Yellow nail - reasons and how to get rid of

The yellowing of the nail plate is a cosmetic defect that can serve as an indicator of the problems of the body. We understand why yellowing your nails, how to disguise an unpleasant deviation and how to cure the cause.

Symptom of yellow nails

Symptoms of yellow nails

Yellow nails are rarely an independent disease and are usually accompanied by a number of additional manifestations:

  • changes in the structure of the nail plate - thickening, thinning, roughness, fragility;
  • growth slowdown;
  • inflammation of the side rollers;
  • Signs of an allergic reaction - redness of near-gas rollers, their inflammatory swelling, small rash, itching;
  • Worsening of well-being in the form of dizziness, migraine, decline of forces.

The intensity of these signs directly depends on the causes of yellowing.

Using low-quality coating materials

The use of low-quality materials

The most common cause of yellowing is the reaction to the composition of decorative coatings. You can see the yellowed after using funds with such components:

  • formaldehyde and its derivatives . Formaldehyde - a carcinogenic substance having a property of accumulating in the body and with time to influence the structure, color, nail integrity;
  • toluene affects the liver work, which, turn, is reflected in the state of nail plates and skin;
  • camphor oil It also affects the liver, is a powerful allergen.

Under the dense layer of coating, especially in the presence of middle details, pathogenic microorganisms may develop. Yellowing is often observed in women systematically wearing one coverage of more than 4 weeks.

Lyudmila Shevelev

Lyudmila Shevelev

Doctor, pharmacist

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Perhaps these are the most "harmless" reasons for the yellowing of the nails. Refusal to use such funds will allow you to restore the natural color of the plate over time. Of course, if they did not have time to provoke serious damage to the liver.

Lack of vitamins

Shooting nails due to lack of vitamins

Avitaminosis is often reflected in the state of nails - if they are years old, it can talk about a shortage:

  • tocopherol - vitamin E . This vitamin regulates metabolic processes, improves the protective properties of the nail and provides sufficient moisture. To replenish the lack of tocopherol, add fish, avocado, spinach into diet;
  • Calciferol - Vitamin D . You can get it while walking in the fresh air - Vitamin is contained in the sunlight. Calciferol helps to assimilate calcium;
  • Ascorbic acid - vitamin C . Ascorbic acid returns nails healthy color. Its natural sources are rosehip fruits, black and red currant, Bulgarian pepper, parsley greens, white cabbage;
  • Biotin - Vitamin B7 or H . Activates the protective functions of the body, helps in the assimilation of the vitamins of the group B, and also participates in the production of hemoglobin. Biotin is a lot of beef liver, kidneys, soy, as well as in many nuts.

Internal reasons

Internal reasons for yellowing nails

Problems and malfunctions in the work of the body are manifested on the nails gradually, affecting their structure, shape and color.


Lymphostasis is characterized by the delay in the lymphatic fluid and its appeal. His symptoms are growing for several years, and the nail quickly loses the ability to increase. In addition to changing the color of the nail plate with pink to yellow, the disease also signals:

  • an increase in lymph nodes;
  • dizziness and headaches;
  • Itching skin;
  • Edema extremities.

For the normal operation of the lymphatic system, the work of sings is necessary, that is, physical exertion. Excellent prevention will be swimming, the Scandinavian walking, reception of plant immunostimulants, for example, Echinacea.

Oncological diseases

Tumors violate metabolic processes, preventing normal blood circulation and the transportation of nutrients.

With oncology, the nail plate slows down in growth and changes the color, the hole and eponylicue disappears. The malignant neoplasm "plays" the nails, taking the calcium and phosphorus to him so much.


Usually onhog influences the presence of pathologies in the body, for example, complications for diabetes mellitus.

Lyudmila Shevelev

Lyudmila Shevelev

Doctor, pharmacist

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With the placement of the primary diagnosis, doctors will not slow - the nail becomes like a griffin claw. At an early stage, it thickens, loses the transparency, painted in dirty-yellow tones, twisted and even grows into the skin. In the absence of treatment, the plate is twisted.


What is onodstrophya

Onodstrophia is a disease associated with violation of metabolic processes. Fragility and slow growth is added to the yellowing of the nails. The color of the nail plate in the case of it is located, it can be from yellow to brownish yellow. Pathology is also visually manifested by turbidity, thinning, bundle, roughness of nail plates.

Onodidrophy, in turn, signals the presence of another disease (congenital or acquired), for example:

  • syphilis;
  • measles;
  • dysentery;
  • abdominal typhoid;
  • Varicose.


Sometimes psoriasis develops almost imperceptibly, the first time does not hit the skin. At first, to determine the presence of the disease can help your nails. Most often such manifestations are observed:

  • yellowing accompanied by nail plate turbidity;
  • At the side rollers, the nail plate can be partially or completely refund from the bed;
  • The appearance under the nails of hemorrhages, staining nail in black, bluish or crimson color.
Lyudmila Shevelev

Lyudmila Shevelev

Doctor, pharmacist

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The first uncomfortable sensations arise as nail thinning, its separation from the bed. Usually these are twigging pain and unbearable itching. To keep in mind that with involuntary skin combing it can be damaged. In the microcrain, golden and epidermal staphylococcis are introduced, causing a heavy infectious inflammatory process.

Fungal infection

Shooting nails due to fungal infection

The second prevalence is caused after the use of low-quality materials. Onichomicosis is most often starting with the legs and strikes the nails on the thumbs. On the hands of the fungus develops rarely, however, it can be moved to the brush in the absence of treatment.

What indicates a developed infection:

  • Belecomb strips and specks against the background of a common yellow background;
  • loss of shine and transparency;
  • stratification, nail deformation;
  • pronounced pain when dischapping the plate from the nail bed;
  • Resistant unpleasant odor.

With fungal infection, the nail not only changes the color, but it can thicken or critically thin - everything depends on the type of fungus.

Lung disease

Any deviations in the work of the lungs, including tuberculosis, significantly reduce immunity, violate the metabolism. The body in this case begins to strengthen with the occurrence of the disease, leaving "for later" the care of nails, hair and other secondary parts of the body.

For pulmonary diseases is characteristic :

  • difficulty breathing;
  • Pain in the chest;
  • Cough, sometimes with blood discharge.

Nails are usually yellow in the stage of active development of the disease. Often, the diagnosis of pulmonary diseases is possible before the appearance of yellowing plates.

