not losing its relevance of golden hits: "Hands Up", "Disco" and "Crazy Music". Employment And the style of R de Ruinart is ideal as an aperitif and perfectly combined with many dishes of Italian cuisine. The ideal accompaniment of dinner will be the water S. Pellegrino and Aqua Panna. The festive menu from the Chef Cristian Lorentzini is a real gastronomic kaleidoscope. Fruits, caviar, oysters , variety of cold and hot snacks, hot meat and fish dishes and festive New Year's cake! "

6. New Year with Eva Polyan and Dima Malikov in the restaurant


In the tower "Federation" -

50 000 rubles

For place in the big hall.

"Sixty's highest restaurant in Europe planned a holiday program on New Year's Eve and is waiting for guests on December 31, from 22.00 Evallement Parades. Eva Polna and Dima Malikov, who will perform all their popular songs, and maintain the degree of fun at the proper level will be Via Fusion Band. The holiday will pass with the support of the house of champagne wines MOOT & CHANDON


5. New Year's Eve in the yacht restaurant



up to 55 thousand rubles

For a place at the table mainly.

"You are waiting for a saturated music program! Since the holiday, such popular artists, as a disco accident, Ottawan and New Gems, without hits of which no New Year's celebration will be received! The little ones will come to congratulate the real Santa Claus and Snow Maiden !!!"

4. New Year's "Grand Ball" in


- before

65 000 rubles

(Category A Tickets: Place at the table, Gala dinner and drinks).

"In the Ball New Year's Eve program: • Dance-Land jazz orchestra Seeds of Milshtein • Dance program with the main dancer Bala Leonid Pletnev and the famous midnight cadrill • Gala concert with the participation of musical stars (Dmitry Ermak, Natalia Bystrov, Valery Lanskaya ... ) • Exquisite gala dinner with culinary masterpieces from the chef "Metropol" • Drawing of the New Year Lottery • Special children's program in the "Red Hall"

3. Speech by Anna Sedokova in

Soho Rooms.

. Deposit for two persons menu of the kitchen and bar and the New Year's program) for

122 000 rubles


"The ringing of glasses and the heat of fireplaces, the brilliance of evening dresses and smiles of friends. Solemn gala dinner, Snow Maiden Soho Dolls and Santa Claus, Dj's and a big New Year's SOHO Show! And Cherry on this cake is a concert with the unique Anna Sedokova!"

2. New Year's Eve for two in the hotel


with accommodation and dinner in O2 Lounge and Club Living Room -

150 000 rubles


"The Ritz-Carlton Hotel has developed three festive scenarios. In O2 Lounge, dinner of five innings will prepare famous Floran Kurril. The restaurant Café Russe will cover the New Year's buffet. Another evening is organized in the club living room. All three New Year offers include accommodation. For one night in the hotel rooms, late breakfast and visiting the hotel's spa.

, - Write "Vedomosti".

1. Restaurant


: VIP for

189 000 rubles

, the table in the main hall is 69,000 rubles, a special children's program - 29,000 rubles.

"The atmosphere of Bondian will be recreated in the smallest details. We will reveal only some: a welcome cocktail - a favorite drink of James Bonda - Vodka Martini, and then guests will be offered an elite Polish vodka Belvedere, which the agent prefers to drink in a new film Spectr 2015. The authors will be a gastronomic decoration. Menu from Chef Dmitry Yeremeeva, designed specifically for New Year's Eve. Guests will be offered a set-menu from 5 positions and, of course, champagne from Veuve Clicquot. The culmination of the evening will be part in a special secret mission from its majesty - the lottery for guests restaurant "


Go to a festive concert or order a New Year's dinner in a restaurant? Or all night walk in Moscow and meet the new year on the embankment of the Moscow River, admiring the salute? And you can all combine it! Poster KP tells where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow 2021, if you decide to change the home furnishings on something else.

How will the new year in Moscow be held during the coronavirus period

The restrictions introduced in the capital do not mean that you need to cancel the new year and cry. It is just necessary to spend differently. We tell how exactly


Theon Konartze

The "Charity" concert hall invites the last in the past year the concert - December 31, 2020, the scene will be released by the inimitable theon Konprondsee - the star of the cult musical Metro, Jazz-Punk Div, unique in its kind and as an artist, and as a musical producer, and as a musician.

Photo: zaryadyehall.com.

In "Charity" admitted that they thought for a long time? What concert to complete this difficult year and decided to arrange a real "holiday of disobedience"! The temperamental and charismatic vocalist will perform their branded numbers, will give a great mood with which after the concert you will go to celebrate New Year 2021.