Temporary yellowing

Tetracycline with temporary yellowing

The temporary change in the color of the nail plate with pink to yellowish can be caused:

  • Durable drug intake - drug intoxication . Nails can be sealed after tetracycline antibiotic courses, doxycylin, ciprofloxacin. In this case, the yellowing is temporary and disappears unexpectedly, as appears. Usually, within 2-3 weeks, when the medicine completely dismisses;
  • smoking . Smoking is an external reason, as the fingers and nails are painted due to contact with the tobacco smoke with admixture of nicotine and resins. Disappears yellowing after thorough hand washing;
  • The impact of household chemicals . Yellowing can develop due to contact with aggressive chemistry used during home cleaning. Such yellowed also passes on their own in a couple of days; Impact of household chemicals on nails
  • Excessive use of strong black tea or coffee . It is, of course, not about 2-3 cups per day, but about exceeding this amount by 2-3 times. Black tea and coffee have a pigment that can paint teeth and nails;
  • Contact with iodine-containing products , for example, green walnut. Walnut can paint nails in color from yellowish to black.

Determination of the cause of yellow nails

Determination of the cause of a yellow nail
  • Provide a visual inspection . Determine the intensity of the color and the state of the nails in general. As already mentioned, during yellowing, other symptoms associated with the change in the structure of the nail plate are often appear;
  • Analyze your actions over the past few days . Perhaps you only ended the course of antibiotics or placed on coffee;
  • In case none of the reasons for temporary yellowing has the place in your case, sign up for a dermatologist .
Dermatologist's doctor examination

After an external inspection and collection of anamnesis, a dermatologist:

  1. Take the scraping for a microscopic study for fungal infection. If onichomicosis is confirmed, appoints appropriate treatment.
  2. Will write down the direction on fluorography to exclude tuberculosis;
  3. Will conduct a general blood test on glucose, cholesterol, as well as syphilis;
  4. Prescribes lymphography - X-ray-contrast study of the lymphatic system;
  5. Will write down the direction to the oncologist for consultation;
  6. With negative analyzes, it will recommend to pass blood to the level of vitamins.

Based on the results obtained, it will be diagnosed with appropriate treatment. In the case of severe diseases, such as syphilis or tuberculosis, do not engage in self-medication and clearly follow the instructions of the doctor - self-identity can lead to a deterioration in state and complications.


Treatment of yellowing nail

Treatment of yellowness requires an integrated examination. Any home methods apply only when the reason lies in:

  • Avitaminosis. At the same time, home and cosmetics are used as an additional method for receiving vitamin complexes;
  • the consequences of the use of low-quality coating materials;
  • temporary yellowing due to the reception of antibiotics, smoking, redundant coffee consumption and so on.

These listed cases are the most common causes of yellowing nail.

In other cases, treatment is required under the supervision of a dermatologist or another narrow specialist depending on the nature of the disease. In such situations, it is necessary to get rid of the cause, with the cure of which the yellowness will be disappeared.

  • With fungal infections, antifungal drugs are prescribed in the form of tablets (lamisyl, lowlander), varnishes (battresses, lamisyl), solutions (exoderyl);
  • Diabetes are prescribed specialized means to normalize the level of glucose;
  • Syphilis - outpatient treatment with injections, droppers and pills.

If no diseases were revealed during the examination, then try to resort to the help of cosmetic and folk methods of treatment of yellowness.

Cosmetical tools

Brigitte Bottier, restoring varnish from yellow nails

Brigitte Bottier, restoring varnish from yellow nails

Transparent lacquer for disguise with yellowness, which is a thin film. Due to the presence in the composition of algae, calcium and vitamin E extract, cares for nails, normalizes the air exchange and eliminates the yellowness, if it is not caused by internal causes.

Essence whitening

Essence whitening

The clarifier effect is achieved due to the inclusion in the composition of natural lemon extract. It can be used as a basic coating for a cosmetic varnish, in which case also acts as a nail plate protecting from pigmentation.

FRENCHI smart enamel nail bleach

Smart enamel, bleach

Active active whitening substance - Lyme extract. Contains an UV filter to prevent the penetration of ultraviolet rays. It is applied in 2 layers as an independent means and 1, as a base under color varnish.

Orly, Nail Whitener

Orly, Nail Whitener

Whitening means for dissolving water with subsequent adoption of the bath for 5 minutes. As part of citric acid and tea tree oil. After the bath, it is recommended to apply a basic coating or a colorless varnish to extend the effect of the drug.

Homemade means

Home Remedies from Nail Yellow

For whitening nails at home, baths, masks and lotions based on:

  • lemon and citric acid;
  • toothpaste;
  • hydrogen peroxide;
  • vinegar;
  • soda;
  • Essential oils.

Baking soda

You can use soda in two formats - as an independent means or one of the components of the bath.

  • For baths - In 1 liter of warm water, add 1 tsp. Soda and lower the brush for 10-15 minutes. The bath has a whitening effect, and also strengthens the nails. Watch the temperature of the fluid - they should be not too cold, but not burning - from 37 ° to 40 ° C.
  • For whitening Soda take a soft brush, for example, an unnecessary tooth, model it with water and type a small amount of soda. Gently clean the nail plate no longer than 30 seconds for each marigold. After the procedure is completed, see the remains of soda with warm water and lining the hands with cream.

Soda can be used 1 time per week and so much, the course to complete bleaching.

Lemon Lotion

Recipe lemon lotion
  1. Issue Juice from Half Lemon;
  2. Mochy juice with a cotton disk and vary juice in each nail;
  3. Leave for 15 minutes. After that, with a warm water.

Do not use lemon juice if you have inflamed


Ranks or abrasions - lemon juice annoys the skin and causes unpleasant sensations.

Mask from toothpaste

  1. 1 tsp. Whitening toothpaste mixed with 1 tsp. Food soda and mix;
  2. Apply the resulting mixture on the nails and leave for 15 minutes;
  3. Fit the residues with rubbing movements or with a soft brush.

Express mask with peroxide

  1. Mixing hydrogen peroxide with water in a ratio of 1 to 2 - by 1 tsp. Barley, 2 h. water;
  2. Add 2 h. toothpaste and wait until she stops foaming;
  3. Apply the mixture for 1-2 minutes, after which a variegated water by massaging movements.

Bath with vinegar

  1. In 1 liter Warm water add 1 tbsp. l. vinegar 70%;
  2. Lower the tips of the fingers in the bath for 10-15 minutes;
  3. Good kneading hands under warm running water, swallow and apply cream.

Bath with salt

Recipe for baths with salt
  1. In 1 liter of water solvent 1 Art. l. sea ​​salt;
  2. Add 2-3 drops of tea tree oil in the bath and lower the brush for 10 minutes;
  3. Summage of salt residues, after which the moisturizes of the skin cream.

Mask mask

  1. 1 tbsp. l. Lemon mixes with butter ylang-ylang and jojoba. Each oil will be enough 1-2 drops;
  2. Apply a mixture on your nails with a cotton disk and leave for 5-7 minutes;
  3. It is not necessary to wash up the composition - it is enough to wipe the fingertips with a dry napkin.

All these recipes only mask the problem, but do not treat the cause, if it lies in the disease or other pathology. The disappearance of the yellowness does not always testify to recovery, so try to maintain your health and regularly examine.

To nails are not jelly

Tips to nails are not cheers
  • Do decorative coverage with high-quality materials and remove it in 3-4 weeks. The quality of the materials directly affects the state of the nail, its color and structure, and the timely removal of the material allows the nail plate "Raise";
  • Do not neglect rubber gloves during home cleaning. Household chemicals cause yellowing, as well as negatively affects the state of the skin of the hands;
  • Follow the health and at the first signs of serious diseases to see a doctor. If you have discovered yellowing, follow the development of the defect. If after 2 weeks the yellowness did not pass - this is an occasion for referring to a dermatologist or therapist;
  • 1-2 times a month do a bath with salt to warn yellowing and once again to strengthen the nail plate;
  • Consume sufficient vitamins and replenish their disadvantage at the first manifestation of avitaminosis. With the manifestation of avitaminosis, pay attention to the vitamins that we looked at the lower, but be sure to advise with your doctor before applying.

Solgar, leather, hair and nails

Solgar, leather, hair and nails

A biologically active additive, which includes vitamins and minerals necessary for nail. Almost all of the components cover the daily need of the body.

Composition of Solgar

Evalar, for skin, hair and nails

Evalar, for skin, hair and nails

It contains a complex of vitamins, including ascorbic acid, which contributes to the color alignment of the nail plate. The composition also:

The yellowness of the nails is discomfort and makes you think about your health. Do not rush to put myself a diagnosis - yellowing can only be a cosmetic defect, but to determine the exact reason, it is important to contact a specialist. Have you ever encountered yellow nails? Tell me in the comments, as you managed to cope with the problem, and what was the reason.

The condition of the fingertips is directly related to the health of the body, since the intensitive skin of the hands is a large number of nerve endings. Due to the etogopathology and dysfunction of organs can lead to a deterioration in the state of the natural manicure.

In order to prevent the emergence of complications and side effects, if you are yellowing your nails, you should immediately consult a doctor. So you will ensure the rapid restoration of the marigolds, the used methods of rehabilitation of the plate.

Why yellow nails on hands

The yellowness on the nails is now found quite often, as the girls do not always follow their health, which is why there is a risk of deformation of the nail plate and the mechanical change.

Why nails yellow

Yellow fingers or nobes on their hands are often manifested due to temporary changes, since the proprietary metabolism of the woman is reduced, the blood circulation rate decreases, shouted to deterioration of the state of teeth, hair, leather and nails. It is possible to fix it only if vitamins and carefully care for the surface of the hands.

Also, girls may encounter the fact that they have better nail after processing plant harvesting plants having a bright natural dye in the shell.

The reasons why the nails are yellowing, a lot is quite enough, so if you do not know, due to the measing plate, it gradually changes its color, it is recommended to consult a doctor. Through the appointed tests there, and he will diagnose, finding out the main problem, from the score you have yellow spots on the nails.

Consider the main reasons for the appearance of pigmentation.

Fungal lesion nail

Before removing the yellowness from the nails, you should make sure that they appear not from the delivering of the sensitive surface of the hands or manicure, because the fungus of the fungus is often found quite often.

Find out that you have fungus, it is quite simple, since it is standardly accompanied by the symptoms of symptoms:

  • Thickening of a nail bed;
  • The surface becomes uneven, rough, bumps appear;
  • Dark and light spots on the coating are formed;
  • Strong detachments appear;
  • The marigold gradually collapses.

It is possible to infected the fungus standard with direct contact with its carrier (for example, affiliates of fighter gloves, verges, or just handshake) or when creating a favorable medium for the development of pathogenic microorganisms (non-compliance with personal aggregions). It happens usually with a lowered local immunite girl.

To eliminate the fungus on hand, doctors prescribe antifungal drugs, the type of which is from the form and stage of the development of the disease. With the active form of progression, only external means are prescribed, however, when the compositions are running - compounds, which contribute to the elimination of inflammatory processes in the structure of tissues.

Common drugs to eliminate infection:

  1. Exoderil;
  2. Micodecel;
  3. Mikosan;
  4. Micodecel;
  5. Clotrimazole.

However, for the rapid restoration of the natural manicure, it is recommended to further comply with the houses of national recipes that will accelerate the metabolism and will increase the marigold of marigolds, which will ensure their rehabilitation.

The standard course of treatment of fungal infection takes from two months to six months, non-formative symptoms usually disappears only after the final internal assembly of the plate.

Injury nail plate

One of the frequent reasons for the deformation of the nails in the hands of the girl, including changes in their color, is mechanical damage. It may be connected with the damage to the hands themselves (for example, if the brush broke) or fingers (when injected, pinch), as it affects violations.

It is possible to find out that the cause of yellowness in obtaining injury is standardly easily, as accompanied by the skin of nails with painful sensations, especially when pressed on the tip of the fingers.

Also on the surface of a natural manicure or under the nail lies, there may be a large darkening in the form of a bruise.

Why nails yellow

With severe damage, other features may appear:

  • Crack on the surface;
  • Sample formation;
  • Nail becomes thinner;
  • Premature breaking plate;
  • Yellow fingers.

Often accompanied by mechanical damage to the natural manicure of defeat-seeing - the root, which deteriorates the arrival of trace elements and nutrients, they are digested worse. To speed up the healing period, it is recommended to use international recipes to enhance the immune system.