Where: KZ "Charity", ul. Barbarka, DDLD. 6, p. 4 When: December 31, 19.00 Ticket price: From 3500 to 7000 rubles.

New Year's concert in the conservatory

To listen to excellent music on the eve of the New Year's meeting invites Moscow Conservatory. On December 31, several festive concerts and day, and in the evening. Choose, in which hall will go. The concert symphony orchestra of the Moscow Conservatory will perform in the Big Hall under the control of the Azima Karimov conductor. The soloist of the Bolshoi Theater Evgenia Segenyuk will perform in the small hall within the framework of the New Year in the Conservatory, the soloists Mamta Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Elena Razdkova and Nikolai Erookhin and other talented musicians. The works of Strauss, Glinka, Tchaikovsky, Rakhmaninov, Dunaevsky and many other composers will be performed. Rakhmaninovsky Hall invites to the music cabinet, and the program "Following the heroes of the Magic Flute" will be held in the Yankovsky Hall, which will hold a Honored Artist of Russia, Professor Mikhail Nikashichi (Piano).

Where: Moscow Conservatory, Big Nikitskaya Street, 13 When: December 31, the beginning of evening concerts at 19.00 Ticket price: from 300 to 5000 rubles.

Concert "City Jazz" in Automashee

In Automasome "Motors of October" on December 31, one of the most famous pop jazz groups of Russia Jazz Dance Orchestra will perform. There are two performances. At the concert among the rarest cars, hits of popular music, bright New Year's songs, hip-hop, rock, American jazz, Russian folklore and much more. In the repertoire of the Michael Jackson hits, Rihanna, Moby, Black Eyed Peas, Abba, Deep Purple, Modern Talking, Ace Of Base, Pussycat Dolls, their orchestra plays as if they were written in the distant 1930s. As well as the famous Russian folk songs in the original version. "In the field of Bereza stood", "Oh, blooming Kalina", "Valenki" and others. A unique team will have to do any audience.

Photo: Automuseum.ru.

Where: Museum "Motors of October", Scooter Street, 4C34 When: December 31 at 17.00 and 19.00 Prices: 2000-3000 rubles

New Year in restaurants

Change home furnishings on a cozy restaurant for meeting a new year - also a good idea. Despite the introduced restrictions - we will remind, restaurants can only work until 23.00 - most of the establishments did not cancel the festive programs, but adjusted them, moved early on an earlier term. On December 31, restaurants invite guests not by 20.00, but, as a rule, by 18.00.

"Starry Sky" in the center of Moscow for the new year: instead of butterflies sparkle snowflakes and jellyfish

Perhaps one of the most spectacular chips in the night city is the "Star Sky". These are light installations in the form of garlands stretched between houses. Tell me where to go for the best photos

In addition to the festive menu and surprises on the New Year's Eve, the entertainment program, the performances of Caver Group and much more are waiting for guests. The cost of New Year's night in the restaurant varies depending on the institution selected menu, programs. On average, you can count on a deposit from 4-6 thousand rubles per person. In it, as a rule, entering the main dishes of the festive menu and alcohol.

And although exactly at midnight with a glass of champagne to meet the New Year in the restaurant will not work, it is possible to spend time in a pleasant company for a delicious table, and then go to walk around in high-quality Moscow and watch salute.

Where: Restaurants and bars of Moscow When: December 31 from 17-18 hours until 23.00. Prices: from 4 thousand rubles

New Year on the streets of Moscow

Many residents and guests of the capital on New Year's Eve do not want to be limited only by gatherings at the festive table. This option is to celebrate the New Year on the streets of Moscow. They are incredibly beautiful during this period. And although the massive festivities this time on New Year's Eve on the streets are not planned, you can myself to make a festive route in beauty-Moscow, stocking thermos with hot tea or mulled wine and how to charge the phone to have enough for many, many photos.

The most beautiful streets - in the center of Moscow. On Tverskaya, Pushkin Squares and the Square of the Revolution, in Changer and Newspaper Lanes, Novopushkinsky Square again sparkled openwork light arches from rave luminous garlands. You can walk under the "star sky" and make beautiful photos. Beautiful festive structures appeared on the Manege Square and a beautiful Christmas tree with a height of about 12 meters. And on Poklonnaya Mountain installed a giant New Year's ball weighing 35 tons!