Standard injury does not need additional treatment, a woman's doctor prescribed a careful attitude to the hands, which will allow the bumps to pass, and to commemorate. Additionally, in order to prevent a strong load on the fingers during household access, it is possible to coast them with a soft compress of gauze, creating a protective-cover. So you reduce the period of healing of sensitive epidermis.

In terms of competent treatment, heals the marigold after 2-3 weeks, all the symptoms disappear, and the peculiar to grow clean, a healthy nail plate, which takes several months.

Diseases of internal organs

Since in the tips of the fingers there is a plurality of nervous points and endings, the appearance of a manicure, which are not related to external influence, can become an "anxious signal" for a woman from the body. In this case, you need to consult a doctor, in order to clarify the cause of the appearance of yellowness.

The damage to the internal organs is more dangerous for the woman than the impact of foreign carcusive factors, because they have a permanent character. To eliminate the defeat, the need for a step-by-step treatment scheme for health restoration.

Most often, the appearance of a yellowish shade in his arms is associated with problems:

  1. Diseases of the endocrine system, thyroid gland.
  2. Liver dysfunction, kidneys.
  3. Hormonal disbalance.
  4. Dermatological diseases.
  5. Vessel damage, circulatory disruption.
  6. Recently suffered infectious disease, accompanied by self-inflammatory processes in the body.
  7. Lung disease.

Often the yellowing of marigolds or skin on the whole body can be associated with jaundice. Diseases in violation of the liver, vessels, biliary tract. To explicitly, you need to pay attention to the timely treatment, which prevents the construction of complications.

Hormonal failures as the cause of the formation of yellowness can appear during critical among the girl, during pregnancy, the child feeding a breastfeeding period or because of strong stratests.

Also, consider that the defeat of the natural nail plate can occur to the adoption of medicines or antibiotics, the active substances of which are at the general state of health. Such intoxication of the body is treated only with the use of absorbents - activated carbon, enterosgel and others.

To assign the diagnosis, treatment schemes, be sure to contact the surgeon or pathologist, which, based on the area of ​​the defeat, redirect you to a narrower specialist.

Impact of chemicals

Often girls, conducting household work and using chemical aggressive compositions, neglect the use of protective rubber gloves, which is why strong acids ichimikates quickly damage the surface of the epidermis, nails.

It is possible to notice the total change in natural nails already after 1-2 times the use of flimples without gloves, as the acids and alkali quickly penetrate into the skin structure of the horny layers of the noggle, hitting them, contributing to destruction.

Why nails yellow

It is possible to determine what the problem is in an inactive attitude towards hand, it is possible, since it is standard that it becomes the occurrence of irritation, peeling of sensitive tissues.

The standard special care for the damaged zone is not required, but afterwards it is necessary to refer to the hands, be sure to use dense rubber gloves when working in sagressive means. Additional recommendations for accelerating the rehabilitation of nails can prescribe a doctor related to the use of folk recipes that increase the localismmunity.

Bad habits

Sometimes a girl can harm her hands herself, which will lead to the appearance of Yellow spots of ornahydias on the whole Nail bed.

There are several bad habits that often affect the deterioration of the state of teeth, hair, as well as marigolds:

  1. Habit nibble nails. One of the most common problems among girls, so as soon as the free edge is affected by the quality of the plate, as it will be possible to lead to its deformation, and also damages the teeth.
  2. Smoking. Regardless of how often the girl smokes, its body and cells of epithelity are very sensitive, because of which the tobacco quickly penetrates the blood, deal with the body. This leads to the yellowed of teeth and nails. In addition, smoking on many serious diseases, which can also affect the posting of marigolds. Also appearing a problem may even under passive smoking, because it still provides tobacco receipt in the lungs.
  3. Excessive alcohol consumption. It affects the emergence of problems with the scrollings, as well as the balance of trace elements, nutrients entering the matrix. This leads to a deterioration in the structure and color of gammyoplastines.
  4. Frequent use of tea, coffee. Tea, coffee contains dye (artificial oriental), which penetrates the girl's body and leads to a change in the shade manicure, pedicure

To get rid of the harmful habit, you can contact a psychologist or doctor. So implement the emergence of relapse, because of which the condition of the nails in the hands can deteriorate.

Additionally, it is recommended to take care of the hands to speed up the restoration of the surrender state.

The consequences of the wrong manicure

Regardless of whether you are handling your nails or trust them with the Master of the nail service in the north, it is recommended to make sure the work performed, since many allowance for the removal of the free edge, the cuticle.

Why nails yellow

There are several recommendations for competent surface treatment:

  • Previously need to sterilize the tools, even if you used them. Taper damage to the skin you prevent its infection by pathogenic bacteria. Use an antiseptic agent or hydrogen peroxide for disinfection;
  • Instead of scissors, it is recommended to use a pink, which is necessary to move in one-stage;
  • You need to cut into the abandoned free edge, not completely, the pillow of the finger should not be applied because it can be seen;
  • The cuticle cannot be cut off with a manicure knife, as this will cause damage to the surface. Use an orange wand or metal powder kuticula, and then cut it with nippers or use the machine;
  • Pay attention to the high quality of the compositions that you use and apply nanogot.

When performing a decorative coating in the form of a gel varnish, the Master often save the most used compositions, because of which they gradually damage the marigold, it becomes thinner, the coating quickly goes away.

If you use the usual lacquer of yellow, orange or red, the formation of a yellowotten on the nail bed is possible if you have not fully removed the remnants of the coating or it is on the uneven surface structure.


Swimming nails on hand can for various reasons that depend on the state of the healthcies or exposure to external factors. In any case, a crumble should be consulted that it is necessary to find out the reason for the formation of a defect, as well as to prescribe a treatment regimen for anonymous.

Hair and nails were originally used as means of protection against aggressive environmental impact . Today, they no longer bear such a function, but they can know about some problems that are in the human body.

If your nails are becoming too thin, thicken, their form or color changes, then this indicates clear impairment of health. Moreover, the problem may be in the nails themselves, and can only indicate a disease of any organ.

Why yellow nails?

Photo 02.The reasons for yellowing are divided into two large groups: The reasons that are associated with diseases, as well as the reasons that indicate problems with other bodies.

Why yellow nails on hands:

  1. The use of household chemicals. For example, cleaning the bath or toilet without special protective gloves.
  2. Paint substances. Sometimes the nails are yellow due to the use of coloring agents, too, without gloves. Then usually fingers are painted together with the nails, and gradually this problem is coming to no, the paint is simply washed away.
  3. The use of nail polishes of low quality, or excessively frequent painting of them. Nails also need to give some time to "relax".
  4. The use of poor-quality lacquer fluid, Which dries off the nail plate and makes her shirt.
  5. Smoking. Due to the constant holding in the hands of cigarettes, the fingers begin to acquire a yellowish tint. You can get rid of it, but the effect will be short-term. The only right solution in this case is to quit smoking times and forever.
  6. Mechanical injuries during which the finger is damaged . Over time, he comes back to normal.

The reasons for the yellowness of the nails that are associated with the state of the health of the whole organism:

  1. Long or uncontrolled antibiotics.
  2. Liver diseases Namely, an increase in the level of bilirubin in the blood. Usually, such a state leads jaundice, which provokes the yellowness of the skin.
  3. Diseases that are connected with the lungs : chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and so on.
  4. Disorders in the field of the endocrine system.
  5. Lifmus system failures .
  6. Weakening immunity .
  7. Fungus . Usually, with such an unland, the nail is not only yellow. His structure is significantly affected by the fungus, it becomes thicker, fragile, constantly breaking and lazzer. READ ALSO: What is the nitches of mycelium on nails say.
  8. Different infectious diseases. It is usually combined with the dullness of the nails and the appearance of white transverse strips on the nails. To diseases that can provoke yellowing nails include: cortex, syphilis, pneumonia, rubella, dysentery, scarlet).
  9. Nervous disorders .
  10. Bone diseases .
  11. Hyovitaminosis .
  12. Varicose disease .

Why can shove your nails in young children?

Each parent dreams that his child grew up healthy and happy, but children's immunity very often gives failures, and that is why young patients can have yellow nails on their hands. However, besides bad immunity there are some more reasons for such a state.

Often, the mushroom infection is becoming wine, which the baby is obtained from contact with the patient. Therefore, it is necessary to insist that the child soap hands should be at every opportunity, so as not to keep hands with the sick, so as not to put out other people's gloves and did not use other people's towels.

The yellow platinum appears as a result of the nail platinum, as children are often traumatized during games.

Why yellow nails in your arms?


Why yellow nails in your arms?

Why yellow nails in your arms?

Causes of yellowed nails in the hands of the elderly

So conceived by nature, that the older the person becomes, the more health problems begin to overcome it. Nails on the hands of older people thicken and yellow for the following reasons:

  1. Fungal diseases. This is the most common cause in the world, which arise with nails. By the way, in the presence of fungal infection, the nails are not only yellow. They can still acquire a brownish, black, gray, greenish tint. The nail himself begins to crumble and break, and the skin around it itches, it is zudit and delivers a mass of trouble to the patient. So, the presence of fungus cannot be noticed. However, today there are medicines, with which the fungus is successfully treated.
  2. Stresses and unhealthy lifestyle. Such factors can significantly weaken even a strong young organism, not to mention the organism of an elderly person, so it should not be wondering if a man appears yellow nails on their hands.
  3. Outbupping or lack of vitamins and minerals , then under the nailing yellow spot on the hand, too, may well be.
  4. Ruffiness and thickening of the nail plate can speak On the initial stage of psoriasis.
  5. Sometimes everything is fault Family nail disease, Which has passed a man inheritance, so in life can quite suddenly happen to such a moment when the wishes of the nails are on their hands.

Shower nails from varnish

Photo 04.Beautiful and well-groomed hands are a sign of health and proper care. But Yellow Nails speak about the opposite. Many women enjoy nail polishes and make manicure, as it looks beautiful and attractive. However, some ladies nails continue to be beautiful and even, and some are tormented from a yellow nail syndrome and do not know how to be. Why yellow nails from varnish have some women, and others do not even think about such a problem?

The varnish includes a huge number of chemicals. Dear varnishes, which produce self-respecting firms, contain much less aggressive chemicals, while cheap varnishes are capable even after a single application greatly damage the nail plate.

Attention! Before buying a varnish, you need to pay attention to its composition and manufacturer. This applies to fashionable gel varnishes that are nursed on nails for several weeks.

The main destructive substance that is contained in naki manicure is nitrocellulose, Therefore, try to acquire varnishes without this component, or with the minimum content.

Often Yellow raid on the nails appear after removing gel varnish Or Shellaca, as they is called in common.

What to do so that after the beautiful manicure of the nails did not suffer? It is necessary to try to follow quite easily recommendations:

  1. When buying a varnish, pay attention to the content of nitrocellulose. If you go to the salon to make a professional manicure, warn the masters about the tendency to yellowness and ask to use the means with the smallest content of aggressive chemistry.
  2. Ordinary varnish and gel varnish stands apply only for a colorless basis .
  3. Try to do some Break between paintings, at least 1-2 days .
  4. If you are going to make a manicure using gel lacquer, then better turn to a professional Otherwise, independent experiments may end it problematic. This is especially true of the removal of the gel.

Methods of getting rid of yellowness nails

Photo 05.First you should consult a doctor and make sure that the yellowness is not related to the diseases of the internal organs, and if the case is still in them, then the doctor will redirect the patient to a narrow specialist who will solve the problem individually with it.

If the problem is still in external factors, before you start solving such a problem, you need to get rid of some of the bad habits:

  1. Various kinds of economic activities like laundering complex pollution with cleaning products are carried out in rubber gloves.
  2. Try to quit smoking at least for a while, and you will see that the nails will get a healthier color.
  3. At least for a while, exclude the use of varnishes.

There are several ways to remove the yellowness at home, but before this, the nails should be completely cleansed from the residues of the varnish, handle the saw and polish. How can I whiten nails at home?