You can also look into the Park "Charity" - it will be possible to walk in it all New Year's Eve. Pavilions on December 31 will work from 10.00 to 20.00. At the VDNH also on the last day of the year there will be a cafe and restaurants (but not later 22.00), rink - until 22.00, some pavilions - until 17.00-19.00.

And on December 31, and on all the days of the New Year holidays, every guest - from Mala to Velika - will be able to find entertainment in the main exhibition in the soul, and fabulous illumination and musical accompaniment will be able to feel the holiday fully. We tell how VDNH will work on holidays.

As for the Red Square, it will be opened on New Year's Eve. So you can safely make a desire, standing on her for the battle of the chimes. True, the skating rink on the square on December 31 will work until 18.15, and GUM will close at 20.00.

Where: Central streets of Moscow When: On the night of December 31, on January 1,

How to decorate Moscow for the new year

Specialists of the complex of urban economy throughout the city have established light designs, garlands, dressed up Christmas trees. We tell how Moscow was dressed up for holidays, and what places will be the best for your photos.


Salute for the New Year in Moscow - the same tradition as a dressed Christmas tree. This is perhaps the brightest and special part of the holiday, which symbolizes that the new year has come. Salute in Moscow every year rattles on New Year's Eve on several sites. They are located in different districts of the capital so that all residents can admire the festive fireworks.

Photo: Sergey Kiselev / AGN "Moscow"

This year is also scheduled for a festive New Year Salute. According to preliminary information, the first firework will thunder over the center of the capital exactly at midnight - near Red Square, over a large Moskvoretsky bridge. It will last five minutes. But most of the platforms will be involved at one in the morning on January 1, 2021. By this time the New Year comes throughout Russia - from Kamchatka to Kaliningrad. The duration of each salute is about five minutes.

Important: If you go to watch salute, do not forget about safety rules. If possible, avoid crowds, observe the distance and wear a mask in public places.

Where: on 10 sites in different districts of Moscow When: on the night of December 31 on January 1.Free

New Year on the rink

Rollers in Moscow December 31, 2020 will work all day. True, some will reduce evening sessions and finish work a little earlier. It is known that skating on the gum rink on the Red Square can be 18.15. On January 1, 2021, the rink will open at 11.30. On the Luzhniki on December 31, 2020 there will be only one session - it will be possible to go skating from 16.30 to 19.00. Basically, we will remind, sessions on rinks in Moscow ends at 22.00-23.00.

The actual work of rinks on a festive day, December 31, 2020, should be clarified by the administration. Recall that you can go skating in the capital as a fee and free. Read more about ice platforms - their work, visiting rules, entertainment and prices, read in a large review of the CP posters.

Where you can go skating in Moscow

New Year's holidays - a great time for outdoor activities. Go to the rollers with the whole family. Ice platforms opened in different parts of Moscow. Poster KP tells how the metropolitan rollers work and which services offer.

New Year on the roof of Moscow-City

If you were looking for some special place to meet the New Year 2021, then, perhaps, it is! Muscovites invite to celebrate the holiday at the highest viewing platform of Europe - on the roof of Moscow City. To celebrate the New Year, 2 levels will be reserved on the top of the tower - an open roof and upper floor, which is a terrace with glass walls. A huge monitor will be installed on an open roof so that guests can hear the president's congratulation, before and after midnight will be a Caver Group here, a dance floor will be organized. From the roof of the tower you can see the entire capital in her festive dress and, of course, New Year's salutes. Plus - congratulations from Santa Claus and Snow Maiden. And at the lower level it will be possible to warm up and eat in the warm bar. The organizers note that the number of places is strictly limited, so that all participants can accommodate on the roof in compliance with all security measures. Therefore, a preliminary registration is necessary for the event.

Where: Moscow City, 1st Krasnogvardeysky Travel 21c2. Exit №2 from m. International (will open all night). When: From 23:00 December 31, 2020 to 2:00 on January 1, 2021, meeting guests begins at 22.30. Prices: from 7900 rubles.

New Year on the cable car

Another option is not standard to celebrate the New Year - on the height of a bird's-friendly overlooking the night Moscow from the cable car. On New Year's Eve, it will work on December 31 from 11 am to 5 am on January 1. To skate on the cable car, only as possible, the cabin can ride only passengers of one company or family. Visitors must be masked and gloves, comply with the social distance. In addition, the booths will be processed by special means.

Where to celebrate the New Year in Moscow

Where: Канатная дорога, улица Косыгина, 28 When: с 11.00 31 декабря 2020 до 5:00 1 января 2021.Prices: от 300 рублей.

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