  1. Getting rid of yellowness with lemon juice. This whitening method is today the most popular and most effective. The composition of the lemon juice contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals, which help not only whiten the nail, but also a bit to treat it. Apply lemon juice is very simple. Just give it out and rub it into the fingers of the hands several times a day.
  2. Broth chamomile. Chamomile is a natural antiseptic and for several centuries have been very actively used in medicine. Not only the decoction of chamomile is appreciated, but also its oil, extract, flowers, green part. Cooking the chamomile decoction is also very easy: you need to take a pair of tablespoons of the dried chamomile, pour the glass of boiling water and let it stand until a completely cooling. After that, the decoction divorces warm water, and it will need to hold the hand brushes within 20-25 minutes. After that, it is not necessary to wash your hands, it is recommended to simply wipe them with a soft towel and lubricate with nutritional hands.
  3. Treatment of yellowness with sea salt. The baths of their sea salt will be returned to the nails with a beautiful and well-groomed look, get rid of them from yellowness. To do this, take a liter of warm water and add a tablespoon there with a slide of sea salt. In addition to salt, it will be preferably adding a few drops of any essential oil to the bath (the lemon, tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot, lavender can be perfectly suitable. Hands will need to hold for about 15 minutes in such a solution, slightly rinse them, wipe and lubricate with cream.
  4. Oil mask to improve finger health with grapefruit extract. To prepare such a mask need a grapefruit bone extract, which can be bought at the pharmacy. In addition, there will be any vegetable oil, olive or sunflower is suitable. Take a tablespoon of oil and add 3-4 drops of grapefruit extract into it, mix. The resulting means need to lubricate the fingers 4-5 times a day.
  5. Paste of soda as a means for recovery. The following means will help to get rid of the yellowness on the nail plates: take 2 teaspoons of food soda, mix with a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide. It turns out a foamy pasta, it will need to rub into the fingers of the hands for 5 minutes every day.
  6. Whitening with berry masks . In some berries, pectin substances are contained that helps whiten nails. These berries include black currant, cranberries, red currant. You can use berries as in the fresh and frozen state, since after defrosting they do not lose their useful properties. In addition, in berries contain substances that have the effect of disinfection. For the preparation of a fresh or frosthed berry mask, it is necessary to chop with a plug to a homogeneous state and apply this cleaner on your fingers. Grinding berries withstand on nails about 5 minutes, and then washed off with water. You can repeat the procedure up to several times a day.
  7. Whitening with special serums . If you do not want to make whitening masks, or, they do not bring the desired result, you can try to whiten the nails with whitening means, which are currently produced in the form of varnishes, serums, gels, pencils. You can purchase such funds in stores that sell cosmetics. We need to use them as it is said in the instructions, just try to choose a really high-quality cosmetics for whitening, and not cheap fakes.

Attention! Treatment of fingers using a paste from soda and hydrogen peroxide is an aggressive method, so it is allowed to use it in cases where the nails need to whiten quickly, and there is no time for masks, baths and long-term treatment.

Thus, nails can turn yellow both by external and internal reasons, but that would not cause such the problem, it is necessary to decide, and it is desirable to do with the help of a doctor, Since only he can fully understand the situation.

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Ekaterina Morozova

In 2004, he successfully graduated from the Moscow Medical Academy. THEM. Sechenov (MMA). Works by an immunologist, in addition to work, a lot of time pays to the beauty and health of the nails.

Ekaterina Morozova

Nails, like hair, are called skin appendens. In humans, they lost their original protective function, but the ability to display the condition of the body did not lose. And the change in their appearance is sweating, thickening, or, on the contrary, thinning, as well as the change in color, indicates health problems. It can speak both about pathology in some kind of body and about diseases of the nail plates themselves.

Today we'll talk why yellow nails in the hands of women and men - when this should be afraid, and when you can restrict ourselves to several local events to bring them in order.

What should be healthy nails

The nail plate must be evenly pink, there are only 2 sections of white: a small lunal (lunula) at the base of the nail and free edge. Other white zones, as well as sections of another color, should not be on this oroging skin.

The nail plate has a shape close to the ovoid (like an egg). If it acquires pronounced roundness and bulge, resembling watchcases, this indicates such states in which the tissues are not allowed oxygen. This happens in diseases of the heart, lungs, bronchi and liver flowing chronically (for example, with heart defects, chronic bronchitis and others).

Cells that give the beginning of the nail are called a matrix (matrix). They are responsible for form, density, thickness and growth rate of the nail plate. The length and thickness of the matrix itself are determined genetically. What he is shorter, the nail plate is thinner, and it is impossible to change it. But if the nail threaded over time, this suggests that the disease is affected by a spike zone, eliminating which, the state of the nail plate can be improved.

Located the matrix below the lunula and coated with two layers of the skin. Her damage leads to the fact that the nail ceases to grow. Under the visible part of the nail there is a zone where the cells of the matrix are differentiated. It is rich in blood vessels, so it has pink color.

If there are only a few layers in the skin of the burned cells, then the nail plate is solid oroging cells lying like a roof tile. This makes a nail to moisture permeable, which absorbs and stands out here 100 times more intensively than in the skin, accounted for 12-15% of the entire fluid. Lucky applied on the nails, creams can pass through the burdens of the plates and fall on the epithelium of the nail bed.

When the reason is in the chemical composition of the nail coating

Often, the nails are yellow after varnish, which contained a coloring pigment, absorbed by the porous structure of the nail plate. But its color can affect the harmful substances contained in the coatings (especially in cheap). It: yellow nails on hands

  • Formaldehyde resin (formalin). Formalin itself is a carcinogen used to embroider dead animals;
  • dibutyl pleatelate (DBP), which is made in varnishes to protect them from chips; may cause cancer;
  • Toluene: The greater this substance, the more smoothly, "easily" is applied. Leads to a violation of the liver;
  • Camphor oil: it attaches large lacquer plasticity and improves it "gluing" to the nail plate. In addition, camphor is a powerful allergen and toxic liver substance.

Lucky, including these substances, are toxicly acting on the liver, which is why these skin appendages turn yellow. Perhaps this is not from the first use, but after long-term use with the frequent "update" of the nail coating. You can exclude such an effect, carefully choosing varnishes (you need those on which "Big 5 Free" or at least "Big 3 Free"). In addition, even the most ordinary varnish must be applied directly to the nail, but for the basis for varnish. This substance will be like a sponge to absorb the natural liquid, which is derived from the body through the skin appendages: because the effusion penetrates the coloring pigments of the coating, it will help them "absorb" in the nail plate.

Often the situation occurs when yellowing gel on the nails. The reasons for this may be as follows:

  • The presence of nitrocellulose varnish, and not its synthetic substitute - CBA. Being a product of mixing cotton or wood fibers with aggressive acid - sulfur or nitric, it is necessary to obtain a bright glossy film on the marigolds. But, falling on the nail plate, nitrocellulose will be very fragile, and will depart from her surface as soon as she is once again (it is committed continuously) will change the form of its curvature. In order for this not happened, plasticizers are added to the varnish - dibenzoates. During a long wearing, which is characteristic of gel varnishes (for this invented), such a composition leads to the yellowed lacquer. Therefore, before buying or applying a shellac in the cabin, ask for its composition: it must be written "CBA", and not "Nitrocellulose"
  • The components of the tobacco smoke (nicotine and resin) are also able to paint the lacquer, gel or the skin appendages themselves in yellow. In this case, it can be noted that it is yellowed to nail on 1 or several fingers - the one that holds a cigarette. The nails of the second hand and the legs are not changed.
  • The impact of sunscreens in combination with a tan in the solarium. Such a "complex" is able to change the light color of acrylic or gel varnish on yellowish, iodisto-yellow and even brown.
  • Household chemical components can change the color of the applied coating. Please note, maybe you brush the bath with the "COMET" powder or wash the slab to another agent, while not putting on gloves? Masters of nail service claim that the reaction between the components of even the most expensive coating and ingredients from household chemicals without gloves is inevitable.
  • It can be assumed that the nails ware from varnish, and in fact after its application the woman actively contacts with various chemical compounds from household chemicals. So, most often complain that the yellowness appeared after cleaning the carrots, cooking home preservation.

Screw can also acryl if:

  • He himself is not high quality - there are few substances in it that suppress the effect of ultraviolet radiation on the color of the coating;
  • Woman herself takes off the upper gel layer through the time, covering the nail colorless varnish;
  • coating acrylic immediately finish coating, without gel;
  • Use the finish coating without a sticky layer.

Whatever the reason, if the nails are yellow after varnish, and not due to some diseases, such signs are characteristic:

  1. Lacquer / gel varnish bright shades was used;
  2. The color changed only on those nails that were painted into such a tone;
  3. You do not take constantly some pills;
  4. The yellowing appeared not after visiting the pool, wearing someone else's shoes or using someone else's towel;
  5. well-being has not changed;
  6. Hands have a normal color, and if in front of the mirror to move the lower eyelid and look at the eyes of the eye, they are not yellow.

External causes or temporary yellowing

When the nails are wishes, the reason may be as follows:

  • Reception of some drugs for a long time. Such an effect may occur due to the use of ciprofloxacin, norfloxacin, gatifloxacin, doxycycline, tetracycline, aminarson, sodium arsenate, duplex, novarsenol.
  • Smoking - in this case, yellowing your nails on one hand, usually - on a large, indicable and middle fingers. Swimming and fingers below these nails, acquiring a specific smell.
  • If the wishes of the nails are only on their hands, remember what new household chemicals you start using. It can be cleaning pastes and powders, sprays for washing glass.
  • Cause the yellowness of nails can be a liquid for removing a varnish containing acetone. In this case, the nail plates of the modified color will not be everywhere, but only where the woman often removes the varnish.
  • Using a large amount of tea or coffee. Both of these drinks contain a pigment that has a peeling effect on the skin, teeth and nails.
  • Collection or cleaning of walnuts, in the green shell and the leaves of which contains iodine. In small quantities, he paints nails and fingers in yellow, in large - in brown-black.

To cope with the yellowness in this case is simply - it is necessary to eliminate the influence of the above chemical compounds (for example, throw smoking or use household chemicals in gloves). In order not to wait until the nail plates are fully updated (it will take 96-115 days), you can use the means - folk or cosmetic - which we describe at the end of the article.

When yellow nails are a sign of illness

Yellow nails on legs or hands can talk about diseases. It can be both the pathology of the whole organism and the disease specifically nails.


This is the name of the hereditary change of the nail form when the nail began:

  • dirty yellow color;
  • solid;
  • dim;
  • acquired a curved form;
  • Raised and thicker.

You can suffer as one nail and a few, becoming similar to the claws of the bird. There may be defeat only the little fingers on the legs.

Acquired Onodidrophy

So the state is called when the blood supply to the nail plates is disturbed. It occurs as a result of a number of diseases:

  • pneumonia;
  • scarletins;
  • measles;
  • dysentery;
  • raw and typhoids;
  • varicose veins;
  • atherosclerotic damage to the vessels of hands or legs;
  • syphilis;
  • different neurites;
  • sclerosis;
  • hypovitaminosis: mainly in hypovitaminosis A and Pellagra - the deficiency of vitamin PP and proteins (the lack of vitamin C is manifested by bruises under the novel plates and their detachment).

In the last five cases, onyhia can act as a single symptom, so when setting such a diagnosis, a survey is needed to clarify its reasons.

Describes dystrophic onhih as "nails on the legs" or "became yellow nails of the hands."

About this diagnosis is said if:

  • Nails ware and depart, and depart from the free edge towards the Lunul;
  • became dull;
  • acquired yellowish gray color;
  • on top there are arc-shaped transverse strips and point presses;
  • their fragility rose;
  • The plates are split in the longitudinal direction, starting from the free edge.

If such symptoms are observed on one finger (for example, yellowing the big nail on the leg), it says about the injury of a nail bed - for example, uncomfortable shoes, when hit or manicure / pedicure.


This skin disease does not always begin with skin lesions - shortening the development cycle of skin cells and the layering of their large quantity can begin with nails.


  • Lounge of the nail plate;
  • The appearance of recesses and furrows on the nails, because of which it becomes like a thimble;
  • Without any redness in the field of side rollers, nail skin is peeled - all or part;
  • While the nail plate did not disappear, dirt falls into the space between it and the skin, particles of the epithelium are accumulated. Because of this, it seems that the nail acquired a dirty white color;
  • Through time, hemorrhages appear under the affected nails - spots of pink, reddish, burgundy or black;
  • At the final stage of the nails, turbid, rough, flat or even concave, dirty yellow color.

Fungal lesion nail

If you want to nail on the finger, at the same time you did not rub the finger, they did not hit them, no one had come there, and you did not use the new varnish or acetone, it could be a fungal flash of nail (onichomicosis). In most cases, the cause of the disease becomes mushroom tricooofiton, epidermofiton, microsporium. 20-40% of pathology are accounted for aspergilation, fusarious and scopulorage mixes. Candida, causing thrush, can also be the cause of yellowing the nail plate on the leg of the thumb.

The fungus rarely falls only on the nail, causing his inflammation. Often it spreads with infected fingers, heels. The causative agent can be listed with blood flow from the inflammation zone (for example, from the lungs). More chances to "bring" from the public pool or soul of mycosis - in people suffering from diabetes mellitus receiving chemotherapy or radiation treatment taking glucocorticoid hormones to maintain a worthy quality of life in systemic diseases.

Mycosis is usually beginning on large fingers or maffers; Less often brushes are affected. Symptoms differ depending on the type of pathogen and the state of their own immunity. Highlight 3 forms of damage to nail plates:

  1. Hypertrophic. It is distinguished by the fact that the nail became thick, yellowish. Its surface for a long time remains smooth, then peeling, loses the characteristic shine, acquires serrated edges.
  2. Nimothropic. At the same time, yellowish and whitish zones appear in the thicker of the nail plate, but the nail itself is not thickened, not peeled; Its form remains unchanged.
  3. Atrophic. The nail plate is thinned, peeling from the subject to the skin can be destroyed.

If the yellowness is located under the nail plates

If yellowing under the nails is most likely talking about the pathology of one of the internal organs. It can be:

  • Jaundice The causes of which are diseases:
    • liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis, liver cancer or metastase in this organ),
    • biliary tract (gall-eyed disease, tumor of fauters papilla),
    • Vessels supplying biliary ducts and liver
    • Erythrocytes, in which their strengthened decay in the vessels occurs.

    For this group, diseases are characterized by the yellowing of the skin, the appearance of yellow staining of the scool, drowsiness, nausea, can be bitter in the mouth (if the reason is in the biliary tract), the loss of appetite, the change in the color of the feces and urine.

  • Diseases of kidneys . It is characterized by malaise, swelling (first - on the face, and only then on the centuries), the change in the color, odor and the amount of urine, may appear in it. In renal pathologies, there is often back pain, but with chronic pyelonephritis, which flows asymptomaticly, a person can simply note that the loin is constantly frowning.
  • Lung disease . They are talking about the sensation of air shortness, more frequent breathing, cough; Lips can acquire a better color.
  • Diabetes . Pathology usually begins with the emergence of thirst, night urine, allocating plenty of urine. But diabetes can sometimes stay unnoticed for a long time. A person only pays attention to the fact that his wounds (even small) slowly heal.
  • Hypothyroidism (reduced thyroid function). It is manifested by an increase in body weight with a decrease in appetite, the appearance of dry skin, hair loss, greater slowness of speech and thoughts.
  • Diseases of Vessels . This can be visible to the eye varicose veins, atherosclerosis of the feet, when they hurt harder, hurt, their muscles weaken.
  • Acromegaly - Diseases in which the bones have already finished growing, and there has been an emission of a large number of growth hormone in blood. Signs characteristic for this disease are difficult not to notice. This is a strengthened increase in abnormal arcs, cheekbones, brushes, stop, headaches, fatigue.

How to determine the reason for the yellowing of nails

For diagnosis, a comprehensive examination is necessary:

  • Inspection of a dermatologist with a study of nail plates under a microscope and sowing their sections to nutritional environments (this will help determine the type of mushroom and its sensitivity to antifungal drugs).
  • Blood test to glucose levels.
  • Analysis of venous blood on hepatic samples.
  • Lung X-ray - if there is a suspicion of tuberculosis, pneumonia or tumor lesion of pulmonary fabric.
  • Lipidogram of blood (determination of the number of fat factions, including cholesterol).
  • Determining the number of thyroid hormones - with suspected diseases of this organ.
  • Blood on RW - when suspected of latent syphilis.
  • MRI brain - to identify multiple sclerosis, as well as reasons for acromegaly.

How to treat yellow nails

Considering how many serious diseases may cause nail yellowing, the main task is to exclude them. If, during the examination, one of them will be detected, it is necessary to begin the treatment prescribed by the doctor, at the same time consulted whether it is possible to use bleaching nails.

If it turns out that the reason for changing the color of the nails is in their fungal lesions, it will be necessary to apply antifungal ointments or creams assigned to the nail plates or creams.

If the reason for yellowing is in onychogrif, then you need to be treated in a dermatologist's office. The doctor softens the nail, after which he will take it scraping.

Onodstrophy is treated with the elimination of the causes of the disease; In addition, drugs that improve the blood supply to the nail will be prescribed inside. Psoriasis therapy is to appoint special preparations - both local and systemic.

Local means for whitening nail plates can be used only after consulting with the therapist and dermatologist. You can buy a gel or pencil for whitening nails, you can - cream for hands having the effect of removal of yellowness. You can apply one of the folk recipes:

  1. Take 3-4 tbsp. Three-percent hydrogen peroxide, mix with 100 ml of water, mix, pour into a convenient non-metallic container. There will need to lower your nails for 2 minutes, throw yellow spots with a toothbrush. After the bath, use a moisturizing hand cream. Repeat procedure 1 time per week, 2 months course.
  2. Singing the juice of one lemon into the cup, to hold the nails in it for 15 minutes, take out, rub the yellow brush. Next, the hands or legs will need to wash without soap, apply a moisturizing cream.
  3. Apply a toothbrush a drop of toothpaste, throw yellow stains, without prior soaking nails, pay attention to the pasta, so that the pasta does not fall on the cuticle and side nail rollers. After that, the hands wash and wipe.
  4. Take 1 tbsp. Bakery powder, mix with ¼ Art. citric acid, add 2 tbsp. Water, stir. The mixture is applied to the nails and left there for 10 minutes. After that, the hands or legs need to be washed and moistened. The procedure is repeated no more than once a week.
  5. Take 1 tbsp. Bakery powder, stir and half Art. Olive oil and 1 teaspoon of lemon juice. Yellow spots are rubbed with this mixture, then it should be 4-5 minutes on them, and only after that hands or legs can be washed.
  6. Mix apple vinegar and water 1: 1, omit nails there for 20 minutes. Then the fingers are rinsed. This procedure, in contrast to the rest, can be repeated three times a day.

In addition to local means, the diet adjustment does not prevent. If there are no contraindications, turn on more olive oil, fruits, vegetables rich in various vitamins into the diet. Do not forget to use porridge, wholegrain bread, meat and liver, distinguished by the abundance of the Vitamins of the B.

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